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You might have noticed it by the way I spell “colour” or “flavour” or my use of the word “cheers”, but I am a Brit. English, to me more precise. So, allow me a moment to reflect in national pride when I mention that my countryman Martin Green is chip leader here, through the 100,000 mark and not looking anywhere but forward.

Martin Green: best of British

We’ve also just updated the scrolling chip count at the top, and you’ll notice the ressurection of Kasper Nielsen, Danish qualifier. He vanished earlier, but is back now among a clutch still flying the PokerStars flag.

Kasper Nielsen: still alive

Also in the mix is Sami Torbay, who qualified for the London EPT on PokerStars, and Laurent Martin, a French qualifier here, who is in the mix with 29,000.

Among those we have lost are Luca Pagano, the Team PokerStars man, who never got many more than about 15,000 today. Also gone is Adrian Creagh, the qualifier from Bagshot, Surrey. Natasha Ellis and Karin Lundgren are also on the rail, the latter moving in with pocket fives and being called by a pair of queens on the button. The third queen on the flop was pretty harsh, the fourth was just unnecessary. Barny Boatman has also sailed out of town.

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