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The start of the final LAPT in a few days will also mark the winding down of this season’s Brazilian Series of Poker.

There have been eight stops, hundreds of tournaments and thousands of players. It’s not easy to sit at the top of the leaderboard, but Kelvin Kerber currently holds that title with sixteen cashes and four victories.

Kerber doesn’t have it locked down yet though. Rodrigo Caprioli and Affif Prado are in hot pursuit. Capriloi has a whopping 22 cashes with three victories while Prado has 13 cashes, two wins a 3rd-place finish at the Main Event in the 6th stop.

There are around 10 players that are also in contention for the title and whoever wins will be able to roll out of here in style. Aside from a package to the PokerStars Bahamas Championship in January, a seat to all of next season’s BSOP events and a bracelet, this season’s BSOP Player of the Year will win a 2017 Indian Scout motorcycle. It’s an 1,100cc beast with 100 horse power.

Moto Indian-BSOPMILLION2016-8925.jpg

But the heated and dual-wheeled race isn’t the only thing that’s going on this festival.

A number of olympic and paralympic athletes also played in a celebrity tournament where a specially-made braille deck was used to help blind athletes play.

Mizael Conrado and Sandro Rodrigues are both blind indoor soccer medalists and tried their hand at poker. Equestrian, table tennis, sitting volleyball, track and field and rugby olympians all joined the fray as well.


The Braille deck

While fans enjoyed watching them play, a number of Brazilians directly benefited from another tournament. A number of players sat down today to play in a charity tournament for Teto, a local charity that builds homes for poor communities throughout Brazil. A portion of each buy-in will go to the charity but players can also get their hands dirty if they really want to help.


Volunteers at Teto are the ones in charge of building the houses. Check out their website for more information.

There’s still a lot left to go at the final stop of this year’s BSOP finale festival. There’s also plenty of swagger to purchase outside the tournament area and plenty of poker left to play inside of it.

You can win your seat to one of countless PokerStars live events around the world. Click here to open an account and get started.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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