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Here’s a quick update as to how Day 2 of the largest tournament in Latin America went down yesterday.

A total 1,044 players survived their Day 1 flights and made it through to Day 2, but when all was said and done last night there were just 186 players remaining, all chasing the massive first place of R$1,150,000. You see? The BSOP Millions is not just a clever name!

The man who’s out in front right now is José “Neto Gol” Costa Neto, a talented player with two SCOOP titles to his name (one coming in 2012, the other earlier this year). He broke through the million chip barrier, eventually bagging up 1,214,000.

Jose Queiroz.jpg

Jose Costa Neto

He wasn’t the only one to reach seven figures though. Hot on his heels are Argentina’s Carlos Mironiuk (1,190,000 chips), Gustavo Sefer (1,123,000 chips), and Team PokerStars Pro Felipe ‘Mojave’ Ramos (1,121,000 chips). We caught up with Ramos on break yesterday – you can read that interview here.

Felipe Mojave-BSOPMILLION2016-9744 2.jpg

Great day for Felipe

Other names still in this one that you might recognise include Victor Teixeira (959,000 chips), Victor Talamini (900,000 chips), Adrovan Rodrigues (863,000 chips), Peter Gabriel (858,000 chips), Bruno Severino (853,000 chips), Jorge Breda (830,000 chips), Alberto Serafim ( 760,000 chips), Rafael Moraes (760,000 chips) and Will Arruda (759,000 chips), all of whom place in the top 20 chip counts.

With one of our own still going strong (Go on, Felipe!) we’ll be keeping watch over how things go today, and we’ll be back with another quick report of how today’s play goes tomorrow morning.

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Jack Stanton is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog. Photos by Carlos Monti.

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