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I have two dogs, and they are worthless at hold’em. “Omaha!” they bark. “Four cards for four paws!” they woof. It’s annoying. Reckless, even. Never trust a Labrador with a wrap, I say.

You may have the same problem, and if so, it’s time to take out your camera, because the people over at the @PokerStars Twitter account want to see #PetsPlayingPoker pictures. If they like yours, you could win a prize.

As an example, Team Pro’sLex Veldhuis has a cat that I wouldn’t trust to play my stack.

Lex's cat playing cards.JPG

If you have an animal that you’ve caught sneaking out to a game recently, here’s how you can win.

1) Submit an image or video of your pets playing poker on Instagram between the November 1st and 12th and tag the photo #PetsPlayingPoker

2) 2) A PokerStars panel will judge the best image, and the winner will receive a custom pet caricature courtesy of

3) Further updates on @PokerStars and

Got it. Good. Then I’ll leave you with a picture of Liv Boeree’s horse (because, why wouldn’t I?) and what it might look like if she won the contest.

Liv Horse.jpg

Example prize.jpg

Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging

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