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Your next challenge is ready Arlie. It will require you to plunge into another world in pursuit of Golden Apples.

You’ll remember Arlie — now that you’re a scholar of the original Labors that Hercules faced — that in this challenge, Hercules had to bring Eurystheus the golden apples from the garden guarded by Hersperides.

This was the God that held the sky and earth on his shoulders.

In the original story, Hercules dropped any suggestion of honour by tricking Hersperides. But then, it’s hard to have much sympathy for Hersperides, who was stupid enough to fall for it in the first place.

Hercules eventually completed the challenge (with all the usual slaughter and violence along the way, etc.) and he returned to Eurystheus with the golden apples.

So, birthday boy, what do you have to do?

Well we don’t have any gardens for you to find. And doing this challenge in the same way you’ve done the rest will be virtually impossible. In short, you’ll have to find your way out of this reality to find it.

Your challenge is simple:


Retrieve the Golden Apple

“Holy schmoley”, you’re thinking. “What does that mean?”

Well we’re here to help. But the first step will be yours.

Think about the original challenge, Arlie. This won’t be about fooling anyone. At least not beyond the usual techniques available to a poker player. But you will need to look out for the God who possesses what you’re looking for, and be waiting for them when they get there.

Now go to it Arlie. Time is running out. Fetch those golden apples.

The Poker Gods

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