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It kicked off a bit on the internet today. Well for three Team Pros it did. They set up a kind of online KO poker brawl.

  • Team Pros will go head to head in UFC KO Series
  • $1,000 Freeroll for the winning Twitch Community
  • Win an exclusive trip to UFC 241 in California

The UFC KO Poker Series launched yesterday. It was inevitable then that some sort of competition would emerge between PokerStars Ambassadors — players of stature, who like to win things, and then brag about them on Twitch.

Which is how we got to a Team PRO KO challenge. If you didn’t see this on Twitter, here’s what happened.

How the contest works

Lex Veldhuis, Ben Spragg and Fintan Hand will compete in their own KO competition. Each will try to score more KOs during the Series than the others.

Then they’ll play, and stream, a special UFC themed Spin & Go on Wednesday 3 July at 13:00 ET. They’ll play for bragging rights. Usually they’re worth nothing, but in this case represented by a genuine UFC Legacy Championship replica belt.

Expect to see that waved about a lot online.

Three Team Pros will each try to score more KOs than the other during the UFC KO Poker Series next week

Even more interesting is the $1,000 that’s at stake. This will go into a freeroll for the Twitch community of the winner. It means you also have skin in the game.

But first there’s the Spin & Go itself. Starting stacks that will depend on how punchy each Pro gets during the Series itself: 10,000 chips for first place, 7,500 for second, and 5,000 for third.

We’ll be keeping track of the latest scores on the PokerStars Blog day to day, so you can see how the contest is looking. We’ll also have Spraggy’s “excuses in early” count for general reference.

Track your own KOs and win a trip to UFC 241

Every player in the UFC KO Series will be scoring knock outs along the way. And thanks to an exclusive giveaway with the UFC, there is good reason for the gloves to come off (or go on?).

We have three exclusive packages to UFC 241 to give away. And you have three ways to win.

Score three KOs over the course of the week-long series, you’ll be entered into a special All-In Shoot-Out on 2 July. The winner of that will be on their way to Anaheim.

Score another three KOs, and you’ll be entered into a second All In Shoot Out, this time on 3 July. The winner of that will also be on their way to California.

Finally, if you finished the UFC KO Series will more KOs than anyone else, you’ll not only bask in the awe of us all, you’ll win the third package.

All three packages will send you and a guest to UFC 241, with flights and three nights of four-star accommodation included.

The Team Pros won’t be winning any of this. They live on bragging rights alone. But they will be playing UFC 3 online after the Spin & Go. They can at least pretend to be ring side.


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