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Either Chile or Mexico will be crowned Americas Cup of Poker winners within hours. Their reward will be $32,500 and the pride that comes with representing your country to the fullest. For the rest, it’s time to hit the exit, share a few drinks and reflect on what might have been. At least they’ll be doing it with some extra change in their pockets.

pca2014.acp.003.finalist heads up-5793.jpg

The finalists take their seats

It’s been a hectic, emotional, and somewhat noisy day on the tournament floor, but so far the poker’s been played in the greatest of spirits.

Yesterday’s Round 1 determined who would play who in today’s best of five heads-up matches. So as Chile and Mexico take their seats for the final, here’s how the action played out:

Chile 3-0 Colombia
Mexico 3-0 Peru

Fifth place play-off:
Brazil 3-1 Argentina

Third place play-off:
Colombia 3-1 Peru

pca2014.acp.003.fernando macedo-2-2.jpg

Fernando Geraldo Macedo, thumbs up for fifth

With one match to go, this year’s Americas Cup of Poker is nearly ready for the history books. Check back for more stories from the day very soon, and for that all-important final result.

Americas Cup of Poker
Date: January 11-12, 2014
Entries: Six teams
Prize pool: $100,000
1st: $32,500
2nd: $25,000
3rd: Colombia $17,500
4th: Peru $12,500
5th: Brazil $7,500
6th: Argentina $5,000

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Keir Mackay is a copywriter for PokerStars.

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