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During the break we took some time to find out where the sizeable chip stacks were. There were four that stood higher than most – and now they are matched to their owners.

Here’s one. Its owner is Isabelle “No Mercy” Mercier, from Canada and Team PokerStars.

Isabelle Mercier: surely familiar enough by now

Two more are beside one another, towards the far end of the room. They belong to Martin Green, of England, and Thierry Cazals, of Toulouse, France. They estimate their hoards are worth 52,000 and 58,000, respectively.

Martin Green, left, and Thierry Cazals

The fourth is in the hands of Kristian Ulriksen, from Norway. He’s playing in the region of 48,000.

Kristian Ulriksen, the latest Nordic on the move

Supporters of Ralph Capone, Adrian Creagh, Alexios Assimakopoulos and James Paluszek, PokerStars qualifiers all, your players are still standing. As is George White, winner of the EPT competition on Challenge TV. There are surely more, but these few are definitely involved.

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