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While many were enjoying the spoils of Christmas, others saw the “Silly Season” as the perfect time to jump onto PokerStars and get among the festivities online. And who could blame them? Sure, it may have been Christmas Day in some parts of the world, but what would you prefer to be doing – playing poker or entertaining the in-laws?

A total of 426 players managed to chow down their turkey before firing up their laptops for a seat in the weekly $1,050 Super Tuesday. This created a prize pool of $426,000 to better the advertised guarantee.

Among today’s runners were Team PokerStars Pros Max Lykov, Nacho Barbero and Toni Judet but unfortunately they all missed the money for the top 54 players. Also missing the money was NeverScaredB from Canada who lived up to his name, putting tournament life on the line on the bubble, only to be eliminated in 55th place and miss the $2,130 min-cash.

When Russian Sailokk was eliminated in 10th place, our Christmas Super Tuesday final table line up was formed as follows:


Final Table Line up
Seat 1: olimasi77 (164,514 in chips)
Seat 2: gambler6868 (242,170 in chips)
Seat 3: hnidel (58,308 in chips)
Seat 4: lolapro (407,834 in chips)
Seat 5: kersepit (404,399 in chips)
Seat 6: Borso888 (248,371 in chips)
Seat 7: MON3Y$HOT (89,678 in chips)
Seat 8: azn_baller3 (232,328 in chips)
Seat 9: 01.e4 (282,398 in chips)

lolapro and kersepit were jostling for the chip lead, but it was the short-stacked hnidel who was first to go. hnidel moved all in for ten big blinds with A10 with both chip leaders making the call in the blinds. A small side pot developed on the board of 57823 with lolapro check-calling the flop, checking the turn before folding to a another small bet on the river from kersepit. lolapro flashed QQ without a club in hand, but was probably relieved that a bigger pot didn’t play out as kersepit showed a monster KK. The king-high flush was enough to eliminate hnidel in 9th place for $7,071.60 in prize money.

gambler6868 was sitting comfortably but was surprisingly next to depart after getting a little overly aggressive with 8A. A four-bet preflop jam against kersepit was picked off as the chip leader called with AQ. The board ran out A510J9 to see gambler6868 head home with $9,585 for 8th place.

kersepit’s momentum was halted when lolapro found a double up with ace-queen against king-ten, before azn_baller3 was next to go. azn_baller3 was getting short and QA looked like a good hand to get the chips into the middle, but timing was astray as olimasi77 woke up in the big blind with AA and made the easy call.

azn_baller3 said, “lol is this for real”

The board ran out 94JJ2 to leave a disappointed azn_baller3 to take $13,845 for 7th place.

Australian youngster Liam “MON3Y$HOT” O’Rourke was biding his time and when he found QQ, he opened for a raise from under the gun. Action folded around to Borso888 who three-bet jammed from the big blind with KA. O’Rourke insta-called and led the race until the river when the 6J78A board brought an ace from space to give Borso888 the pot and leave O’Rourke to collect $18,105 for 6th place.

With that elimination, Borso888 immediately pitched the idea of a deal to the table:

Borso888 said, “do you want to discuss a deal?”
Borso888 said, “we are fairly even”
kersepit said, “we could take a look @numbers”
Borso888 said, “I agree”
lolapro said, “OK”
Borso888 said, “what do you guys think”
01.e4 said, “I may take a look”
olimasi77 said, “ok”


kersepit held the chip lead, and was the only one to play hard ball from the ICM numbers. Borso888 was willing to concede the difference to kersepit and the five-way deal was struck with the players to battle it out for the remaining $6,000 for first place.

It proved to be a good deal for lolapro who got into a preflop raising war with olimasi77. The chips went into the middle with lolapro’s AK up against olimasi77’s 99, but the race was short-lived when the board fell 39447. A full house for olimasi77 was far too good as lolapro pocketed a post-deal total of $40,856.88 for 5th place.

The biggest pot of the tournament was then to unfold as kersepit and Borso889 kicked up the action:

RSS readers click through to see replay
Borso888 had the best hand preflop, but “Big Slick” was outflopped as kersepit made two pair to win an enormous pot. Borso888 was happy to have taken the deal and will be thrilled with $46,624.18 for 4th place.

kersepit had more than double his nearest rival with three players left, but it took just another three hands for our next elimination. This time kersepit wasn’t involved as 01.e4 bet and then raised all in on the flop against olimasi77:

RSS readers click through to see replay
01.e4 went with a draw as olimasi77 made a big call with just bottom pair. Two pair on the turn for olimasi77 and a brick on the river left 01.e4 to head to the virtual rail in 3rd place for $50,038.10 in prize money.

Heads-up chip counts
Seat 1: olimasi77 (959,913 in chips)
Seat 5: kersepit (1,170,087 in chips)

The players were relatively even and very deep, but it took just five hands for a champion to be crowned. On the third hand, olimasi77 won a nice uncontested pot to take the advantage before the final hand unfolded with the two players committing themselves on a J10K flop. kersepit held 10Q for pair and open-ended straight draw while top pair, bad kicker was enough for olimasi77 with K3. olimasi77 had to fade plenty of outs, and you could barely get a more bricky turn and river as the 2 and 4 completed the board to give olimasi77 the victory.

A great tournament and final table for kersepit nets $53,000 for 2nd place as olimasi77 wins the Super Tuesday title and 54,601.24 in prize money!

Final Table Results
Entrants: 426
Prize pool: $426,000
Place paid: 54

1st olimasi77 (Germany) – $54,601.24*
2nd kersepit (Netherlands) – $53,000*
3rd 01.e4 (Brazil) – $50,038.10*
4th Borso888 (Hungary) – $46,624.18*
5th lolapro (Argentina) – $40,856.88*
6th Liam “MON3Y$HOT” O’Rourke (Australia) – $18,105.00
7th azn_baller3 (Thailand) – $13,845.00
8th gambler6868 (Cyprus) – $9,585.00
9th hnidel (Czech Republic) – $7,071.60

* denotes five-handed deal

Heath “TassieDevil” Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.

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