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Don’t tell this to anyone in Las Vegas, but no matter how many dollars you spend trying to disguise this fact, the inside of casinos all have a tendency to look the same. That’s why it is sometimes worth exploring that peculiar place known by only a select few, commonly referred to as the “outside world”.

As the final preparations take place for the finale of EPT Copenhagen (of which, more later) I decided to forsake the sight of cards, chips and spinning wheels for an hour or so and learn more about where life is led if life involves more than poker.

It was as though I had climbed through a wardrobe to do so.

Aslan, Copenhagen

“Meet me beside the lantern,” said Mr Tumnus, the faun…

…shortly before Mr Tumnus was turned to stone

Another warrior, with the flag of Narnia in the background

The home of the White Witch?

“Mmmmm, danish pastry,” said Edmund

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