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Hello again and welcome to the final day of the PokerStars EPT French Open from Casino Barrière de Deauville.

Eight players are left for the money and they will take their seats soon to discover the winner of €480,000 first prize. That player will also receive a €10,000 buy-in into next month’s EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo. It’s a prize worth winning.

The names of the players in contention are ticking across the top of the screen, but here’s a reminder for the impatient. They are:

Ram Vaswani (Eng) 1,191,500
Isabelle Mercier (Can) 428,000
Mark Boudewijn (Hol) 911,500
Kirill Gerasamov (Rus) 215,000
Patric Martensson (Swe) 291,000
Stuart Nash (Eng) 125,500
Theo Jorgensen (Den) 809,500
Mats Iremark (Swe) 397,000

They appear in seat order, with the number by their name their chip count. Ram Vaswani is ahead at the moment, with Stuart Nash the short stack. This is what they are playing for:

1 – €480.000 (plus €10,000 buy-in into EPT Grand final in Monte Carlo)
2 – €259.000
3 – €155.300
4 – €118.500
5 – €97.700
6 – €76.800
7 – €60.800
8 – €43.500

As we wait for proceedings to begin, here is a quick behind-the-scenes glimpse to what’s going on here in Deauville.

The players are interviewed for the TV coverage

The table is prepared for action

The reporters report

The trohpy awaits its winner

We will have photos of all those contenders as soon as they are seated, as well as blow-by-blow action from the final table when it begins.

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