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This week’s episode of the Poker In The Ears podcast focuses on the controversy surrounding this year’s WSOP Player of the Year contest, with none other than the man at the center of the debacle, Daniel Negreanu.

In the last few days, Stapes has found himself watching boxing and James has spent too much money on a video game he can’t/doesn’t want to play. But this week’s episode mainly focuses on the poker controversy du jour, as Daniel Negreanu was named Player of the Year only to discover a couple of days later that a clerical error has been made and he’s not actually the winner. In the latest in a series of appearances on poker podcasts (!), Daniel gives his take on poker’s version of “the winner is La La Land no wait actually it’s Moonlight.” He also defends himself against accusations of impropriety.

There’s also a recap of the #PokerStarsTV live stream from Moneymaker’s “Road to PSPC” at Aspers Casino in London, and, with an #EPTPrague satellite ticket up for grabs, Filip Ferm from Sweden chooses the 1999 Mike Judge classic “Office Space” as his specialist subject in this week’s “Superfan vs Stapes.”

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