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Counting out the chips of Marc Naalden, tournament chip leader

EPT Copenhagen is now two days old. The second bunch of 144 have been whittled down to 47, meaning 97 play tomorrow, down to the final eight. Twenty-seven will get paid, meaning 77 won’t. What they win and when they win it will be posted here as it happens.

So, what of today? Well, a lot of day 1B was similar to what we saw on day 1A but significantly more was nothing like we have ever seen before.

Shek Chi Hung, for instance, is unique. The restauranteur from Copenhagen is third in chips at the end of the day having never been anywhere further down the leaderboard since an amazing call in the first hour.

In contrast to a disappointing Thursday for Team PokerStars, Luca Pagano has flown the flag with some pride in the second flight, reaching the break with 45,675. That’s more than enough for him to do some damage tomorrow – and compensate for the late-night elimination of Joe Hachem. The World Series champion and newest Team PokerStars member showed some style on the featured table for much of the day, but everyone wants a piece of the seven-million dollar man and eventually he was worn down and out.

At the top of the leaderboard is Marc Naalden. No one knew a great deal about the man on table four until he found himself looking at trip eights and Ram Vaswani, the dominant chip leader, betting at him. Naalden took what was on offer to send the counters counting and the hacks hacking up some info. He’s a chess grand master from Holland. And he has a lot of chips. Ram, despite butting into Naalden, is second at the end of the day. That’s the place he finished this tournament last year, and few would bet against a repeat.

There’s been mixed fortunes suffered by the PokerStars qualifiers. We lost William Fitzpatrick, Jonas Molander and Michael Lindblad really late in the day, but Doug Protz and Anina Staunbo Gundesen take chips into the fray tomorrow. As does Hans David Rognlien, who has been sitting between Vaswani and Naalden for a few hours tonight, but is right up there still with 38,850, as well as Markus Gonsalves, who finished just ahead of Pagano with 50,625.

Official chip counts are below. Join us again tomorrow. Play begins at 2.30pm.

Flight 1B

Marc Naalden 120,125
Ram Vaswani 72,825
Shek Chi Hung 66,975
Jesper Frolich 59,700
Lars Soderlund 54,850
Morten Jensen 51,325
Greger Aktell 51,200
David Berggren 51,075
Markus Gonsalves (PokerStars qualifier) 50,625
Luca Pagano (Team PokerStars) 45,675
Roy Tommy Vekseth 42,025
Jesper Stolpe 40,325
Christer Johanssen 39,050
Hans David Rognlien (PokerStars qualifier) 38,850
Lennart Nystrom 37,475
Nils Paulsen 34,525
Anders Osterstrom 33,025
Tony Chessa 32,850
Per Andersen 30,850
Anders Berg 30,750
Anina Gundesen (PokerStars qualifier) 28,650
Henrik Olander 28,025
Noah Boeken 26,925
Rainer Isaksen 26,775
Ken Lennard 25,950
Tom Jakobsen 24,450
Lars Bonding 22,300
Anton Thorarinsson 22,150
David McGeachie 22,000
Robin Reed 21,825
Jonas Svensson 20,100
Martin Iversen 16,925
Nicky Smits 16,650
Danni Schou 16,275
Rino Matthis 16,075
Ole Busberg Jensen (PokerStars qualifier) 15,200
Adam Berggren 14,275
Mark Boudewijn 12,900
Anders Lembing 12,625
Thomas Olavsrud 11,700
Kim Wittendorff 10,975
Johan Kretz 10,950
Torgeir Kopperud 10,925
Douglas Protz (PokerStars qualifier) 9,100
Rolf Woods 8,825
Brian Clausen 8,350
Janos Spada 5,050

I’ll merge these with yesterday’s qualifiers in the morning to give a full run down of those playing Saturday’s Day Two. If you can’t wait that long, click here for the list from yesterday.

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