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Let’s wrap day two by looking forward to day three. These eight certainly will be: Mads Andersen, Philip Hilm, Shek Chi Hung, Marc Naalden, Anina Gundesen, Edgar Skjervolt, Marcus Gonsalves and Johan Bergquist.

Those eight will take their seats tomorrow around the EPT Copenhagen final table, ready to thrash it out for the following prizes:

1 – 2,548,070 Kr (€341,000)
2 – 1,401,722 Kr (€228,000)
3 – 716,636 Kr (€96,000)
4 – 557,384 Kr (€75,000)
5 – 477,757 Kr (€64,000)
6 – 398,131 Kr (€53,000)
7 – 318,505 Kr (€43,000)
8 – 238, 879 Kr (€32,000)

They deserve it; it has been brutal today. Ninety-seven made it from their respective day ones, but we were down to eight in less than eleven hours. That’s remarkable going for a tournament of this size, but I estimate that Mads, Philip, Shek and Marc must have accounted for around 40 scalps between them. They have been in inspirational form and take the four biggest stacks to the final table. Mads in particular will need a truck to shift his towards the felt.

Take a bow Anina Gundesen, who becomes only the second woman player ever to grace the final table of an EPT event. Far from being overawed in her first major live tournament, this PokerStars qualifier from Odense, Denmark, has been dishing out the kind of punishment that makes a total mockery of her own modest ambition. She’ll take her seat tomorrow with the chance to turn her $13 satellite fee into something considerably larger.

Edgar Skjervolt knows no introduction to PokerStars players. To them, he is “radge”, winner of the 2004 World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) on the site. There, he bested 10,085 players to take the prize of more than $6 million. There is a huge Scandinavian contingent out here in, well, Scandinavia, and the Norwegian side has their money on Edgar.

Marcus Gonsalves is the second PokerStars qualifier who has made it to the final. This 21-year-old was once a student of business in San Diego, but turned to the online poker tables for, how can we put it, more immediate remuneration. He’s translated his exceptional form to the live environment and will fancy his chances tomorrow.

We will return tomorrow with pictures of these eight, more about each of them, and then a blow-by-blow account of the final table.

End of day two chip count:

Mads Andersen – 1,023,000
Philip Hilm – 600,500
Shek Chi Hung – 307,000
Marc Naalden – 273,000
Anina Gundesen – 223,500
Edgar Skjervolt – 186,000
Marcus Gonsalves – 156,000
Johan Bergquist – 47,500

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