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SCOOP winners are not always top pros. They’re not always winning players. But the victory is always meaningful.

Dragos “Fenryr03” Trofimov took down Event 10-M: $109 PKO Freezout for a grand total of $47,660, earning his biggest ever score and first SCOOP title.

To be completely honest it was mostly luck. I was being dealt way more than my fair share of premium hands and I was connecting hard on most flops I saw. From halfway through the tournament to its end I had more than twice the average stack and that gave me a lot of breathing room,” says Trofimov.

I did my best to avoid high expectations until we were down to the last two tables and I still held a relatively big stack. Around that point I started to envision myself taking it down.”

Trofimov, who is 27 years old and lives in Moldova, was introduced to online poker by friends from other video gaming communities. “They were already experienced players and helped me avoid a lot of the early bumps that new players face. It took me 3-4 months from getting started with tournament poker before taking part in the smaller buy-in events of WCOOP 2017.”

Trofimov has tried many different approaches to the game, and points out that the variance can often make it hard to tell what helped and what didn’t. However, he does say that “experience definitely makes navigating the later portions of the tournaments less of a toll emotionally and mentally.”

This is a player with a very honest attitude towards the game.

I’m still on the grind, lots of things to learn and improve upon and I have yet to prove myself as a winning player. Despite this (SCOOP) score I’m down online in my lifetime. Luckily I have friends who believe in my ability to be profitable long term and that keeps me playing, and scores such as these help them keep their confidence as well.”

I live in Moldova, a very small country in eastern Europe. It has many problems, but it is home and any small income I can make from poker is big relative to what the cost of life and average salary are here,” says Trofimov.

The win should also help to fuel Trofimov’s passions. “My main passion and drive when it comes to poker is playing live, and I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to travel to many gorgeous locations and play in big live festivals.”

We hope to see Trofimov at the final tables of future online and live events.

Congratulations Dragos “Fenryr03” Trofimov on your SCOOP win!

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