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EPTTeam PokerStars Pro Barry Greenstein is one of the latest casualties in high roller event. He was all-in with AQ against K7 but was outdrawn when the first card was a king.

Luke ‘FullFlush1’ Schwartz has also been eliminated, Dave Ulliot raising UTG to 5,300 and Schwartz reraising all-in for a total of 36,400. As Ulliot mulled the decision, Schwartz asked: “Have you got sevens?” But the older of the two Englishmen made the call and Schwartz looked frustrated, turning over 84 saying: “I thought you were weak.” Ulliot turned over AQ which won out on the K93A6 board.

Thomas Wahlroos has also been dismissed, failing to win the coinflip with 1010 against Lev Myrmsky’s AQ which leaves Ilari Sahamies and Juha Helppi as the last Finns in the competition.


Daniel Alaei

Daniel Alaei is the man they’re all chasing – he’s still the chip leader with just over 300,000 though Helppi and PokerStars ShootingStar Florian Langmann are not too far behind.

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