Friday, 24th May 2024 16:31
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The room is still abuzz about a confusing decision involving The Sun newspaper’s Simon “Suffolk Punch” Young. As it happened, Paul Testud came in for a raise. Young had just more than 4,000 in chips and decided to make a stand with AT. He pushed all in, not yet revealing his cards because there was still a person to act. The remaining player folded and Testud called, revealing AK. Young went to reveal his cards and discovered they weren’t there anymore. The dealer had mucked them.

The floor was called and a strange ruling came forth. Obviously, since Young’s cards were in the muck, there was no getting them back. His chips, however, remained another question. Testud had him covered and likely very beat. While I’m not a Roberts Rules or TDA expert, it would seem one of two things would happen. Either Young gets his chips back or he doesn’t. It seemed fair to give Young his chips back, but at the same time, it is up to Young–who was in the ten-seat– to protect his cards.

Young’s defense was he had no chip to put on them because they were all in the middle. Still, it was up to him to protect them. And still, there was the matter of the chips.

The decison? Odd, at best. Young was given 700 chips back. The remainder went to Testud. Why 700? I still haven’t heard a good explanation. If there are any TDA experts out there, shoot me an e-mail at blog @ pokerstars dot com. How would you have ruled?

Update: If you read this post before, I’ve now received an explanation for why Young got some chips back. Apparently, the 700 900 in chips he got back was the amount of his raise over Testud’s original raise. Thus, the chips he lost constituted a call of Testud’s bet. All in all, it seems like a reasonable decision. What’s more, it’s a damned good reminder that if you’re in seat one or ten, your cards are very vulnerable. Be careful.

Just a few more words as the evening progresses here. It appears Daniel “looptroop” Larsson has moved into the chip lead with around 80,000 in chips at the 600/1200 level. Notable names still remaining: Noah Boeken, Ben Grundy, Alex Stevic, Cecilia Nordenstam, PokerStars FPP qualifier Jason McCombie, Roland DeWolfe, and many others. Right now, around 60 players remain. Play is scheduled to last for another three hours or so.

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