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EPTLive updates from day four, level 23 of EPT Barcelona brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Rick Dacey, Marc Convey and Howard Swains.

Click refresh to see the latest updates below, while the latest chip counts can be found by clicking right here. Follow the feature table action on EPT Live.

Blinds: 12,000-24,000 (2,000 ante)

7.30pm: Up to date
The dinner break has allowed us to get fully up to date with all our various pages. Check them out by following the red links:



You’ll find there that there are 11 players remaining with the PokerStars qualifier Carter Phillips top of the tree on more than three million.

7.10pm: And again
Marc Goodwin raises to 65,000 and Matt Lapossie calls. The flop comes 67Q and both players check. The turn is J and Lapossie bets 88,000 and Goodwin calls. The river is 8 and Lapossie again bets, this time 147,000 and Goodwin folds. – HS

7pm: Lapossie again
On a flop of 3109 Georgios Kapalas bet 88,000 which Matt Lapossie called for a 9 turn card. Kapalas checked before Lapossie made it 143,000. Kapalas called for a 2 river. Kapalas checked, Lapossie bet 168,000 and waited for a response from Kapalas. He called but never got to show his cards, beaten by Lapossie’s pocket sevens. – SB

6.57pm: Cimpan survival
Cornel Cimpan was down to just 140,000 when he shoved all-in under the gun into Carter Phillips’ big blind. Phillips made the call with K 8 which was some way behind Cimpan’s J J and the American doubled up to around 300,000. It’s business as usual on the next hand when Phillips put him all-in from the small blind. Phillips’ chip stack is stacked so high it’s wobbling like jelly (that’s jello to readers from the US of A). –RD

6.50pm: Kyllonen’s one time
It was eerily familiar to what had happened previously. Jens Kyllonen raised from the button, 60,000, before Carter Phillips made it 175,000 from the small blind. Kyllonen moved all-in and Phillips called, showing KK. Kyllonen was behind, turning over JJ.

Being of sound mind and understanding the severity of the situation, Kyllonen announced “one time,” effectively playing his PokerStars Blog One Time Chip™* for, of course, the first and only time allowed. He’d need it more than ever to survive what had quickly become a huge pot worth more than three million. 106658.


One or two Lamaze breaths from Phillips as his chips were counted, ready to be matched. Kyllonen waited; certain he was a lame duck player, riffling chips that were no longer his. Phillips had him. “Yeah, yeah,” agreed Kyllonen, out in 14th place.

* Players use their PokerStars Blog One Time Chip at their own risk. While it can assist at certain moments PokerStars Blog offers no guarantees of success. The chip should not be played while taking prescribed heart medication. This does not affect your statutory rights. May cause hypertension.SB

6.45pm: Manole breathes again
Mihai Manole just doubled up, winning a race against Santiago Terrazas, who is now the short stack. Terrazas made it 99,000 pre-flop and Manole shoved all in for about 409,000. Call. Manole had AK and Terrazas had JJ. There was an ace on the flop and Manole doubled, much to the delight of the Romanian contingent in the crowd.– HS

6.38pm: Active Lapossie strikes again
Mihai Manole raised to 62,000 and the hyper aggressive Lapossie three-bet to 154,000. Manole dropped his hand and Lapossie raked in another pot. Next hand – Asa Smith is three-bet by Terrazas yet again and passes pre-flop. –RD

Dinner break details
The tournament director Thomas Kremser has announced to the players that the end of this level will be played out and then we’ll play 15 minutes of level 23 before going on a one hour dinner break. That means we’ll be heading off for some tapas too.

6.30pm: Chopping
Georgios Kapalas raised pre-flop and Mihai Manole shoved. Kapalas called — it was about 400,000 — but it was a bit of an anti-climax when Kapalas showed A9 and Manole showed A9. However, there was a flurry of activity in the press room, where at least two supporters of Kapalas decided to use their PokerStars Blog One Time Chip™ and call for clubs. No good, it was a chop and two PokerStars Blog One Time Chips™ were wasted.– HS

6.28pm: Kyllonen frustration
Jens Kyllonen has just been three-bet off his button raise by Carter Phillips for the second time in as many orbits. The Finn made it 60,000 to go and Phillips made it 175,000. Kyllonen quickly mucked and started muttering to Julien Nuijten that it was ‘the second button in a row.’ –RD

6.25pm: Outer table goings on
Not many, to be honest. Julien Nuijten is opening almost every pot with a raise, if he gets the chance. Twice he’s been played back at with three-bets and folded quickly both times. We long to see a flop.–MC

6.20pm: Greco ground out
Michael Greco’s long grind is over. He has been playing shove or fold poker for the whole day, with the emphasis on the latter. He got his last 246,000 into the middle with J10 and ran into Georgious Kapalas’ AQ. There was an ace on the flop and Greco departs, taking €35,000 for 13th place.– HS


Michael Greco

A short while later, Greco was collared by the video blog team…

Watch EPT 6 Barcelona Day 4: Michael Greco on

6.15pm: Smith doubles through Kapalas
After being forced to lay down a hand to some strong river betting from Georgios Kapalas, Asa Smith gets his revenge – and then some. The British player raises to 65,000 pre-flop and Kapalas re-raises to 158,000. Smith comes back over the top for his full 484,000 more. Call. Smith loves it as he tables two red aces. Kapalas has 66. There’s nothing nasty on the flop and Smith is now north of a million.– HS

6.10pm: Another pot to…
Phillips raised to 55,000 which Julian Nuijten called from the small blind. On a flop of K107 Nuijten checked and then called Phillip’s 60,000 bet. Both checked the 2 on the turn before a 7 on the river. Now Nuijten took over, betting 150,000. Phillips called showing king-queen to Nuijten’s pocket jacks, taking the pot. – SB

6.05pm: Action from the outside table
Mike McDonald, Carter Phillips and Mihai Manole are currently the most active players at table two. McDonald has scooped two sets of blinds as has Phillips. Manole hasn’t open raised yet but seems to have picked Phillips as his three-betting target. –RD

6pm: Another reminder
If you want, you can complement your PokerStars blog obsession with some moving pictures at EPT Live.

It looks like this:


5.55pm: Come join the club
Marc Goodwin raised to 60,000 and was called by Matt Lapossie and Georgios Kapalas before the flop was revealed as 364. Lapossie took over the initiative and led for 78,000, a bet that only Goodwin called. No slowing down for Lapossie who fired 127,000 on the 10 turn and again Goodwin called. The river fell as 9 and that prompted a slowing in pace as both players checked. Lapossie tabled jack-ten but it couldn’t beat Goodwin’s pocket fours for a set. –MC

5.50pm: Back
They’re back. And this is what the 13 remaining players are stacking:

Marc Goodwin, UK, 2,827,000
Matt Lapossie, Canada, 1,828,000
Georgios Kapalas, Greece, 1,762,000
Jens Kyllonen, Finland, 1,501,000
Julien Nuijten, Netherlands, 1,462,000
Carter Phillips, USA, 1,441,000
Asa Smith, UK, 839,000
Santiago Terrazas, Spain, 701,000
Toni Ojala, Finland, 601,000
Mihai Manole, Romania, 468,000
Mike McDonald, Canada, 458,000
Ari Kolpanitzki, Israel, 439,000
Michael Greco, UK, 296,000
Cornel Cimpan, USA, 286,000

5.45pm: Still in the break
Jens Kyllonen takes it easy:


5.35pm: A reminder
This is what they’re playing for:


5.30pm: Break time
We’re in a 15 minute break at the end of level 22. Chip counts, etc., for our 13 remaining players are on their way. And when they arrive…



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