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EPTLive updates from day four, level 24 of EPT Barcelona brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Rick Dacey, Marc Convey and Howard Swains.

Click refresh to see the latest updates below, while the latest chip counts can be found by clicking right here. Follow the feature table action on EPT Live.

Blinds: 15,000-30,000 (3,000 ante)

9.40pm: Level ends
That’s the end of the level. Players take another break.

9.36pm: Pre-flop and post-flop passing
Hand 1: Julien Nuijten raises to 75,000 again. Goodwin passes in the small blind, Georgios Kapalas requests a count from the big blind… then folds. Nuijten takes the pot.
Hand 2: Marc Goodwin raises to 85,000. Mohai Manole passes in the big blind
Hand 3: Nuijten makes it 75,000 and is called by Toni Ojala and c-bets 100k on a low flop, taking down the pot.–RD

9.32pm: Goodwin v Nuijten
Julien Nuijten raises to 75k from the cut-off and Marc Goodwin calls in the big blind. 2 8 2 on the flop: Goodwin checks and Nuijten bets 85,000 before Goodwin calls. The turn is J which both check. Goodwin then leads out for 250,000 on the 9 river. Nuijten calls and Goodwin shows king-jack for two-pair. Nuijten is getting short. –RD


Julian Nuijten

9.26pm: The opening salvo
Carter Phillips raises to 60,000. Toni Ojala is on the big blind and calls. K 6 8 on the flop and Phillips bets 70,000. Ojala fiddles with his chips and calls. The turn is the A, which both players check. The river is K and both check, Ojala taking the hand with 6 9. –RD

9.21pm: Play has resumed!
Play has resumed.

9.06pm: What now?
Players take a break to redraw, wire up, call friends and stretch the legs before reconvening around the feature table. Play will resume shortly.

9.05pm: One table time
Just like that we’re down to one table. Toni Ojala opened shoved for 385,000 from under-the-gun, Carter Phillips thought about calling but let it go. The process was quick for Cornel Cimpan though who moved all-in. Everyone else got out of the way. Cipman was in good shape, his JJ matching up well against Ojala’s Q9. The board came AQ333. Ojala snatched the lead on the flop and stayed there throughout the hand, eliminating Cipman.

We’re down to nine players who will play on one table until we reach our official final eight. –MC

9.01pm: The way Nuijten rolls
Julien Nuijten shoves from the button and takes the pot. Nuijten raises to 75,000 again from the cut-off and scoops. Cornel Cimpan shoves from the small blind and takes pot. –RD

8.55pm: Phillips in control
Not long ago Cornel Cimpan doubled through Carter Phillips, pocket queens called by Phillips with pocket jacks. the board came A2277. A small dent for Phillips who is picking up all the loose change pots.

8.49pm: Checking again
With betting before the flop 96Q Lapossie made it 147,000 which Goodwin called. Again they checked through the 10 and 9 on turn and river. Lapossie showed ten-four and Goodwin passed, good for a pot of 779,000. — SB


8.42pm:McDonald buys the farm
Former EPT winner Mike McDonald has been ko’d in a race against chip leader Carter Phillips, taking with him the chance of being the first player to achieve an historic double EPT win. McDonald shoved all-in under-the-gun for 400,000 with K Q and Phillips isolated all-in from the small blind with 6 6. The board ran out 4 A 3 5 7 to knock out McDonald. –RD


Carter Phillips

8.38pm: Outer table round up
Mike McDonald gets a shove through from under the gun. Carter Phillips shoves from button and scoops the blinds from Cornel Cimpan and McDonald.

Phillips raises from the cut-off to 60k and Julien Nuijten passes in the big blind. Nuijten shoves from the small blind and Toni Ojala passes. Nuijten button raises into Phillips and scoops the pot. –RD

8.35pm: Check calling
Marc Goodwin check-calls his way to the river against Matt Lapossie. On a flop of 10Q9 he checked and then called a 94,000 bet from Lapossie before both checked their way through the 2 turn and A river. Queen-four for Lapossie, ace-jack for Goodwin, good to pick this one up. — SB

8.25pm: And that’s dinner done!
Players have returned and cards are in the air.

7.20pm: And that’s dinner
Or wine. Or both. While we’re away, why not watch Team PokerStars PRO Luca Pagano as he looks ahead to the next stops on the EPT. He seems to have a certain interest in each one… and we’re not talking about poker here…

Watch EPT 6 Barcelona Day 4: Luca, the EPT – and women on PokerStars.tv

Then, while we continue to much on our dinner, you can feast your eyes on this second video, where Team PROs Johnny Lodden and Jason Mercier display their soccer (or football, as we like to say in Europe) skills…

Watch EPT 6 Barcelona Day 4 on PokerStars.tv

7.15pm: Huge pre-flop action. Fold.
Manole opened for 80,000 and Matt Lapossie called. Asa Smith raised to 260,000 and after Manole folded, Lapossie decided to get properly involved. He re-raised 440,000 and Smith shoved. That prompted an instant fold from Lapossie, shipping the 1.2m pot to Smith. – HS

7.15pm: The charmed life of Cimpan
Cornel Cimpan has survived another all-in. Shoving for just a little over 100,000 from the small blind into Mike McDonald’s big blind he was called and had to race J 9 against Q 6. Cimpan caught a jack on the turn and is still alive on around 250,000. –RD

7.10pm Ojala elbows Timex out
Mike McDonald makes a standard button raise to 62k and Toni Ojala shoves over the top. McDonald folds. –RD

7.05pm: Role of table captain filled
In the orbit and a half since Carter Phillips won that monster pot he’s been using his stack well. He’s opening most pots and doing the odd bit of three betting. It takes a brave soul to think about raising his big blind, but it seems Julien Nuijten might have what it takes. He raised Phillips’ big blind to 66,000, was called and then continued his aggression with a 75,000 bet on the KQ4 board. Phillips bumped it up to 205,000, though, prompting an instant fold from the Dutchman. –MC


7pm: New level
As previously advertised, we’re going to play 15 minutes of level 24 before taking a dinner break. The level has started now. – HS

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