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EPTLive updates from day five, level 26 of EPT Barcelona brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Rick Dacey, Marc Convey and Howard Swains.

Click refresh to see the latest updates below, while the latest chip counts can be found by clicking right here. Follow the feature table action on EPT Live.

Blinds: 25,000-50,000 (5,000 ante)

3.53pm: Another elimination
Matt Lapossie out in seventh earning €120,000
Matt Lapossie made it 140,000 from the button. Toni Ojala re-raised to 310,000 then insta-called when Lapossie moved all-in. It might not have been what the Canadian had hoped for, his J4 a 12% second favourite against Ojala’s QQ. Lapossie was on the way out. 65Q5 with a blank on the end. All over for Lapossie.  – SB

3.51pm: Lappossie is OUT!
Full details to come.

3.50pm: He’s been quiet so far…
But Carter Phillips is still our chip leader:


3.45pm: Three bet from the big blind
Asa Smith raises to 130,000 under the gun. Santiago Terrazas three-bets from the big blind to 380,000 and Smith passes. Terrazas is up to third in chips. –RD

3.43pm: On the rail
Matt Lapossie has been supported all week in Barcelona by his girlfriend Tamara. Earlier she spoke to Michelle Orpe for the EPT Live broadcast. Our snapper Neil Stoddart was also peering in their direction:


3.37pm: Goodwin swipes it on the turn
Mihai Manole opens under the gun for 125,000 and Marc Goodwin calls in the big blind. Both players check the K 3 10 flop and Goodwin fires at the 6 turn card and Manole passes. –RD

3.35pm: Smith continues his comeback
Asa Smith makes it 125,000 on the button and takes another pot. Smith is climbing back from his early loss to Toni Ojala and is up to 1,580,000. ­–RD

3.28pm: Smith bullies Lapossie
Matt Lapossie hasn’t slowed down despite a slump in his chip stack. Asa Smith opened under-the-gun and Lapossie re-raised to 305,000. Smith shoved, for close to a million, and Lapossie was forced to lay it down. His slide continues. – HS

3.25pm: Terrazas and Lapossie go at it again
Santiago Terrazas raised to 250,000 under the gun, some five big blinds, and Matt Lapossie reraises to 500,000. Terrazas folds and Lapossie gets some chips back. –RD

3.20pm: Terrazas the terror
It’s that man again, Santiago Terrazas, who suddenly finds himself third in chips. He made it 300,000 pre-flop, half of his stack, and Lapossie put him all in. When Terrazas called showing AK the crowd erupted once more, louder still when Lapossie showed A9. He needed help but not with this kind of Spanish momentum: 34JJ5. Terrazos up to 1,620,000. – SB


Santiago Terrazas

There have been massive changes on the chip ladder today, with Marc Goodwin taking over at the top, Matt Lapossie plummeting down and Santiago Terrazas moving ever upward. Check them out over at the chip count page.

3.16pm: Terrazas chipping up
Santiago Terrazas raises to 225,000 – a third of his stack – and takes the blinds. He’s got himself up to 760,000. –RD

3.10pm: The Terrazas terror
Crowd favourite Santiago Terrazas moved all in behind a 130,000 bet from Mihai Manole. It’s 450,000 to Manole who asks Terrazas whether or not he’s nervous. It’s not clear he understood. Either way, Manole passed. Terrazas claimed to the rail that there was no bluff, and then showed 98. He is still the short stack though with 665,000. — SB

3.05pm: One down
Georgios Kapalas out in eighth place earning €80,000
Matt Lapossie raised to 120,000, Marc Goodwin called on the button and Georgios Kapalas moved all in for 695,000. Lapossie passed and Goodwin had a short think before making the call. Kapalas shows K Q for a well-timed squeeze and Goodwin is racing for the knock out with A 10. The flop brings a huge draw for Kapalas with 2 7 6 but an A on the turn reduces the Greek’s outs to eight club cards and the 8 pushes the pot to Goodwin. Kapalas departs. -HS


Georgios Kapalas

3pm: No eliminations
We’ve been playing close to an hour and every player remains. That means there’s been a good deal of movement on the chip count page, which you can see by following the usual links:


2.58pm: Ace-king for Asa
Asa Smith gets his chips in for the second hand in a row, 540,000 this time from the cut off. Matt Lapossie called from the small blind, wasting no time, showing A7. Smith though showed AK, Lapossie asked for a suck out. It didn’t come: 10AA92. Smith up to 1,170,000. – SB

2.55pm: Manole making moves
Georgios Kapalas raises to 120,000 and is 3-bet by Mihai Manole to to 575,000. Kapalas passes and Manole is up to around 1,000,000. –RD

2.55pm: Phillips talks bluff
Yesterday we witnessed one of the most audacious bluffs we’ve seen on the EPT when Carter Phillips made a huge bet on a massively frightening board, persuading Marc Goodwin to fold A-K. (Scroll down to the post at 10.20pm here for details.) Today, our video bloggers asked for Phillips’ side of events – and what’s more, he told them:

Watch EPT 6 Barcelona Day 5: Carter Phillips’ big bluff on

2.50pm: Business as usual for Lapossie
Matt Lapossie raises to 120,000 from mid-position into Mihai Manole’s big blind. Manole calls and they go to a flop heads up. It’s 6K5 and Manole’s check is the proverbial red rag to Lapossie, who bets 155,000 and wins. -HS

2.46pm: Ojala makes a monster lay down
Carter Phillips raises to 120,000 and Toni Ojala re-raises to 305,000. Marc Goodwin then comes in over the top for 1,230,000. It’s a huge re-raise that takes Phillips off his hand and puts Ojala to a decision for his tournament life. The Finn thinks long and hard before finally mucking queens face-up. Goodwin adds 540,000 to his stack. –RD

2.40pm: Terrazas doubles
The short stacked Santiago Terrazas moved all in for his last 260,000. The move was greeted with a huge cheer from the partisan crowd, but it soon turned to groans when Matt Lapossie called and tabled KK to Terrazas’s A2. The flop came 10108 and the turn 4 left Terrazas drawing even thinner. But miracles sometimes do happen and there was a mighty roar when the A rivered. We’re still eight and Terrazas is one life down. – HS

2.36pm: Terrified Terrazas
Marc Goodwin raises to 150,000 and scoops the 115,000 in the middle and then Matt Lapossie gets a walk. Mihai Manole scoops the next blinds. Santiago Terrazas is down to just 275,000. Running on fumes springs to mind. –RD

2.25pm: Into level 26
That’s the end of level 25, blinds up to 25,000-50,000 with a 5,000 ante for level 26

2.20pm: The sickness starts
Mihai Manole gets it all in for 354,000 against Carter Phillips and they look set to chop the pot with A K (Phillips) and A K (Manole). The flop brings an innocuous Q 8 2 but a J gives Phillips a sweat before the 2 on the river gives Manole a huge leg up to some 800,000. –RD

2.12pm: Full speed ahead
No wasting time as play starts. Santiago Terrazas raised pre-flop to 108,000 and Asa Smith re-raised to 450,000. Then Toni Ojala moved all in for 726,000 in total, 276,000 more to Smith after Terrazas folded. He throws it in showing AQ to Ojala’s AA. The board ran out J4426. Ojala doubled up. Smith down to around 700k.

2.05pm: Now?
Cards are in the air!

1.55pm: How about now?
Then again, it might not start immediately on the strike of 2pm. The usual delays to build up tension.

1.45pm: Has it started?
All the action from the EPT Barcelona final table will appear here once the action gets under way. Players are arriving for the pre-fight checks, to be interviewed, photographed and wired into the feature table. We expect play to start at around 2pm local time.

Until then wallow among the chip counts and get your EPT Live page ready. And here’s a picture:


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