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EPTLive updates from day five, level 27 of EPT Barcelona brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Rick Dacey, Marc Convey and Howard Swains.

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Blinds: 30,000-60,000 (5,000 ante)

5.20pm: Take a break
The level ends and players take a ten minute break. Click here to skip forward into level 28.

5.16pm: Manole sucks out and survives
Mihai Monole just caught a dream 7 3 A to suck out on Marc Goodwin’s big slick with A 3. Goodwin had raised the Romanian’s big blind to 180,000 and Monole had taken the bait shipping it all-in for 535,000. Goodwin failed to catch a King or a counterfeiting pair. Monole now up to 1.1m. –RD

5.10pm: Smith gets some back
Asa Smith got his last 320,000 in pre-flop and Carter Phillips called. Smith showed K10 and Phillips had 55. There was something for everyone on the A56 board — a flush draw for Smith, a set for Phillips — and when the 3 turned, Smith was ahead. There were plenty of re-draw outs for Phillips, but the Q wasn’t one of them. Smith is back up to around 700,000 and Phillips loses a tiny nibble from his huge stack. – HS

5.05pm: Phillips phiring
Carter Phillips and Marc Goodwin tangled, the two big stacks going at it. Phillips raised to 150,000 from the cut off and Goodwin called on the button. The flop came 754 and Phillips bet 170,000. Call. The turn was Q and Phillips bet again: 235,000. Again Goodwin called. The river was the J and Phillips this time bet 450,000 into the million-plus pot. Goodwin folded. — HS

5pm: The top three at five
Carter Phillips — 6,840,000
Marc Goodwin — 4,180,000
Santiago Terrazas — 2,515,000

4.59pm: Into third place, again
Asa Smith and Santiago Terrazas have been at each other all day – and Terrazas has just landed a hammer blow. Smith three-bet pre-flop, a familiar refrain, but this time Terrazas moved all in, giving Smith little option but to call. The pot was close to 2.6m and it always favoured Terrazas. He had 88 against Smith’s 55. An eight flopped and back-door possibilities ended on the turn. Smith is now the short stack; Terrazas is at the dizzy heights of close to three million. — HS


Santiago Terrazas, jubilant


4.52pm: Another chop
Santiago Terrazas raises to 210,000 from the small blind and Asa Smith moves all-in. Terrazas snap calls and both players table AT. Smith says “clubs one time,” for a chopped pot and no more one times. –RD


Toni Ojala before his exit

4.47pm: Shock elimination
Toni Ojala out in sixth earning €160,000

Huge, huge pot goes to Carter Phillips and sends Toni Ojala to the rail. It all started when Mihai Manole raised under the gun and Phillips called on the button. Ojala, in the small blind, thinks for a while before raising to 400,000. Manole got out the way, but Phillips was going absolutely nowhere. He raised another 580,000 and Ojala moved all in for more than a million. Phillips insta-called and tabled AA and Ojala’s head went into his hands as he showed QQ. The board was blank and the aces held up. Phillips moves up to 6,000,000-plus and Ojala is sent to the interview room. — HS

4.40pm: Courtesy of the video people
And here’s an interview with Asa Smith:

Watch EPT 6 Barcelona Day 5: Asa Smith on

4.32pm: Manning up
Mihai Manole moves all-in for 650,000 into Santiago Terrazas’ big blind. He requests a chip count but eventually passes his hand. –RD

4.27pm: Back to back Spanish raises
Santiago Terrazas raises consecutive hands for the first time we can remember. The Spaniard makes it 215,000 and Asa Smith moves all-in over the top for 1.3m forcing Terrazas to muck his hand. –RD

4.20pm: All-in and a call
Asa Smith started, making it 160,000 pre-flop. Suddenly Mihai Manole moved all-in, arranging his single tower of chips into the blue, yellow, red of the Romanian flag. Smith then moved all-in for 1,190,000. For a second it seemed Marc Goodwin was calling too, but no. It was AQ for Manole, AQ for Smith with predictably anti-climactic results. 26KA8. Cancel the excitement. – SB

4.18pm: Video killed the blogging stars
Here’s how the video blog team set up today. You could ignore all those thousands of words if you want.

Watch EPT 6 Barcelona Day 5 Intro: on

4.12pm: Raise, fold, raise, fold, raise, fold
Marc Goodwin makes a solid shove on Mohai Manole from the small blind. The Romanian passes. Carter Phillips raises to 150,000 and Santiago Terrazas passes in the big blind.
Toni Ojala raises to 155,000. Asa Smith passes in the big blind.–RD

4.10pm: A neat cameo
There was a terrific moment during the break when Marc Goodwin came into the press room to chat to friends and grab one of our baguettes. However, he’d come in at the precise moment that EPT Live was showing a replay of the hand yesterday when Carter Phillips made a huge bluff with eight high. “I should have called!” Goodwin announced to the press room, watching all this. It looked a bit like this:


Marc Goodwin, foreground today, watches Marc Goodwin, background yesterday

4pm: Another level
A short break before the six remaining players come back for level 27.




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