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EPTLive updates from day five, level 28 of EPT Barcelona brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Rick Dacey, Marc Convey and Howard Swains.

Click refresh to see the latest updates below, while the latest chip counts can be found by clicking right here. Follow the feature table action on EPT Live. Or read all about the players on the player profile page.

Blinds: 40,000-80,000 (5,000 ante)

7.15pm: Dinner!
That was the last hand of the level and we’re now taking a dinner break. We’ll be back in an hour for the final stages.

7.10pm: Phillips takes another million
Carter Phillps raises his button, making it 200,000. Marc Goodwin calls. The flop comes 4102 and Phillips bets 210,000. Call. The turn is 8 and both players check and after the river comes 6, Goodwin check-calls Phillips’ 375,000 bet. Phillips shows K-10, which is good.

7.06pm: One more to Phillips
Marc Goodwin makes up the blind and Carter Phillips raises, making it 220,000 more. Goodwin calls, but doesn’t much like the AJQ flop and lets it go when Phillips slides out a continuation bet. -HS

7pm: One all
We get all the way to the river on consecutive hands and they take one each. On the first, the board is 536K8 and Phillips’ 103 takes it ahead of Goodwin’s J9. On the second hand, Goodwin’s pocket jacks stay good through a board of 5K2Q10 despite Phillips’ flop bet. They check it down after then. -HS

6.53pm: Goodwin misses his draw
Goodwin raises pre-flop with J 8 and is called by Carter Phillips. Goodwin overbets the pot to 600,000 on a very wet K 10 Q flop. Phillips makes the call and both players check the 7 turn and 8 river. Phillips shows a paired 10 and Goodwin shows J 8 for a monster flopped draw. –RD

6.50pm: Carter Phillips chat
The headline says it really.

Watch EPT 6 Barcelona Day 5: Carter Phillips on

6.40pm: Delay
There’s a short break as they rearrange the final table for heads up play. The stacks going into the mano-a-mano stage are:

Carter Phillips, USA, 7,800,000
Marc Goodwin, UK, 6,500,000

Here they are with understandable smiles on their faces.


Carter Phillips


Marc Goodwin

6.30pm: Heads up as Terrazas departs
Santiago Terrazas out in third earning €300,000
Santiago Terrazas has been knocked out by Marc Goodwin in third place in a dramatic three-way pot. Carter Phillips opened the action and was called by both Goodwin and Terrazas. Phillips c-bet 375,000 on a K42 flop and was flat called by Goodwin before Terrazas check-raised all-in for 1.8m. Goodwin demanded that Terrazas call the clock on him before making the call with KJ. The Spaniard showed 58 for the flush draw. A juicy turn gave Terrazas a pair with 5 but the 4 river gave Goodwin the pot and ended hope hopes. –RD

6.20pm: Down to three as Romanian dreams are rivered
Mihai Manole out in fourth earning €250,000
Mihai Monole is out in fourth after a horrible runner-runner knock out. Marc Goodwin raises to 290,000 and Manole moves all-in. Goodwin makes the call showing a dominated A 9 to the Romanian’s A 10. The K 5 2 brought no immediate help but the K on the turn gave Goodwin a huge amount of outs for the win or to chop the pot. Unfortunately for Monole it was the 4 that dropped putting him out in fourth for €250,000. Goodwin is on 3,845,000 in second place behind Carter Phillips with 8,305,000.–RD

6.15pm: And another voice
Here’s a chat with Marc Goodwin, recorded this morning ahead of the final table. He talks about plenty of stuff, including that pot with Carter Phillps. Enjoy.

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6.10pm: Another voice
Santiago Terrazas makes it 280,000 pre-flop. Not much happens until the action gets to Marc Goodwin. He looks at his cards, then his chips, then folds. — SB

6.05pm: Domination
With four times the chips of any other player, Carter Phillips is raising every hand. And why not? – HS

6.04pm: Goodwin frustrated by river
Marc Goodwin raises to 225,000 and is called by Carter Phillips. The American check-calls a 230,000 bet on the 2 K 8 flop and another 600,000 on the 7 turn. Phillips checks to Goodwin one last time and Goodwin checks behind on the J river voicing his frustration when Phillips shows J8 for a rivered two pair. “If you’re calling 600,000 knowing that you’re behind why aren’t you betting when you hit?” Goodwin wants to know. He isn’t told. — RD

5.50pm: Manole on the offensive
After some raise and take it poker, we finally see a flop. Mihai Manole raises to 225,000 from the small blind and Santiago Terrazas calls from the big blind. The flop comes 942 and after Manole checks, Terrazas bets 230,000. It’s a trap! Manole now moves all in for another 800,000 and the two players indulge in a spot of eyeballs, cheered on by the local crowd. Terrazas eventually flicks his cards to the muck. — HS

5.40pm: Lapossie chats
Matt Lapossie, our seventh-placed finisher, shared his thoughts about the final table as he entered the casino this afternoon.

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5.35pm: Smith eliminated
Asa Smith, UK, out in fifth earning €200,000
First hand back after the break and Asa Smith, the short-stack, moves all in. Carter Phillips, with the opposite sized stack (ie, massive) calls. It’s looking blead for Smith as his A3 is behind Phillips’ A5. There are split pot possibilities but a five comes on the flop and Smith doesn’t make a backdoor straight. He is out. –HS

5.25pm: Break time
Five players remain in Barcelona, but they’re still all chasing Carter Phillips who has close to half the chips in play. A 10 minute break.



We’ll be watching.


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