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EPTLive updates from day five, level 29 of EPT Barcelona brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Rick Dacey, Marc Convey and Howard Swains.

Click refresh to see the latest updates below, while the latest chip counts can be found by clicking right here. Follow the feature table action on EPT Live. Or read all about the players on the player profile page.

Blinds: 50,000-100,000 (no ante)

9.45pm: Details. Give me details.
The details of that big hand at the end of the level: Marc Goodwin raised to 250,000 pre-flop and Carter Phillips three-bet to 700,000. Goodwin called and things were eerily familiar. The board came 98K and Phillips bet 800,000, which Goodwin called. The turn was 9 and this time they checked. And when Phillips bet 1,400,000 on the 6 river, Goodwin got out of the way.

That is the end of that and we go into level 30 after 10 minutes elsewhere.

9.40pm: Big hand to end the level
Carter Phillips ended the level winning a pot worth about two million. Full details of that are coming, as are chip counts, etc., in what is becoming an epic heads up duel.


9.25pm: Back to level
Marc Goodwin has doubled up and we are dead even. As per usual, Carter Phillips raised his button, making it 250,000 and again as per usual Marc Goodwin called. The flop came 6104 and Goodwin checked, which prompted a 275,000 bet from Phillips. Goodwin now discovered a check-raise, though, and made it 975,000. Phillips called. The turn was A and Goodwin moved all in. Call. The hand surprised a few: Goodwin had 410 for two pair and Phillips was drawing to only two outs with his 62. The 8 on the river was not one of those and each player now has 7.2m.

9.20pm: Another big one
Goodwin raises to 250k and Phillips three-bets to 700k. Goodwin calls for a J K 5 flop. Phillips bets 875k which Goodwin calls for a 3. Both check for a K river card. Both tentatively check. Phillips shows pocket eights. Goodwin’s head drops.

9.16pm: Same old
Phillips raises to 250k and Goodwin calls. Sound familiar? A 2 5 on the flop and Goodwin check then calls the 275k from Phillips. 10 on the turn as both check for a 3 river. Goodwin makes it 250k. Phillips folds. — RD

9.15pm: Latest chip counts
Carter Phillips — 9,695,000
Marc Goodwin — 4,680,000

9.12pm: Runner-runner
Phillips raises to 250k and Goodwin calls for a Q 4 A flop. Goodwin checks before calling when Phillips bets 275k. The turn now, a 7. Both check for a 7 river card. Goodwin checks and Phillips bets 500k. Goodwin calls but Phillips shows jack-seven. A painful hand for Goodwin. — RD

9.08pm: No messing about
Goodwin raises to 250k which Phillips three-bets to 700k. Goodwin folds. — SB

9.05pm: And another
Goodwin raises to 250k and Phillips calls. A J 3 on the flop which Goodwin checks, as does Phillips. A 5 on the turn. Phillips checks and a 250k bet from Goodwin takes the pot. — b>SB

9pm: A familiar story
Phillips raises to 250k and Goodwin calls. A 6 2 on the flop which Goodwin checks. Phillips bets and takes the pot.

8.58pm: Good calls
Phillips raises to 250k pre-flop and gets the call from Goodwin. The flop comes 10 J 9 which is checked by both. 10 on the turn and Goodwin bets 250k. Phillips calls for an A on the river. Goodwin bets 500k which Phillips eventually calls. 52 for Goodwin but a great king high call from Phillips showing K2. The chip lead is back with Phillips.

8.52pm: Chip counts
Marc Goodwin — 7,255,000
Carter Phillips — 7,120,000

8.50pm: Change of momentum
Phillips raises to 250k pre-flop which Goodwin calls. On the J Q K flop Goodwin checks, as does Phillips for a 2 turn. Now Goodwin checks. Phillips makes it 275,000 and Goodwin raises to 725,000. Not stopping there Phillips raises 1,775,000, making this a massive pot. “You want a call?” asks Goodwin, getting nothing but stone cold silence from Phillips in response. He calls anyway. A J on the river now. Both checked but it was Goodwin taking the pot, and the chip lead, when he showed king-nine. Phillips mucked his hand. — RD

8.45pm: One each
Phillips raises to 250k and Goodwin calls. The flop comes 7 Q 5 which Goodwin checks before Phillips bets 275,000. Goodwin folds. On the next hand he raises with pocket kings from the button and Phillips folds 9-2 off suit. — RD

8.40pm: Official chip counts
Carter Phillips — 8,995,000
Marc Goodwin — 5,380,000

8.35pm: Good point
Marc Goodwin just made a polite request to tournament director Thomas Kremser to put the England International match on the monitors. (kick off 9pm local time). It’s declined. — SB

8.32pm: Long slow pot
Goodwin raises on the button and is called for a flop of 8 6 K. Phillips bets 400k which Goodwin calls for a 3 on the turn. Both players check before the 3 on the river. Phillips checks and Goodwin bets 700,000. It’s a 2,250,000 pot and Phillips takes his time with his decision. He eventually passes. — RD

8.25pm: Cagey pots
Carter Phillips raises to 250k and Goodwin calls. Both players check a 10 9 8h] flop and the 5 turn. Goodwin bets 200,000 on the 2 river and Phillips passes.–RD

8.20pm: Back to battle
The heads up players have returned. They are:

Marc Goodwin, UK, 4,665,000
Carter Phillips, USA, 9,720,000


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