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Structural engineers were on standby, as were hotel staff ready and waiting with extra chairs, begged, borrowed and stolen from around the hotel. It was in anticipation of the bump in numbers expected for Day 1B. Yesterday 389 started, making the ballroom bulge at the seams. If we’d opened the windows someone would have fallen out. Day 1B always has more and tournament officials were looking worried.

Step forward sharp minds from somewhere, who shifted the contents of the player buffer room out onto the street making way for several more poker tables, taking the strain off of the Grand Ballroom. Crisis averted. We can open the windows again.


Today another nine levels and another few hundred poker players set to make EPT Berlin one of the largest events yet. Among today’s bunch will be such luminaries as defending champion Sandra Naujoks, and her Team PokerStars Pro colleagues Messrs Heitmann, Thorson, Pagano, Luske, Strassmann and new boy Thew. You may also spot the bright light of PokerStars SportStars Boris Becker and Fatima de Melo, and PokerStars sponsored TV presenter Charlotte Roche.

We’re about to get underway at the Grand Hyatt. Who will join the 196 who survived day 1A? Don’t go anywhere, the answers are coming.

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