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“Danish people scream a lot,” said Aleksander Strandli on table four as an almighty commotion kicked off on the neighbouring table three. The Danes in question were Frederik Hostrup and his twin brother, who were bellowing for a king (or “Kange!!!”) with all of Frederik’s chips in the middle.

He didn’t really need it. He had A-K versus Christian Saxin’s A-Q — what he really didn’t want to see was a queen — and since the lady failed to materialise, Hostrup doubled up and remains a short stack but still in the tournament.

The same cannot be said of either Roberto Romanello or Tobias Garp. The British player Romanello is now chatting on the rail with yesterday’s bubble boy, Andrew Feldman.

_MG_1273_EPT5SCA_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Roberto Romanello

_MG_1276_EPT5SCA_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Jonas Klausen

Romanello had A-J, Jonas Klausen had 4-4, all the money went in and the board was dry. As for Garp, he flopped a pair of aces with his A-7, but Peter Petterson had A-8 and had also flopped an eight for two pair. Garp gone.

We’re down to 32 and breaking a table. There will be a small pause.

Roberto Romanello and Andrew Feldman spoke to our video blog team yesterday. They were both still in the tournament at that point, but what they had to say is still interesting now:

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