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This post shows updates from level 24 of EPT Copenhagen, updated on a regular basis. The blinds are 15,000-30,000 with a 3,000 ante. Updates are brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains.

You can find the most recent official chip count on the chip-count page. Prizewinners to date are on the prizewinners page. Today we will play down to a winner.

5.40pm — Level comes to a close
The level ends with Kyllonen taking a small pot from Langset in a battle of the blinds.

5.35pm — None shall pass
Anders Langset might only have been playing a short amount of time, but he must have read all the right books about aggressive play. In an unraised pot, he and Jens Kyllönen see a flop of [10H]-[10C]-[QC] and Langset bets 105,000 at it, after Kyllönen checks. Now the Finn wants something to do with it and re-raises to 280,000. “All in,” declares Langset, which is plenty good enough to get Kyllönen to lay it down.

Anders Langset

5.25pm — Jussi Nevanlinna from Finland, out in fourth, earning €220,258
Nevanlinna moves all-in from under the gun. Hedlund asks for a count – it’s 164,000 to call. “When Peter flat calls” says Nevanlinna to the others “you’re supposed to squeeze.”
Hedlund calls and then Kyllonen does the same. The action moves to Langset who spends a minute thinking about doing the same. A four way pot? No, just the three, he passes and Hedlund and Kyllonen check down the board of [2D]-[5S]-[QC]-[AD]-[2H]. Nevanlinna shows K-9, Kyllonen pocket nines, but Hedlund takes it down showing A-4, sending Nevanlinna to the rail in the process.

_MG_0957_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Jussi Nevanlinna

5.20pm — Double up for Kyllönen
Jens Kyllönen is a force here now in Copenhagen after he doubles his stack to around 1,200,000 with a double up through his countryman Jussi Nevanlinna. Kyllönen opened from under-the-gun and Nevanlinna shoved from the small blind. He had Kyllönen covered and it was a huge call to make, especially with only [AH]-[7C]. But he went ahead and made the call and was racing against 5-5. There was an ace in the window and Kyllönen took the lead, which he did not relinquish. Nevanlinna is now the prohibitive short stack, with Kyllönen about a million short of Langset. Hedlund is probably in third at the moment.

5.05pm – Three way action
A three-way pot develops with Langset betting 85,000 pre-flop which is called by Nevanlinna and Kyllonen. On the flop of [9D]-[8D]-[KS] Kyllonen and Langset check but Nevanlinna bets out 157,000, enough to win the hand.

5pm — Power play
Peter Hedlund and Anders Langset get to a flop in an unraised pot. It’s [8D]-[6H]-[5C]. Langset bets 125,000 and Hedlund eventually folds, showing a seven, for an open-ended straight draw. Langset shows a queen and “Queen high is good,” according to Hedlund.

4.50pm — Oranges are not the only chips
Orange chips are now in play, each worth 25,000.

4.45pm — Hedlund all-in
Hedlund bet 70,000 pre-flop which Langset called in the big blind for a flop of [2C]-[2S]-[QD]. Both checked for a turn card [9S]. Checked to Hedlund, he made it 40,000 before Langset raised to 150,000. Hedlund then moved in for 743,000 more. Then the chat started, Langset asking Hedlund if he had A-Q, “maybe” being the reply.

Peter Hedlund

“If you had a little less I’d call” said Langset. “Or maybe I’ll call anyway.”

It went on like this for a while before Langset folded with a roar.

“How could you fold?!” asked Hedlund, showing the A-Q.

4.40pm — Petter Petersson, Sweden, out in fifth, earning €181,564
The two Swedish players get their chips in pre-flop and Peter Hedlund is significantly ahead in both chips and hand of Petter Petersson. Hudlund has [AS]-[QS] and Petersson A-2o. The flop gives chop possibilities: [JS]-[6S]-[6D] but the [4D] and [KS] on turn and river gave Hedlund the nut flush and Petersson is out.

Petter Petersson

4.30pm — New level
Five players return for the new level and they have the following chips in front of them. (You might notice one player has a few more than the others):

Anders Langset, Norway, 2,570,000
Peter Hedlund, Sweden, 606,000
Jens Kyllönen, Finland, 605,000
Jussi Nevanlinna, Finland, 444,000
Petter Petersson, Sweden, 335,000

Don’t forget, you can follow all the action LIVE! on EPT LIVE!

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