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Aage Ravn has eliminated Spencer Hudson to stretch out his chip lead knocking out the American with A10 hitting against jacks all-in pre-flop. Ravn now sits behind a three million stack, a third of the chips in play, with his closest rival Jacob Rasmussen some way behind with 1,347,000, EPT London runner-up Steve O’Dwyer languishes in last place with around 17 big blinds.

Hudson opened to 40,000, Ravn three-bet to 110,000 out of the blinds and called when Hudson shoved for 385,000. While Hudson may consider himself unlucky to see an ace on the turn he was fortunate to make the final table having guided in a short stack to the final eight while Keld Volquardsen blew a million-plus stack in a just a couple of hands. That turn of events earned Hudson an extra DKK51,400, he leaves with DKK191,400 (approx.. $34,500).

ept copenhagen_day 5_final eight.jpg

Spencer Hudson, far left, is out in 8th

Moments after, following an uncalled all-in shove by O’Dwyer, Niels van Alphen open shoved for more than 400,000 from under-the-gun. Hansen called and showed AK. Van Alphen? Only pocket aces. Despite a king on the turn Van Alphen’s hand held up.

Seat 1: Bjarke Hansen, 1,205,000
Seat 2: Mickey Petersen, Team PokerStars Online, 1,153,000
Seat 3: Steve O’Dwyer, 356,000
Seat 4: Jacob Rasmussen, 1,347,000
Seat 5: Pierre Neuville, Team PokerStars Pro, 972,000
Seat 6: Aage Ravn, 3,011,000
Seat 7: Niels ven Alphen, 893,000

The players have gone on a break. Stay with our live updates or click through the EPT Live Lite coverage.

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