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Back in the early days of the EPT, just about everything was smaller: the buy-ins, the prize-pool, the fields and – notably – the press corps and their accommodation.

I remember sitting at a tressel table beneath a staircase at the Gran Casino, Barcelona, for instance, alongside only three other journalists covering the EPT there. A couple of months later during the same season in Deauville, the press pack of about six or seven assembled behind a curtain on the ballroom stage, strutting and fretting their hours at the laptops until they were heard of no more.

Today, on our return to Deauville, we are back on that same stage surveying the same ballroom. But even counting for only 10 seconds, there are 33 journalists within view, reporting in numerous languages for countless news outlets in words, pictures and video.

_MG_4172_Neil Stoddart.jpg

The tournament room, with stage of journalists looming over it

Taking pride of place among the press corps, as always, are the various strands and brands of PokerStars bloggers. Here, we’re represented as ever by the Nordics and the Germans, blogging away in their peculiar languages on and

But this being France, we’re able to introduce for the first time our beret-clad, Pastis-quaffing, elegant and refined cousin, the French PokerStars blog available from now until the end of time at Henri Frey is your host: click through and give him some traffic on his first day.

Speaking of click throughs, why not pop over to for all the latest video blogs, plus an archive of all previous PokerStars tournament coverage. There’s even archive footage of our previous two visits to the Normandy coast, shot on cine film in black and white.

Latest counts from the tournament floor today suggest that there are 309 players for all of us to report on, and with the same and more tomorrow, this will probably be the largest tournament ever hosted in France.

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