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Play is progressing after the dinner break. Tournament director Thomas Kremser intends to see through eight levels of play but will stop if we reach 32 players left. It’s difficult to say in level 13 right now which will come first. Meanwhile there have been a few keys eliminations to report…

Annette Obrestad
The EPT Dublin runner-up is out. In her own words, which you can see below, she had an up and down day, bluffing off a few chips at the start of the day and being eliminated a short time ago…

Katja Thater
The last remaining Team PokerStars player is out. All in pre flop it was A-K for Katja against pocket fours. The ace hit the flop but a four on the turn wasn’t far behind. Katja joins fellow Team PokerStars pro Daniel Negreanu on the rail.


Team PokerStars Pro Katja Thater earlier today

Markus Golser
The Austrian pro who made the final table in Prague is out. Details are vague but his seat has been taken by Ricky Frohenbach.


Markus Golser

Others gone
Pascal Perrault is out, so too Daniel Zink, Mazhar Nawab, Paul Testud, Redmond Lee, Patrick Bueno and Thomas Brolin.

Kara Scott has a round up of events so far…

Photos © Neil Stoddart

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