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by Simon Young

There’s an old saying in poker – with a “chip and a chair” you are still very much in with a chance. I know it’s a cliche, and normally the poor owner of said chip is launched the wrong way through a tournament’s revolving door within minutes, but today it could be true.

Step forward PokerStars qualifier Gerald Lemke, from the U.S, who is possibly about to engineer the greatest comeback since Bobby Ewing returned from the dead in Dallas. With the room average at 70,000 chips, our man was down to just 400 after losing a 7-7 v Q-Q battle with Britain’s Stuart Fox.

Gerald Lemke: the coat is on

He had to put 200 of those on the table next hand for the ante, leaving just two 100 chips as a lifeline. No matter, Gerald threw them in with J-7. He hit two pair, scooping the table’s goodies, a total of about 2,400.

Still much to do, but next hand he was on the big blind, and pushed all in again without looking at his hand. He was elated to find 9-9, beating off his Q-2 opponent. Now he was up to 5,400. Not content, Gerald went all in again on the next hand, and flopped an eight to match up his K-8, beating Stuart Fox’s A-10. This time his stack soared to 15,000.

Happy again, with chips

So, within the space of four hands, Gerald had gone from about 15,000 down to just 400, then back up to 15,000 again!

That boy should buy a lottery ticket.

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