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A crowd of expectant players buzzing around the doors with the friends they bring with them in tow; dealers seated, armed and ready to shuffle; chips poised to act as great armies on the baize battle field; thirty degree heat and slight dehydration. The uninitiated might not recognise them but those are the hallmarks of a great day of EPT poker. Welcome back to day 1b of the EPT Kyiv.

Yesterday the season six stage was set by ranks of Technicolor dancers trained to hot step and spin their way across a stage, with traditional music turned up to 11, and awe-strike a crowd. Four drummers with symbols up the walls did the same, skilled in finding a direct route into your head and burning their noise into your day 1a memory.

Sadly, there won’t be that same Hopak and high-hat extravaganza today; instead the table action alone will have to suffice. But scanning today’s player list only a hard hearted sceptic would predict anything other than top draw action -a bigger field peppered with well known faces which we’ll introduce as the day goes on.


so as the mercury rises and top buttons everywhere are undone it’s time to kick back for another day on the tour as Tournament Director Thomas Kremser readies the mike for introductions. Season six may have officially begun yesterday, but there’s no harm in trying again today.

Only the order to shuffle up and deal stands between them and the start of another EPT season and that’s minutes away…

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