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The relatively small field here in Kyiv is good news for Allan Bække. Well, actually that’s not completely true: Bække tends to like his fields even smaller, something in the region of two.

Known online as Sifosis, Bække is one of the biggest winners of heads up sit and goes on PokerStars. (Check out those places where you can find player’s results graphs and you’ll see what I mean.) His game of choice is the $5,000 buy-in hold ’em heads up duels, and when you play several of those on the spin — and are as good as Bække — the winnings can mount up at a prodigious rate.


Allan Bække, bæckground

In recent years, the Dane has also begun to appear around the packed tables of the European Poker Tour, with a good degree of success. He cashed in both Budapest and Copenhagen in 2008, and was among the bullying chip leaders in his home EPT this year. That all went wrong when he ran into another of his bullying kind, Ramzi Jelassi, and was crippled and then out, short of the money.

Something similar, but to a lesser degree, has happened here. Bække was among the very early chip leaders, moving on past 40,000 and close to 50,000 with the first half of the day. Then, however, he ran headlong into the rivered full house of Michael Naletov and shipped the chip lead to him. (Don’t forget, you can keep abreast of the very latest big hands and goings on in the level-by-level updates posts).

Bække slumped to around 30,000, which was the starting stack and by no means a bad place to be in these early exchanges. Winning it would have taken him past 100,000, which is now Naletov’s total, but Bække is as well-equipped as any to battle his way back into this. Just ahead of the Copenhagen EPT he accepted a challenge from a Danish newspaper to qualify for the tournament online and share his processes as he went all the way from step one on PokerStars through to the table.

Obviously he succeeded, and the strategy column became a good read for Danish poker followers. And here’s expecting him to show all that patience and acumen as he fights back to the summit in Kyiv.

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