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Finally, an EPT event a little closer to home for Team PokerStars Pro Alex Kravchenko, at least geographically, and one where unlike many, he’ll be at an advantage when it comes to reading road signs and working out just where the hell he is on the hotel tourist map.

Kravchenko is riding out a great year. Even before his six cashes at this year’s World Series, which included a fifth place finish in the $5,000 pot limit Omaha hi-lo, Kravchenko made the final of the Moscow leg of the Russian Poker Tour and had cashed three times in EPT season five in Budapest, San Remo and Monte Carlo. Oh yes, before heading back from Vegas to his home side of the Atlantic he finished 13th in the WPT at Bellagio.


Alex Kravchenko

It’s a leisurely start for the former bracelet winner, surrounded by countryman wearing shades and square jaws out to look mean and cause some trouble at the table. But you’d be hard pressed to beat Kravchenko in that department, in his own trademark red Adidas Teddy KGB zip-up. It’s the standard uniform of Kravchenko, along with aviator shades and a stoic expression that shouts silence.

Today though that look has been replaced by its summer equivalent – the red short sleeved version and short trousers, better able to combat the 28 degree roaring sunshine outside and the modestly whirring air conditioning inside.

While Kravchenko isn’t letting the heat cause him grief, the waves of sunshine perhaps not brave enough to disturb the Russian’s poker reverie, one or two others are working up a sweat in some early escapades. While the Team PokerStars Pro settles for uncontested pots the likes of Dominykas Karmazinas and Yevgeny Zaitsev are getting chips in on every hand, the latter seemingly re-raised whenever he pick a moment to bet himself.

“You can fold to my raises, you know?” said Zaitsev, to anyone who would listen, before disappearing back under his headphones and own frustration. No one admits to listening but the same thing happens on the next hand and again on the next. He could use a red zip-up top as level three ticks on.

* * * * *


Currently empty after Stanilev Shihkarev was moved to a new table…

* * * * *


A straight flush in the hands of Luca Giovannine. The board began innocuous: 765 but the 34 on turn and river matched very nicely with Giovannine’s 7. It was good, funnily enough.

* * * * *


The name Yevgeny is the Russian version of the name Eugene.

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