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Hello folks and welcome to the start of EPT season six. As ever, if the boarding pass says EPT, it means Barcelona. And here we are in Catalonia, on the sun-kissed beaches of the Costa Brava.


Well. OK. It turns out we’re in Ukraine. But I swear it took the same time on the plane. Anyhow: while we determine how this could possibly be the case it would be highly churlish not to extrapolate on the circumstances that brought us here. Five years ago we were a quiet poker tour that took us to all the places that we knew. And then things happened (of which we know but little) to get us to the point where an EPT blog writer is lining up for 90 minutes beneath a banner that says: “For Ukraine residents only.”


“It’s all right,” he said, clearly someone for whom there is specific dispensation on the signage. “It’s the same whatever line you’re in.”


“But be careful with the taxis, though. They will charge you far too much.”

So, here we are in Kyiv, Ukraine. We’ve paid as much to the taxi driver as could keep you in Coors Light for the rest of the year. But we are excited. We are massively excited about the debut of a whole new venue for the best poker tour in the business. Kiev. Can you imagine? Five years ago we stood in the queue to pay our €1,000 to play in Vienna. Who could possibly have imagined that soon we would be lining up to pay five times that much for the Ukraine event?


Well, it’s happened. And tomorrow we’ll have all the details. It’s day one of the newest poker event on the calendar. And I would be absolutely amazed if you know a better one.

EPT Kyiv starts very, very soon. Join us.

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