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A couple of interesting hands from our Team PokerStars players. Barry Greenstein has been shortstacked for a while. He just went all in, and got two callers from players with a lot of chips.

On the flop of 6, 7, A, there was a flurry of betting from the other players, then they checked down the ten on the turn and the river King.

Barry turned over KJ, and a little surprisingly held the winning hand. Barry’s still on just 3,850 chips. Gus Hansen just wandered by the table and saw this. He said, “Have you read your chapter on playing a short stack?”

Meanwhile on another table Vanessa Rousso wins a significant pot. On a board of Q, 6, 8, 8 there’s a bet of 2,500. Vanessa insta-raises to 5,000. The original bettor, let’s call him ‘random guy’, makes a random, kind of slinging his chips in the middle, sort of bet.

Vanessa, looking not at all random, and really quite pretty, goes all-in without a pause for thought.

Random guy is faced with a call of just 2,800. He thinks long and hard, and then longer and harder, as the rest of the table try to stifle giggles, and avoid saying, ‘It’s only 2,800 for f…’

He eventually makes a shame faced call. Vanessa shows her 6, 8, for a really rather pretty hand… Random guy turns over A 9. Drawing as dead as a dodo with bad cards and no outs.

Sverre Sondbo pipes up, “Even if we gave him five rivers he’s still drawing dead.”

Vanessa scoops a pretty 30,000 pot.

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