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There are picture postcard images of London available on every street corner for about 30p each; red buses, the palace, phone booths, etc, etc. But few capture the one true image of Britain, a traditional stereotype that is bandied about most in reference to this country – the rain. If you wanted a pretty good idea of what I mean you need only look out of the window. It’s tipping it down, raining cats and dogs.

But this is day four of the EPT London, the last day – final table day, a new champion must be crowned and records set. In terms of our needs anything happening outside is irrelevant. Our essentials today are modest, just a single poker table, some chairs, a roof and the last eight players from the 596 who started this event last Wednesday, and the good people of the Victoria Casino have provided just that.

Usually there’s a sense of climax at this stage of an EPT, that a new page in the tour’s ledger has been opened, the pen inked, ready to record tour history. That may still be true but there’s no sense of completion, for today heralds one of the most eagerly anticipated events the EPT has witnessed beyond its four grand finals. We mean the PokerStars high roller event in London today, a £20,000 buy-in extravaganza that keeps the book open on London until late Monday. To put it in perspective this is EPT’s All-Star game.

But first there’s a final table to see through and see it you will, with all the actions beamed live through the magic of the Internet on EPT Live. They’ll have every hand, along with some expert commentary throughout the day – the perfect companion to the PokerStars Blog.

It starts shortly in on the top floor of the casino. The high roller event does the same but our focus will be on the final that, in the past, has proven to be one of the most riveting days on the tour.

What better way to keep out of the rain?

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