Sunday, 16th June 2024 12:09
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“I want to kill you.”

Simon “Aces” Trumper said the words genially enough, but at just a few feet away, one might’ve believed he actually meant it.

“But what can I do? That’s poker.”

Trumper’s face didn’t give away the amount of rage he certainly was feeling. Moments before Ram “Crazy Horse” Vaswani had called all-in with a pair of sevens. Trumper held kings. A seven on the flop was enough that I wanted to call Scotland Yard myself. The pot was enough to rocket Vaswani toward the top of the pack.

Trumper skulked from the room and saved his vitriol for an interview in the bar. It wasn’t pretty.

Moments later, EPT Vienna final table finisher David Clayton saw his stack disappear in two hands, AQ losing to JJ, then a mayday Q9 vs. AJ.

We’re now down to three tables, with the intention of getting down to 12 players in this first flight.

More later.

FLASH #2: Anders Berg eliminated by a sad, sad hand. All-in pre-flop with A8 of clubs, he’s up against El Blondie’s A8 of hearts. First three cards off the deck are hearts and Berg is gone. We’re down to two tables in the first flight.

FLASH: Greg Raymer has been eliminated. Raising pre-flop, Raymer pushed all in to his table nemesis’ re-raise. Raymer held QQ. Nemesis held AK suited in hearts. The flop was benign, all undercards with one heart. The turn brought another heart. The river was a king. The pot, worth 84,000+ got pushed to Raymer’s opponent and Raymer departed just short of the money.

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