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We’re into level 22 in London, where the blinds are 6,000-12,000 with a 1,000 ante. The plan is to play to a final eight tonight.

9.30pm: And that’s it for Busch. He gets his very small stack in pre-flop and is knocked out by whoever made the mandatory call. He really was that short that it didn’t even matter the hands nor the precise amount, which is just as well because I missed it. Busch was magnanimous and humble in defeat, admitting that he hit a two-outer on day one to stay alive so was already lucky to be here. He takes £35,891 for his 11th place.

9.25pm: A massive hand just played out on the outer table, where Anthony Lellouche doubled up through the American PokerStars qualifier Peter Busch. They both had equal and sizeable stacks which went in on a flop of Ks-Kh-7s. Lellouche had K-Q and Busch had Js-5s. The flush draw got there on the turn but it was the queen of spades which game Lellouche a full house. Busch was completely crippled.

9.05pm: The full official chip counts were given to us at the end of level 21. You can see them here. The full official payouts page has been updated too. You can find that here.

9pm: David Benyamine is out, the latest short-stacked casualty. In a raised pot, the board comes 9c-9d-2c and Benyamine check-raises all in, giving the PokerStars qualifier Michael Tureniec from Sweden a decision for 209,000. Eventually the Swede makes the call and shows A-K. He’s in good shape against Benyamine’s Qc-10c and the flush draw doesn’t hit through turn and river. The well-known French player is gone.

8.55pm: PokerStars player Johannes Strassmann moves all-in with A-K against the A-T of chipleader Michael Martin. The German pro doubles up when he makes the nuts on the river, the board being 8-J-8-T-Q.

8.50pm: The PokerStars qualifier from Canada, Christopher Wolters is out. He moves all in from mid position pre-flop and Eric Liu flat calls from the button. That seems a little sneaky – the commentators wonder why he hasn’t reraised – but the answer is soon apparent when Alan Smurfit folds his big blind. Liu has pocket kings and probably wanted Smurfit to come along for the ride as well. But it wasn’t to be and it initially seems like it’s got even worse when Wolters shows A-2 but flops an ace. The turn, however, is another king and it puts Liu back in the lead. He is up to 720,000 and Wolters gets £26,102 for 13th.

8.40pm: Raise, shove, fold. Raise, shove, fold. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Most recently, David Benyamine raises, Marcin Horecki shoves and Benyamine folds. Horecki flashes A-Q. Nex hand, Alan Smurfit raises, David Benyamine shoves and Smurfit ponders whether to call another 192,000. Eventually he … folds.

8.35pm:: This is how it’s going to be: Eric Liu raises pre-flop, and the PokerStars qualifier Frode Gjesdal reraises all in for another 189,000, a total of 307,000. Liu calls but there’s nothing spectacular. Both players have A-Q and they chop it up.

8.26pm: The first hand back after the break accounts for the PokerStars player Gualter Salles. He re-raises Eric Liu all in from the button and he has pocket jacks. Liu calls for about 140,000, making what was probably a correct mathematical call with ace-jack. Salles was a big favourtite but an ace flops and Salles’s tournament is over. He takes £26,102 for 14th place.

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