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We’re now into level 27 where the blinds are to 25,000-50,000 with a running 5,000 running ante. We play uninterrupted from here all the way through to a new EPT London champion. Updates will be posted here level by level with the latest information at the top. Click refresh to update the page. Don’t forget you can also watch the action live on EPT Live and click here for prize winners so far

5.20pm: It’s raise and take it for Eric Liu, who has shown down very few hands here on this feature table, over two days, and is building his stack reliably. At the other end of the scale, Alan Smurfit is down to 215,000 and in dire need of a double up.

5.10pm: Double up for Philippe Dauteuil and he gets slightly fortunate. He moves in pre-flop and Michael Tureniec calls and the Canadian has 7d-8d which is well behind the Jd-Kh of the Swede. Tureniec flops top two pair, but there’s also a flush draw for Dauteuil when two of them are diamonds. It gets there when the 3d hits on the river.

5.05pm: Dauteuil’s short stack is all in and he picks up the blinds and antes. All his chips are in again just after and he chops it with Liu when they both have A-9.

5pm: Marcin Horecki doubles up through Phillipe Dauteuil. They get it all in pre-flop and Horecki has A-K to Dauteuil’s A-7. There are no miracles – despite a gutshot straight possibility for the Canadian – and the Team PokerStars Pro is back up, with only three big blinds for Dauteuil.

4.55pm: Michael Martin has made a decent comeback here and is able to put some pressure on the big stack of Eric Liu. He bumps it up pre-flop to 100,000 and Liu folds. Liu takes it out on Marcin Horecki, reraising all in from the small blind after Horecki’s button-steal attempt goes awry.

4.50pm: We’re now down to six and the men under most pressure are still Marcin Horecki and Alan Smurfit. At the other end, Eric Liu is comfortable with more than two million.

4.45pm: Johannes Strassmann, Shooting Star from Germany, is eliminated in seventh place, earning £120,723.
Strassmann must be one of the unlukiest players around EPT final tables, and his run of ill fortune continues here. He gets his chips in with J-J but runs into Michael Martin’s K-Q. It’s a flip, but the queen is first out on the flop and that’s that for the Shooting Star.

4.40pm: Marcin Horecki doubles up through Johannes Strassmann The Team PokerStars Pro has put his tournament life on the line on countless occasions, but this time he gets a call. It’s from Johannes Strassmann, who makes the call with A-10 and he’s ahead all the way against Horecki’s Q-J. All the way, that is, until th river when the jack pops up and the Pole doubles up.

4.30pm: Much of the play has now been taken out of this one by the rising blinds. The big stacks are sitting back and waiting for their chance to knock out the short ones. The short stacks are moving in whenever they spot an opportunity. Most recently, Horecki, Smurfit and Martin have all picked up the blinds and antes with this tactic. Eric Liu, meanwhile, now has more than two million.

4.23pm: After the big stack Eric Liu wields his chips to pick up a couple of uncontested pots, Marcin Horecki reverts to his trademark all-in pre-flop move and puts Michael Martin to the test. Martin tanks a long time but folds.

4.19pm: First hand back, Marcin Horecki is al in pre flop and gets the blinds and antes for his troubles.

4.15pm: Players have returned, and while we wait for something to happen here’s a video introducing the day for you to enjoy:

Watch EPT London 08 Final Table- Introduction on

4pm: Players are on a break. When they return, here’s what they’ll have in front of them:

Eric Liu – 1,667,000
Michael Tureniec – 1,051,000
Philippe Dauteuil – 1,015,000
Johannes Strassmann – 748,000
Alan Smurfit – 601,000
Michael Martin – 578,000
Marcin Horecki – 344,000

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