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We’re now into level 29 where the blinds are 40,000-80,000 with a running 5,000 running ante. We play uninterrupted from here all the way through to a new EPT London champion. Updates will be posted here level by level with the latest information at the top. Click refresh to update the page. Don’t forget you can also watch the action live on EPT Live and click here for prize winners so far

9.10pm: With a three-to-one chip lead, the portents look good for Michael Martin. Considering he was down to one big blind earlier this level, it’s an amazing turn-aroud for the American and few would bet against him now.

9.10pm: The approximate heads up chip counts are as follows:
Michael Martin – 4,800,000
Michael Tureniec – 1,205,000

9.05pm: As they reset the final table to accommodate the final two players, why not take a look at the thoughts of Alan Smurfit, the final table player who went out earlier today:

Watch EPT London 08 Final Day: Alan Smurfit on

8.57pm: Marcin Horecki, Team PokerStars Pro, Poland, eliminated in third place earning £303,439
Michael Martin is unbeatable here and will now go heads up with Martin Tureniec. He accounts for the final Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki, who pushes all in from the button with Kh-8d. Martin re-raises all in from the small blind and has Horecki dominated with Ks-Jh. The flop is blank, but Horecki thinks he’s pulled off a massive outdraw when the 8h turns. However it’s not all over and the Js pops out on the river to give Martin all of Horecki’s chips and a sizeable chip lead as they go head-to-head.

8.51pm: Michael Martin and Martin Tureniec play out a pot that Tureniec ends up taking with a hefty bet on the turn.

8.50pm: There has been a ludicrous switch in fortunes in this level, with the chip counts now looking like this:

Michael Martin – 3,670,000
Marcin Horecki – 1,390,000
Michael Tureniec – 945,000

8.40pm: The rush continues for Michael Martin who now takes down a pot of 955,000 on a board of 3h-Ac-10h-8c-10h and shows 10-2 for trips. Marcin Horecki, his opponent, mucks and shakes his head.

8.30pm: Three-handed chip counts are as follows:
Michael Martin – 2,665,000
Marcin Horecki – 1,995,000
Michael Tureniec – 1,345,000

8.22pm: Eric Liu, USA, is eliminated in fourth place, earning £234,920
Liu can’t pull off the same miracles as Michael Martin and when he gets his chips in, with J-10, he gets a call from the newly-chipped up Martin with A-9. Liu picks up an inside straight draw but doesn’t hit it and Martin ends up with trip aces. Liu, who has dominated this table from the start, is now finished.

8.19pm: Michael Martin double up again!
That’s one hell of a rush. Martin is down to his last 100,000 but is back to 1.4million in three hands. He finds aces this time and gets a call from his pre-flop push from Tureniec with his Q-J. No miracles and Martin is back in second place.

8.16pm: Michael Martin doubles up through Michael Tureniec
A crazy hand of fluctuating fortunes as Martin gets them all in with pocket nines and Tureniec has king seven. The flop brings a king and a seven and the turn what looks like a pretty convincing second seven giving Tureniec a full house. But the miracle nine comes on the river and he doubles up again.

8.15pm: Michael Martin triples up
Michael Martin is pretty much all in from the big blind of 80,000. He raises it the only 20,000 he has behind. Marcin Horecki and Michael Martin check it all the way down and see 6d-Kd-2s-Ks- 4h. But it’s the all in player with the best hole cards, that he hasn’t even looked at. He has pocket eights and they hold.

8.11pm: Eric Liu doubles up through Michael Martin. The two short stacks go to war with A-10 v 2-2 and Liu flops a broadway straight when it comes J-Q-K. No redraw and Martin is own to about 100,000.

8.10pm: Eric Liu pushes his short stack in from the small blind. It totals 490,000 and Michael Martin thinks about it from the big blind, but folds.

8.05pm: Massive double up for Erik Tureniec who raises from under the gun and must have been delighted to see Eric Liu reraise all in from the big blind. Delighted because Tureniec has aces and Liu only A-6c. The board is dry for Liu and he slips down to less than half a million, while the Swedish PokerStars qualifier is leader with more than two million.

8pm: And we’re back. These four players are looking at some monstrous blinds of 40,000-80,000 and Marcin Horecki moves all in from the small blind to pick up Michael Martin’s big blind.

7.50pm: Here’s some entertainment while we wait for the players to return from the break. Chris Moneymaker gives hi impressions on this final table.

Watch EPT London 08 Final Day: Chris Moneymaker on

7.45pm: Players are a little late back from the dinner break, but coverage will continue here the minute they return. The chip counts at the break were as follows:

Marcin Horecki, Poland, Team PokerStars Pro, 2,152,000

Eric Liu, USA, 1,666,000
Michael Tureniec, Sweden, PokerStars qualifier, 1,357,000
Michael Martin, USA, 860,000

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