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It’s a tale of two tables for PokerStars ShootingStars Jan Heitmann and George Danzer. While Danzer enjoys the early levels, Heitmann, the happy-go-lucky German able to perform magic tricks at a moments’ notice, is looking a little less impressed with life than usual.

“I just lost a big pot, around 10,000 of my stack,” he confessed while nursing his remaining 23,000. “He hit a flush on the river, but he did have a monster draw so…”

His teammate Danzer though is, at the moment, ying to Heitmann’s yang, with a stack that has rocketed to 60,000.

“Re-raised with kings and I bet 1,500 on a T-7-4 flop and he check-calls 3,000 on the two turn, and he calls again. Then 10,000 on the four river which he called too. I have a good image!” he laughed, “they view me as pretty loose.”

Danzer talked in detail of another hand, good for another big pot. “Please don’t report any of that one” he said but then reconsidered. “Ok, you can report it but not until after I have won the tournament…”

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