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Dave ‘Devilfish’ Ulliot has been eliminated. Stuart Rutter and Phil Laak, who had been sitting either side of him, provided the details.

Having just lost a decent sized pot to Will Kassouf (who had successfully value-bet A-9 on a Q-9-6-5-5 board vs Ulliot’s 9-8) he then saw a three-way flop of 983 with Dag Palovic and Rory Matthews. It was checked to the latter who bet, Palovic raised and Ulliot pushed. Matthews moved out of the way and Palovic called with J10 against Ulliot’s dominating KQ. The turn was a brick 3 but the river was a J to eliminate the former WPT winner.

Laak was soon involved in another big pot with Rory Matthews. Matthews had reraised pre-flop from the big blind against the button raise from ‘The Unabomber’ who just smooth called. Matthews checked the J84 board but called a 4,000 bet before checking once more on the 2 turn. This time Laak was more serious, betting 10,000 and with a wry smile. Matthews folded this time.

“Give me €25 and I’ll show you my hand,” said Laak, raking in the pot.

“You’ll just show me and no-one else?” asked the Scot.

“No, I’ll have to show everyone.”

Despite this restriction, Matthews hastily took out the €25 from his wallet and passed it to Laak who flipped over QQ telling everyone, “You see, you all pay €10,600 to play in this tournament and I only pay €10,575!”

We’ll keep an eye out to see if Laak auctions off more of his cards…

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