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While Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand Grospellier steers his own tricky course through the first four levels with less than 20,000, PokerStars qualifier Phideas Georgiou, an occasional highlight on the PokerStars Blog, has his own battles to fight.

Betting big pre-flop Georgiou was called by Farzad Bonyadi for a flop of 27J. First to act Georgiou assembled a bet of 3,575, flung it into the pot and waited. Bonyadi meanwhile put a chip on his cards, assumed the prayer position and then made his own move, a re-raise of 10,000 making it 6,425 for Georgiou to call.

For a time it looks like he wants to, but after facial expressions mixing confusion, deep thought and lip licking enlightenment, he folds, leaving himself 20,000.

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