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Vicky Coren just walked passed on her way back to her table, returning from a short cigarette break. A nicotine junkie will typically use any excuse to head outdoors to smoke, but Coren’s reasons might have had something to do with a painful pair of aces.

There had been a lot of action pre-flop. A bet, raise, re-raise all-in situation had Henrik Gwinner with a decision to make for the last of his chips.

“If I were you” said Coren “playing against me in a pot like this I’d have folded a lot quicker.”

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Vicky Coren

Gwinner opted not to heed the advice. Instead, with a kind of “what the hell” shrug, he lobbed his last 12,500 into the middle, turning over 1010 to Coren’s AA. It looked like an almost iron clad opportunity for Coren whose stack before the hand had measured over 70,000. Instead this happened.


To her credit Coren managed a “nice hand” as she dealt with the grim reality of the 60,000 pot. A stolen opportunity taken from her which became a life line for Gwinner, now back from the brink.

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