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EPTLiz Lieu is pretty much stationary at the moment with about 26,000. “If I put any of my hands up on Twitter, it would just read, muck, muck, muck!” she said. Nevertheless, with the EPT’s great structure, she still has a lot of time before she will be in any trouble.

Neil Channing, on the other hand as out of the tournament in unhappy circumstances. “I don’t raise any more because these continentals just won’t fold,” he said. “I played a few pots earlier but raised my first hand after four hours and managed to get back up from 19,000 to 21,000 with a pair of queens. A couple of hands later and a guy limps under-the-gun and the cut-off limps, I make it 1,600 with queens again on the button and of course, they both call. Flop comes ten-six-six and they check to me so I bet 3,500, under-the-gun folds and the cut-off now raises to 9,000 with 12,000 behind and I’m wondering why he would do that with a six? He’s got nothing to fear, there are no draws. So I move in and he’s got queen-six suited. Marvellous.”

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