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Well, we had our bags packed for an August in Moscow, but we’re happy to go elsewhere. As you might have heard, the Russian government has recently closed most of its casinos. That was going to make it really difficult to host the first Season 6 EPT event there.

Always quick on their feet, the people behind the EPT have done some quick work (and I mean, really, really quick work) and have put together a tournament at the exact same time, for the exact same buy-in, and not too terribly far away from Moscow.

The first stop of this season of the European Poker Tour will now be held August 18-23 at the Kiev Sports Palace in Kiev, Ukraine. The “EPT Kiev Sports Poker Championship” is to be held under the regulation and authority of the Ukrainian Ministry of Youth, Family and Sport, and in partnership with the Ukrainian Poker Federation. This event is expected to be the largest poker tournament ever held in the Ukraine.

PokerStars is doing all it can to accommodate its players who qualified for the Russian event. Qualifiers can now use their Moscow entry to play in Kiev or to go toward another EPT buy-in. Qualifiers can also exchange their Moscow entry for cash.

For more on the Ukraine event and to read the official statement on the alternate location, visit,

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