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Three tables, eight hours and a lot of €50,000 buy-ins. That’s the story of the day from the Chez Louis suite at the Hilton Hotel in the Czech capital where the first day of the EPT Prague Super High Roller event just played through its opening stages.

To be slightly more specific, we saw 21 players head up the stairs from the main tournament room, scurrying to more sedate environs than those hosting the record-breaking EPT National event. But while it was quieter here, and everybody knew everyone else’s name, there was the expected level of on-table hostility that these events inevitably bring.

By the time the klaxon sounded for the end of the day, only 14 players were still in their seats–and more than a small handful had been sent away, only to buy back in again. We’ve seen 28 entries in total, and seven re-entries, with the action fast and furious from the outset.

Hungary’s Andras Nemeth leads the pack, playing in what I think is his first Super High Roller event under the PokerStars branding. But Nemeth is no slouch, particularly in the online game, where his “probirs” account on PokerStars has recorded more than $7.3 million in tournament winnings. Most recently, he won the $25,000 buy-in event in this year’s SCOOP, and he then won a €25,000 buy-in event at EPT Barcelona. He’s rolled, in other words–and bagged 1.817 million here tonight. (Starting stack was 250,000.)

Andras Nemeth: Big leader

Looking over his shoulder, Nemeth will most closely see Tuan Tran and Matthias Eibinger. Tran is another newcomer to events of this size, at least in Europe. But the Vietnamese player certainly seemed at home: he was periodically singing the chorus of Guantanamera; he peeled his T-shirt all the way off for his massage, and he bagged 877,000 tonight. He was comfortable.

Tuan Tran: T-shirt on at this point

As for Eibinger, it’s not even a year since he made his Super High Roller debut but he is now an absolute fixture. He won two huge Las Vegas tournaments this year, among plenty of other final table finishes, and it’s only a matter of time before he gets his first PokerStars live title too. It may well be here. He has 818,000 at the end of the day.

Matthias Eibinger: Another solid day in the super high roller world

Eibinger and Nemeth were on the same table for almost all of the day, and did well to avoid a major skirmish. But that’s because they also had Ahadpur Khangah for company, who ended up firing three bullets and missing with them all. It was one of those days for Khangah, who finished with nothing. But he can buy back in again tomorrow if he so wishes.

The full counts at this stage are as follows. You will see some very familiar names there.

Take a scroll through our full coverage from the day below and join us at 12:30pm tomorrow when we’ll a) find out the full number of runners; b) find out how much they’re playing for; and c) play down to a final table (and maybe beyond).

Name Country Chips
Andras Nemeth Hungary 1,817,000
Tuan Tran Vietnam 877,000
Matthias Eibinger Austria 818,000
Sam Grafton UK 545,000
Stefan Schillhabel Germany 426,000
Juha Helppi Finland 417,000
Luc Greenwood Canada 383,000
Steve O’Dwyer Ireland 377,000
Elias Talvitie Finland 376,000
Sam Greenwood Canada 373,000
Liang Xu China 234,000
Michael Addamo Australia 185,000
Timothy Adams Canada 133,000
Daniel Dvoress Canada 40,000

Photography by Joe Giron/PokerPhotoArchive


• ENTRIES: 28 (including 7 re-entries)
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9:40pm: Kisacikoglu KO’d by Nemeth
Level 8 – Blinds 2,500/5,000 (BB ante 5,000)

The rich get richer as Andras Nemeth rakes in another big pot right at the end of the day.

Picking up the action on a 6Q4 flop, Nemeth and Orpen Kisacikoglu had checked from the blinds to Luc Greenwood who led for 15,000. Nemeth called, before Kisacikoglu shoved all-in for 131,000.

Greenwood then let his clock tick down before tossing in a single chip for a call. Over to Nemeth with the biggest stack in the room, he moved all-in too forcing Greenwood to play for all of his chips. Greenwood sighed and quickly let it go.

Nemeth showed A2 for the nut flush draw up against Kisacikoglu’s Q6 for top two pair. “Ay-yahhhh” groaned Greenwood, who would maybe like his hand back.

The 5 hit the turn giving Nemeth even more outs. He’d hit one with the 3 river, giving him a straight and knocking the wind out of the Kisacikoglu.

It also knocked him out the tournament.

“See you tomorrow,” said Kisacikoglu, while Nemeth stacked up around 1.9 million. –JS

Orpen Kisacikoglu, towel in hand (just before throwing it in)

9:25pm: Adams tanks, Tran talks
Level 8 – Blinds 2,500/5,000 (BB ante 5,000)

With the board showing 748J and about 65,000 in the middle, Timothy Adams led for 56,000, then Tuan Tran raised all in to put the shorter-stacked Adams to the test. As Adams burned through his time bank cards, the table talk continued between them both.

“You got ace-jack?” asked Tran. “Maybe,” answered Adams. “That would be pretty bad if you had something I was drawing dead against.”

Timothy Adams: Perplexed

“I give you ace-jack or flush draw,” said Tran. “That’s why you think so long.”

Adams asked if Tran would show if he folded, and Tran agreed to show one card. That’s what happened, with Adams folding and then being invited to pick one of Tran’s cards to reveal — the J.

Tran bounces back up to 810,000, while Adams has 150,000 now. –MH

9:15pm: Vieira vanquished
Level 8 – Blinds 2,500/5,000 (BB ante 5,000)

We’ve lost Joao Vieira with just 16 minutes left on the day.

He opened to 12,000 from the cutoff only for Stefan Schillhabel to three-bet to 38,000 from the small blind. Back to Vieira, he jammed for 164,000 and Schillhabel couldn’t call quick enough.

Vieira: AQ
Schillhabel: AA

There’d be no sweat on the 82J5K board, and Vieira made his exit.

Schillhabel is up to 347,000 now. –JS

9:05pm: Call him “Broadway Andras” Nemeth
Level 8 – Blinds 2,500/5,000 (BB ante 5,000)

First there was “Broadway Joe” Namath. Now, let us introduce “Broadway Andras” Nemeth, your chip leader by a lot with a half-hour left in the day.

Nemeth just extended his lead over the field in a hand that began with him opening from the button, getting callers in the blinds including Orpen Kisacikoglu in the SB. The flop came AK4 and it checked to Nemeth who continued for 17,000 with only Kisacikoglu calling, and Kisacikoglu check-called again a bet of 55,000 after the J turn.

The river was the 3. Kisacikoglu checked once more, and this time Nemeth bet 185,000. Kisacikoglu thought a while and called, then disappointedly mucked when he saw Nemeth had turned Broadway with Q10.

Nemeth is up over 1.5 million now. Meanwhile Kisacikoglu has been knocked down to 185,000. –MH

Orpen Kisacikoglu: O.K., but could be better

9pm: Shout it from the rooftops
Level 8 – Blinds 2,500/5,000 (BB ante 5,000)

Daniel Dvoress opened to 10,000 from the cutoff, which Sam Grafton (sb) and Sam Greenwood (bb) both called. All three would check the 92J flop, but when the 10 turn landed Grafton led out for 35,000 — a pot size bet. Greenwood let his hand go, but Dvoress thought about it. And then…


Dvoress announced he was betting everything in front of him, but it was much louder than he’d intended due to wearing his headphones. Grafton quickly folded.

“What?” asked Dvoress afterwards, removing his ear muffs.

“You said that really loud. Like “ALL IN!” replied O’Dwyer.

“Oh, did I?” said Dvoress.

If they needed a second opinion from one of the other tables, Timothy Adams was on hand to offer one.

“Yep. It was loud.”

It also goes against everything we’ve learnt from Sam Greenwood about not announcing your all ins (see 8:25pm).

Anyway, Dvoress is now on 165,000, while Grafton has 400,000. –JS

Daniel Dvoress: making himself heard

8:55pm: Whenever you need a Helppi hand…
Level 8 – Blinds 2,500/5,000 (BB ante 5,000)

…the PokerStars Blog is there for you.

Tuan Tran opened for 11,000 just now from under the gun and saw Juha Helppi three-bet to 31,000 from a couple of seats over. It folded back to Tran who called and then checked after the 326 flop. Helppi continued for 30,000, and Tran called.

The turn was the Q. Tran checked once more, and Helppi again bet 30,000. Tran immediately announced he was all-in, and Helppi called for 77,500 total.

Juha Helppi: Doubling back to contention

Tran had turned a pair with Q10, but Helppi had AQ for a better kicker. The 6 sealed it for Helppi, and now he’s up around 285,000 while Tran slips to 435,000.

You’re welcome. Let us know if you need any more Helppi. –MH

8:50pm: Big stack clash boosts Nemeth over 1 million
Level 8 – Blinds 2,500/5,000 (BB ante 5,000)

Andras Nemeth is our first player to cross the 1-million-chip mark after a clash with Elias Talvitie.

Nemeth opened the action before the flop, raising to 11,000 in the cutoff. Talvitie, in the big blind, was his only caller. Talvitie check-called 15,000 on the KJ2 flop and another 42,000 on the 3 turn. Then the 3 fell on the river and things got interesting.

Talvitie checked once again and Nemeth, after using one time-bank card, bet 85,000. The action was back on Talvitie, who used a time-bank card himself before making it 235,000 to go. Nemeth checked his cards, looked over the board, and then checked his cards again. He pondered his situation for a full minute before finally making the call — and it was the right call with KJ for two pair, as Elias’s AQ was good for no more than ace-high.

Andras Nemeth: Back to the front of the pack

Nemeth now holds about 1.15 million chips, putting him roughly 40 big blinds ahead of his nearest competition. Talvitie, meanwhile, slips to a below-average 300,000. –JK

8:45pm: Ahadpour out on the river
Level 5 – Blinds 2,000/4,000 (BB ante 4,000)

In one of the last hands of Level 7 we lost Ahadpour Khanghah for the third time today.

Ahadpur Khangah: Third time unlucky

He opened to 11,00 from under the gun and picked up two callers in Mathias Eibinger (button) and Orpen Kisacikoglu (big blind). They all saw a 689 flop, and when Kisacikoglu checked Khanghah continued for 16,000. Both opponents called.

The 6 turn inspired some action. It checked to Khanghah again and now he shoved for somewhere around 130,000. His stack was never counted fully as Eibinger re-shoved to isolate, making Kisacikoglu fold 77 face-up.

Khanghah: 75
Eibinger: A6

Khanghah had flopped a straight, while Eibinger turned trips and needed the board to pair. It did on the 9 river, and as the chips were shipped Eibinger’s way Khanghah couldn’t believe it. He sat still, staring at the board, and then shaking his head in disappointment.

Matthias Eibinger: Looking good

Poker can be a cruel game, especially when it has cost you €150,000 on the day. Everything’s rosy for Eibinger though, who now sits with 947,000. –JS

8:40pm: Khangah shoves in style
Level 7 – Blinds 2,000/4,000 (BB ante 4,000)

Over the last orbit Ahadpur Khangah developed a fascination with Matthias Eibinger’s mirrored sunglasses. Actually the fascination may have begun much earlier, but it was only lately he began talking about them, including expressing a desire to wear them — specifically in a hand against Andras Nemeth.

With a big grin Eibinger agreed that next time he was out of a hand he’d let Khangah borrow them, and it wasn’t much longer after that Khangah got to the flop in a hand versus Nemeth. Eibinger delivered his shades to Khangah who donned them and hunched forward.

Syle icon Ahadpur Khangah

Nemeth checked, and Khangah immediately announced he was all-in. The table chuckled as Nemeth folded and conceded the small pot, and Khangah handed the glasses back to Eibinger.

“You win 100 percent of the time with them!” laughed Eibinger. Khangah still has a short stack, so might need to work out getting the sunglasses again soon. –MH

8:35pm: Schillhabel climbing the hill
Level 7 – Blinds 2,000/4,000 (BB ante 4,000)

Stefan Schillhabel hasn’t had much to be happy about of late, but this latest pot was a good win for him.

Schillhabel, in the big blind, was the lone caller when Joao Vieira raised to 9,000 on the button. Schillhabel checked the 10106 flop and called Vieira’s bet of 6,500. He checked again on the 2 turn and called again, too, when Vieira bet 26,000.

But when the 6 came on the river, Schillhabel changed things up and bet 60,000. Vieira quickly tossed his hand into the muck, giving Schillhabel a boost to 190,000. Vieira’s stack, meanwhile, drops to 310,000. –JK

8:30pm: Tran keeps a-rollin’ all night long
Level 7 – Blinds 2,000/4,000 (BB ante 4,000)

Timothy Adams just lost the last of his short stack to Tuan Tran, boosting the latter’s stack to around 660,000 again. Adams may well be back, though. –MH

Timothy Adams: Not this time, Tim

8:25pm: Getting in the habit of not saying all-in
Level 7 – Blinds 2,000/4,000 (BB ante 4,000)

All you aspiring poker players out there, take note of this one. We just got a bit of strategy talk from Sam Greenwood, and Daniel Dvoress quickly deployed the tactic.

The hand began with an under-the-gun open from Greenwood which Sam Grafton called from the big blind. The flop came Q74 and it checked to Greenwood who made a 7,000 continuation bet. Grafton matched it, and they went to the turn.

It came the 8 and Grafton tapped the table once again. Greenwood weighed up his options and continued for 27,000, but again Grafton stuck around.

The A completed the board and Grafton checked instantly. Greenwood didn’t act so quickly though, and with his shot clock almost out he placed a bet of 200,000 out there. Grafton had 80,000 behind, so this was for the lot.

He thought about it for almost 30 seconds before making the call, showing his Q9 for top pair. At the same time Greenwood sheepishly showed his K9 for pure air.

“I had the nine blocker,” Greenwood joked.

Sam Grafton: Doubling up

“It feels like I’ve already laid down a big hand against you Sam,” said Grafton, referring to his earlier fold against Greenwood’s brother Luc (see 6:30pm).

The table (also featuring Luc, Steve O’Dwyer, Daniel Dvoress, and Liang Xu) then began discussing why Greenwood didn’t just announce an all-in. He said it was due to cash games he’d played where certain players always ask for a full count when he’d verbally announce all-in, even if he was 500 big blinds deep.

“Yeah, that makes sense,” said Grafton. “I was wondering, why would you bet 200K when I’ve only got 80K?”

“I didn’t want to say all-in as I want to get in the habit of not saying it,” Greenwood replied.

So there you go, poker fans. Don’t want your chips counted? Then just make a bet rather than saying all-in.

In the very next hand, Liang Xu made a three-bet to 32,000 only for Daniel Dvoress to four-bet to 72,000. Xu called, and then called a 50,000 c-bet on the QK9 flop.

The turn was the A (putting three to a royal flush out there) and Dvoress let his clock tick down before making the same bet as Greenwood: 200,000. Xu only had 160,000 behind, and so this was also the same as an all-in.

Xu eventually folded, and Dvoress increased to 565,000. Grafton also doubled to 330,000, while Greenwood (Sam that is) dropped to 270,000. –JS

8:20pm: A set for Steve
Level 7 – Blinds 2,000/4,000 (BB ante 4,000)

Steve O’Dwyer just picked up a nice pot after flopping a set of nines versus Daniel Dvoress.

O’Dwyer was in the big blind with 99 and certainly hit the 98Q flop. That’s when I arrived to see one bet put in by each player, then after the K turn O’Dwyer was pushing all in for 139,000 — just about what was in the middle.

Dvoress spent one time bank card and then another, then put calling chips forward only to see he was drawing dead with his AQ, the two-pair making A river not enough for him.

O’Dwyer is up around 425,000 with that pot, while Dvoress is down to 385,000. –MH

8:05pm: Adams doubles through Schillhabel
Level 7 – Blinds 2,000/4,000 (BB ante 4,000)

Both Timothy Adams and Stefan Schillhabel are holding below-average stacks at this point in the tournament — almost identically below average, as a matter of fact, after Adams got the best of their recent tussle.

Schillhabel was in the small blind when the action folded to him. He asked Adams how much he was playing — just over 90,000 — and then limped in. Adams thought it over and then checked, bringing the AQ10 flop. Schillhabel led for the minimum, 4,000, and Adams called.

Timothy Adams: Doubling up

Schillhabel led again on the 3 turn, and Adams called once more. Schillhabel then fired one more time on the 6 river, moving out a stack of chips that more than covered Adams. Adams called the final bet and Schillhabel reluctantly turned over J8 for a busted straight draw. Adams showed A7 to take the pot with a pair of aces.

Adams is now on 186,000, with Schillhabel a big blind and a half behind at 180,000. –JK

8pm: Tran finally caught by Vieirance
Level 7 – Blinds 2,000/4,000 (BB ante 4,000)

Tuan Tran can’t win every hand he plays. Joao Vieira just took a few chips off Tran in a hand that went to showdown.

Tran was check-calling Vieira’s bets on both the J102 flop (for 9,000) and K (for 31,500), then after the K river Tran led for 50,500 and Vieira called. Tran had J8 for kings and jacks, but Vieira had rivered a flush with 98 and he collected the pot.

Tuan Tran: Can’t win them all

Tran is still up there with 665,000, while Vieira has climbed to 305,000. –MH

7:55pm: Eibinger picks off Kisacikoglu’s bluff
Level 7 – Blinds 2,000/4,000 (BB ante 4,000)

Matthias Eibinger just made a nice call on the river to pick up a healthy pot at Orpen Kisacikoglu’s expense.

There was already 30,000 in the middle when the K104 flop came down. Eibinger checked, Kisacikoglu checked behind him, and Ahadpur Khangah characteristically took the chance to bet 15,500. Both opponents called, and then all three players checked the 3 turn, bringing the 2 on the river.

Eibinger checked once more but Kisacikoglu didn’t — instead he bet 58,000. That chased off Khangah rather quickly, but Eibinger didn’t make his move right away. As his shot clock ticked down he asked, “Are you bluffing me?”

Kisacikoglu, the lower portion of his face covered by his scarf, said nothing. “I think you are,” Eibinger said, and then waved his hand to make the call with 106 for a pair of tens. He was right — Kisacikoglu showed down AJ for ace-high and a busted gutshot draw.

Kisacokoglu drops to 475,000, while Eibinger climbs to 500,000. –JK

7:50pm: More for Dvoress
Level 7 – Blinds 2,000/4,000 (BB ante 4,000)

Steve O’Dwyer opened to 9,000 under the gun, which Daniel Dvoress called from the cutoff. Over to Liang Xu, he squeezed it to 39,000 from the button, and everyone folded back to Dvoress. Call.

When the J86 flop was dealt Dvoress checked to the raiser. Xu continued for 33,000, but Dvoress stuck around taking them to the 7 turn. This street went check check.

The 6 river paired the board, and now Dvoress led out for 60,000. Xu gave it some thought and eventually called, only to muck when Dvoress showed 1010.

He’s up to 490,000 now, while Xu dips to 280,000. –JS

7:45pm: Tran keeps pushing
Level 7 – Blinds 2,000/4,000 (BB ante 4,000)

Tuan Tran returned from the break and renewed his aggressive ways, this time pushing Michael Addamo out of a pot.

On the 1035 flop Addamo checked and then called a bet of 25,000. Both players checked the Q turn, then after the A river Addamo went deep enough into the tank to spend a time bank card before firing 75,000.

As soon as Addamo made the bet, Tran said he was all in, and Addamo took about 15 seconds before letting his cards go.

Addamo is down around 90,000 now, while Tran keeps adding and is now at 715,000. –MH

7:20pm: Last break

That’s the end of Level 6 and players are now taking their final 20-minute break of the day. Here’s how they stand at the moment:

Name Country Chips
Andras Nemeth Hungary 965,000
Tuan Tran Vietnam 640,000
Elias Talvitie Finland 610,000
Orpen Kisacikoglu Turkey 600,000
Matthias Eibinger Austria 520,000
Sam Greenwood Canada 480,000
Luc Greenwood Canada 480,000
Liang Xu China 385,000
Daniel Dvoress Canada 320,000
Stefan Schillhabel Germany 295,000
Timothy Adams Canada 260,000
Ahadpur Khangah Iran 240,000
Michael Addamo Australia 230,000
Steve O’Dwyer Ireland 210,000
Juha Helppi Finland 180,000
Joao Vieira Portugal 159,000
Martin Winkler Slovakia 120,000
Sam Grafton UK 110,000

Andras Nemeth: Chip leader still

7:15pm: DD from the BB
Level 6 – Blinds 1,500/3,000 (BB ante 3,000)

After buying back in, Daniel Dvoress is not in the best position chip-wise, though has renewed the battle in earnest nonetheless. Speaking of being out of position, DD just won a hand from the BB versus Liang Xu.

Xu had raised to 7,000 from under the gun, and Dvoress three-bet to 32,000 with Xu calling. The flop came 365 and after Dvoress checked Xu made a small bet only to see Dvoress check-raise to 37,000. Xu called that one, but when Dvoress bet another 52,000 on the K turn card, Xu got out.

Xu has 410,000 while Dvoress chips up a little to 275,000 with the next break nearly here. –MH

7:10pm: Winkler waves goodbye
Level 6 – Blinds 1,500/3,000 (BB ante 3,000)

It’s been an up-and-down day for Martin Winkler — and unfortunately for him the down was the last part.

Down to his last 32,000, Winkler opened all-in under the gun and got no calls. He was the lone caller on the next hand when Elias Talvitie raised to 7,000 in the hijack seat; they both checked the AQJ flop and 2 turn before Talvitie got Winkler to call 6,000 after the 7 river. Talvitie’s K10 had flopped the nuts and it held up for the win.

Winkler folded the next two hands before the flop and then open-shoved for 20,500 under the gun with 99. Orpen Kisacikoglu looked down at A2 in the big blind and called, then jumped into the lead on the A104 flop. Neither the K turn nor the 4 river were any help and Winkler took his leave.

Martin Winkler: Done and dusted

We’re pretty sure that’s the first time any player from Slovakia has played a super high roller event, but the country still seeks its first SHR cash. –JK

7pm: Greenwood 1 – 0 Greenwood
Level 6 – Blinds 1,500/3,000 (BB ante 3,000)

The twins were tangling in a pot just now. Sam Greenwood opened to 7,000 from the cutoff and his twin brother Luc called from the small blind. That gave Daniel Dvoress, recently re-entered, a good price from the big blind, and he came along.

The dealer spread a 734 flop which everyone checked to the Q turn. Luc then led for 8,000, getting rid of Dvoress but keeping in his brother. The 4 completed the board and Luc fired 30,000, which Sam called.

Luc showed Q7 for top two pair, and Sam could only muck. Not only do the Greenwoods look alike, but after that pot their stacks do too, with 465,000 for Sam and 480,000 for Luc.

Steve O’Dwyer is sat in between them, and right after the hand he was brought a menu for the poker room. Timothy Adams came over to take a look.

“Is this a Steve O’Dwyer custom menu?” he asked. “Schnitzel, schnitzel, and more schnitzel.” –JS

6:55pm: Queens help Vieira takes helping from Helppi
Level 6 – Blinds 1,500/3,000 (BB ante 3,000)

Arriving at Joao Vieira’s table it appeared he was limping in from the small blind, then Juha Helppi made it 10,000 to go from the big blind. Vieira then check-raised to 31,500, Helppi shoved, and Vieira called for what turned out to be 95,500 total.

Vieira: QQ
Helppi: 99

A couple of pocket pairs in the blinds, with Vieira’s better one holding through the 472107 board. He’s at about 195,000 now, roughly equal to Helppi. –MH

Joao Vieira: Pocket pair holds

6:50pm: Xu grabs a pot from Grafton
Level 6 – Blinds 1,500/3,000 (BB ante 3,000)

Sam Grafton has had a tough time of late, and Liang Xu isn’t looking to help him out.

Xu opened for 7,000 in the lojack seat. (He’d opened the previous hand in the hijack for the same amount, only to get out of the way after Sam Greenwood called and Steve O’Dwyer squeezed from the big blind.) Grafton re-raised to 24,000 in the hijack and only Xu called to see the 796 flop.

Xu asked Grafton for a count on his chips — about 125,000 — and then led for 16,000. Grafton thought it over and then called. Both players then checked the 8 turn, and Xu fired 38,000 on the 2 river. Grafton looked like he could have gone either way but he eventually tossed in the chips for a call, only to muck when Xu rolled over 65 for the nine-high straight.

Liang Xi: First time in the Prague SHR

Xu climbs to 450,000, while Grafton dips to 107,000. –JK

6:45pm: Khanghah kicked out again
Level 6 – Blinds 1,500/3,000 (BB ante 3,000)

Ahadpour Khanghah has been eliminated for the second time. (He can still return if he wants.)

Following on from that huge pot (see below), Khanghah continued his shoving ways. Picking up the action on a 9J6 flop, Orpen Kisacikoglu checked it over and Khanghah jammed for 164,000 into a pot of roughly 100,000. Kisacikoglu made the call holding KJ for top pair, and that was good.

Orpen Kisacikoglu: Heading upward

Khanghah held K9 and was drawing to another nine. He couldn’t catch one on the 6 turn or 8 river, and he said his goodbyes.

Kisacikoglu now sits with 650,000. –JS

6:40pm: Tran’s trip treys down Dvoress
Level 6 – Blinds 1,500/3,000 (BB ante 3,000)

The Tuan Tran train keeps rolling, having just now run over Daniel Dvoress by taking the last of his stack.

Dvoress was already short when he check-called a bet by Tran after the 539 flop. Dvoress checked again after the 3 turn, and when Tran bet 25,000, Dvoress check-raised all in for around 65,000-ish and Tran called right away.

Dvoress had AQ for a club flush draw and two overcards, while Tran had turned trip treys with 32. The river was the 7, and now Tran is up around 650,000. We’d expect Dvoress will likely be back. –MH

6:35pm: Double for Nemeth and into the chip lead
Level 6 – Blinds 1,500/3,000 (BB ante 3,000)

Andras Nemeth just scored a big double against Ahadpur Khangah, but had a bit of a sweat after getting it in with the nuts.

I didn’t see much of what happened to the point that Nemeth bet 35,000 at a flop of 968 and Khangah announced that he was all-in, a mighty jam of about 600,000. Matthias Eibinger was still in the hand, but quickly folded. However Nemeth called.

Andras Nemeth: Nuts holds

Nemeth had 75 for the made straight, but Khanghah had a lot of equity still with his 85.

“You know it’s coming,” someone at the table said. But it didn’t actually come. The turn was the 2 and the river was the J. That meant Nemeth was counting out his 393,000 stack and doubling it. With the extra already in the pot, he’s up to 820,000. Khangah has about 210,000 left. — HS

6:30pm: Grand hand between Grafton and Greenwood
Level 6 – Blinds 1,500/3,000 (BB ante 3,000)

Plenty of chips found their way into the middle in this one. Here’s the story.

Sam Grafton opened from the cutoff and was called by Steve O’Dwyer (small blind) and Luc Greenwood (big blind). They went to an A9J flop on which Grafton made a 14,000 c-bet when it checked to him. O’Dwyer matched that, but Greenwood wanted to raise the stakes, making it 65,000 to go.

Grafton stuck around, while O’Dwyer made his excuses and left. “How much are you playing?” asked Grafton. “Around 350,000,” replied Greenwood.

The 2 turn hit the felt and Greenwood opted to keep firing. This time he made it 90,000, and Grafton called to see the J river, pairing the board. Greenwood moved all-in for roughly 170,000, and Grafton (who had 175,000 behind) was essentially playing for it all.

Sam Grafton: Big decision

He used up two time bank cards in what was clearly an agonising decision, but in the end his instincts told him to lay it down. Greenwood is up to 518,000 now

When that one was over, Michael Addamo returned having re-entered and found himself sat in almost the same crumby seat he left behind (just one to the right). –JS

6:25pm: Tran takes two from Schillhabel
Level 6 – Blinds 1,500/3,000 (BB ante 3,000)

Tuan Tran hasn’t been singing as much of late — maybe because he’s too busy winning pots from Stephen Schillhabel.

Tran opened the first of two consecutive hands with an under-the-gun raise to 7,500. Schillhabel re-raised to 23,000 on the button and Tran appeared to have a real decision to make. “How much are you playing behind?” he asked. Schillhabel confirmed it was about 350,000, and after using a time bank card Tran bumped the bet to 58,000. Schillhabel called pretty quickly but folded even more quickly when Tran led for 33,000 on the 963 flop.

Schillhabel was the raiser on the next hand, coming in for 7,500 in the cutoff seat. But as soon as Tran re-raised to 23,500 in the big blind, Schillhabel got out of the way. –JK

6:20pm: New level
Level 6 – Blinds 1,500/3,000 (BB ante 3,000)

They’ve now pushed on into Level 6, with the tournament board showing 25 entries to the tournament. The most recent of those came from Michael Addamo, who has re-entered. The full total so far: 25 entries, including four re-entries, 17 players seated. — HS

Tournament area for the super high roller

6:15pm: Addamo KO’d
Level 5 – Blinds 1,000/2,500 (BB ante 2,500)

Tuan Tran opened from the hijack seat to 6,500 and got a caller in Michael Addamo on the button. Tran inquired what Addamo had behind — about 65,000 — as the flop fell A25.

Tran led for 6,500, and after Addamo raised Tran quickly said he was all in and Addamo called. Tran had 53 for fives and a gutshot while Addamo had top pair with A10. Tran was already patting the table in acknowledgement of Addamo’s hand, but then came the turn and river — 3, then 3 (!) — making a full house for Tran and knocking out Addamo.

After being the shortest stack during the earliest levels today, Tran is up to 435,000 now. –MH

6:10pm: Eibinger pushing and pushing
Level 5 – Blinds 1,000/2,500 (BB ante 2,500)

It’s not even a year since Matthias Eibinger played his first Super High Roller tournament. But he is absolutely fully established already. And he is a menace. Here’s how Eibinger does it.

Ahadpur Khangah opened to 2,500 from the button and Elias Talvitie three-bet to 13,000 from the small blind. Eibinger four-bet to 30,000 and that trimmed the field by one as Ahadpur folded. Talvitie called.

That left just two of them to ponder the Q64 flop and Talvitie checked. Eibinger bet 25,000, which Talvitie called.

The 6 came on the turn and Talvitie checked again. Any hope that Eibinger was going to slow down was futile. Eibinger bombed again, for 80,000. This time Talvitie took another look at his cards, sighed, and tossed them away.

Eibinger has 610,000 now, while Talvitie has 450,000. — HS

6:08pm: Crumbs from the rich man’s table
Level 5 – Blinds 1,000/2,500 (BB ante 2,500)

Michael Addamo made it 5,000 to go under the gun, and he picked up two callers in Juha Helppi (button) and Sam Grafton (big blind). The three saw a 7JQ flop, and all of them checked it.

Subsequently it was time for a turn, and the dealer obliged with the 5. It checked to Helppi and he opted to lead for 10,000, which both Grafton and Addamo called.

Michael Addamo: Gone

The 10 completed the board and put four diamonds out there. Grafton checked again, and Addamo used a time bank before reaching for chips. He picked up 1,500, placed it to one side, and slid the rest of his stack into the middle. Essentially, he’d shoved.

Both players folded, and as Addamo was raking in a 90,000 stack (and while Steve O’Dwyer was taking a new seat at the table following his bust and re-entry), Addamo was asked to move tables as the next big blind.

He collected his belongings which included a rather crumbly croissant, and in doing so covered his portion of the table with flaky pastry before grabbing some napkins to clean it up.

O’Dwyer has a fresh 250,000 now, but Addamo’s chips have moved on. There are just crumbs left. –JS

6:05pm: Dvoress doubles through Vieira
Level 5 – Blinds 1,000/2,500 (BB ante 2,500)

Daniel Dvoress’s stack is twice what it used to be after a confrontation with Joao Vieira.

Dvoress min-raised to 5,000 on the button. From the small blind, Vieira asked how much he had behind — 59,500 was the answer — and then re-raised to 22,500. Dvoress moved the rest of his chips in, Vieira called, and the cards went on their backs: Dvoress’s A10 was up against Vieira’s J5. The board ran out 4c]6498 to keep Dvoress in the game.

Dvoress is now on about 125,000, the same as Vieira. –JK

6pm: Adams felts Muehloecker
Level 5 – Blinds 1,000/2,500 (BB ante 2,500)

Down to just 18,000, Thomas Muehloecker open-raised all in from middle position, and Timothy Adams successfully isolated with a reraise from the small blind.

Muehloecker had Q9 and two live cards against Adams’s 55, but the 72AA6 board missed both and he’s out. Adams is still below average with 165,000. –MH

No more Muehloecker — on this bullet at least

5:55pm: O’Dwyer departs
Level 5 – Blinds 1,000/2,500 (BB ante 2,500)

Steve O’Dwyer had dwindled all the way down to crumbs here, losing a sizeable pot to Liang Xu’s trip sixes, and then getting the very last of his chips in (and it looked like fewer than 1,000 of them) with 25. Michael Addamo was going nowhere with pocket queens and O’Dwyer’s first bullet will go down as a misfire. — HS

Steve O’Dwyer: Out now

5:53pm: Pay the piper
Level 5 – Blinds 1,000/2,500 (BB ante 2,500)

Ahadpur Khangah recently leant away from his table, looked over his shoulder and said to Tuan Tran: “Sing!”

As noted, Tran has occasionally been bursting into a quick blast from the chorus of Guantanamera, and Orpen Kisacikoglu explained that Khangah had been getting lucky as Tran sang. But he doesn’t necessarily need the tune to make money, as a recent pot proved.

This one was silent throughout and began with a raise to 5,000 from Khangah under the gun. Martin Winkler called in the big blind and the two of them saw the QJ2 flop. Winkler check-called a bet of 16,000 from Khangah.

The turn was the Q and after Winkler checked again, Khangah moved all-in, which covered Winkler’s 83,000 by a long margin. “Well played,” Winkler said, as he folded.

Khangah moved beyond 500,000. — HS

5:50pm: One a day
Level 5 – Blinds 1,000/2,500 (BB ante 2,500)

Timothy Adams and Tuan Tran have clashed more than a few times today. The pots have mostly stayed small because both are willing to let go when the other looks convincgly strong, like in the pot we just saw.

There was already 20,000 in the pot with Adams in the small blind, Daniel Dvoress in the big blind, Tran under the gun, and a KJQ flop on the board. Adams and Dvoress checked to Tran, who bet 5,500, and only Adams called. The A turn drew checks from both players, so Adams led for 45,000 on the 4 river. Tran thought about it momentarily before announcing a fold and glancing back at his cards.

“Guantanamera!” he sang, showing the A as Adams collected the pot. “I don’t believe you — you bluffing?”

Adams flashed a wry smile. “I only bluff once a day,” he said.

Adams climbs to 170,000 with the win, while Tran slips slightly to 370,000. –JK

Timothy Adams only bluffs once a day — unless he’s bluffing about that too

5:48pm: Nemeth takes chunk from Eibinger
Level 5 – Blinds 1,000/2,500 (BB ante 2,500)

Andras Nemeth and Matthias Eibinger just battled over a decent-sized pot, with Nemeth the one coming away with the chips.

Picking up things on the 639, both players were in late position when Eibinger checked, Nemeth bet, Eibinger check-raised, and Nemeth called. The turn was the 10 and Eibinger led for 17,000 with Nemeth calling. Then after the K river Eibinger checked, Nemeth bet a hefty 85,000, and after some thought Eibinger called.

Nemeth tabled QJ to show he’d made a runner-runner straight, and Eibinger mucked disappointedly. Eibinger is back down around 540,000, with Nemeth close to him now with 525,000. –MH

5:45pm: Surveying the short stacks
Level 5 – Blinds 1,000/2,500 (BB ante 2,500)

Just returning from a quick survey of the tables with a report for you about the current short stacks.

Martin Winkler was one of the early leaders this afternoon, but is down to 120,000 now. Steve O’Dwyer has now slipped a little more to around 100,000, Michael Addamo is nursing around 65,000, and Thomas Muehloecker is the shortest stack in the room at present with exactly 27,000. –MH

5:40pm: Adams wins battle of the short stacks
Level 5 – Blinds 1,000/2,500 (BB ante 2,500)

Timothy Adams and Thomas Muehloecker both have glittering resumes and huge reputations but their chip stacks are two of the shortest in the room at the moment. Adams has grown slightly in the past few minutes, however, leaving Muehloecker at the very bottom of the counts.

The hand between the two of them began with a limp from the button from Muehloecker and a decision in the big blind for Adams. He raised to 11,500. Muehloecker called.

The dealer put the 6K3 down there and Adams bet 6,500. Muehloecker called. After the 9 turn, Adams checked and Muehloecker bet 8,500. This left him with 27,000 behind. Adams had 116,000 behind and this stage, and raised to 100,000, asking the question for the last of Muehloecker’s chips.

Muehlocker ended up folding and leaving himself 11 big blinds. Adams shimmied up a bit. –HS

5:35pm: Yet another rendition of “Guantanamera”
Level 5 – Blinds 1,000/2,500 (BB ante 2,500)

It’s pretty easy to know when Tuan Tran has taken down a pot. You can hear it from wherever you are in the room.

Tran had opened to 6,000 on the button and Thomas Muehloecker quickly called from the big blind to see a 382 flop. It checked to Tran who continued for 6,000, only for Muehloecker to raise to 18,000. Call.

The 9 hit the turn and Muehloecker fired again for 32,000. Tran stuck around to see the 10 land on the river. Muehloecker let his clock run down and used a time bank card before emptying the clip with a 72,500 bet.

Tran snap-called.

Muehloecker flipped over Q5 for a missed flush draw, and Tran showed JJ for an overpair to the board.

Tran burst into song. “Guantanamera” filled the room as he raked in a new stack worth 440,000, while Muehloecker’s stack has been dented and now stands at 69,000.

“If you push all-in I insta-call,” Tran said after the hand, in case Muehloecker was wondering. “I think you had a missed flush draw”. When you’re right you’re right. –JS

Thomas Muehloecker: takes a hit

5:30pm: Winkler waning
Level 5 – Blinds 1,000/2,500 (BB ante 2,500)

Martin Winkler’s fortunes have changed since earlier in the day and the latest player to take advantage is Orpen Kisacikoglu.

Winkler open-limped in the lojack seat, enticing Ahadpur Khangah to limp behind him. Andras Nemeth called from the small blind and Kisacikoglu checked in the big blind to bring the 698 flop.

Nemeth led for 6,000 there and all three of his opponents called, so he checked when the 7 hit the turn. Kisacikoglu was in no such mood and bet 36,500. Winkler called, Khangah and Nemeth bowed out, and the river was the A. Kisacikoglu checked this time — an attempt to trap Winkler into betting, but an unsuccessful one. Winkler checked behind and mucked when Kisacikoglu turned up J10 for the turned jack-high straight.

Kisacikoglu moves up to 475,000, while Winkler falls to 130,000. –JK

5:25pm: Grafton doubles through O’Dwyer
Level 5 – Blinds 1,000/2,500 (BB ante 2,500)

Level 5 starts with a bang over at Steve O’Dwyer and Sam Grafton’s table after each player was dealt big pocket pairs and got it all in on a low flop.

The hand began with O’Dwyer opening for 6,000 from under the gun, with Luc Greenwood calling from the cutoff. Grafton then three-bet to 35,500, and O’Dwyer called the reraise while Greenwood got out.

The flop came seven-high — 765 — and Grafton led for 25,500. O’Dwyer paused, then announced he was reraising all in, and after rechecking his cards Grafton called.

Grafton had the biggest pair you can be dealt, AA, while O’Dwyer had JJ, and after the 6 turn and 10 river the aces had held.

Put Grafton up around 460,000 now, while O’Dwyer slips backto 160,000 or so. –MH

5:20pm: Let’s play Level 5
Level 5 – Blinds 1,000/2,500 (BB ante 2,500)

They’re now playing Level 5. Here’s how they stood at the start of the level:

Name Country Chips
Matthias Eibinger Austria 730,000
Elias Talvitie Finland 600,000
Ahadpur Khangah Iran 460,000
Orpen Kisacikoglu Turkey 420,000
Sam Greenwood Canada 374,000
Andras Nemeth Hungary 360,000
Luc Greenwood Canada 350,000
Steve O’Dwyer Ireland 350,000
Liang Xu China 340,000
Tuan Tran Vietnam 320,000
Juha Helppi Finland 275,000
Joao Vieira Portugal 240,000
Sam Grafton UK 195,000
Thomas Muehloecker Austria 190,000
Martin Winkler Slovakia 180,000
Stefan Schillhabel Germany 180,000
Timothy Adams Canada 145,000
Daniel Dvoress Canada 140,000
Michael Addamo Australia 50,000

Ahadpur Khangah and Juha Helppi have been knocked out once and re-entered. Luke Reeves has been knocked out and did not (yet) come back. — HS

Matthias Eibinger: Chip leader

5:01pm: Take 20

That’s the end of the level. Time to take another 20 minute break. — HS

5pm: Everybody is a winner
Level 4 – Blinds 1,000/2,000 (BB ante 2,000)

“A fitting end for a limped pot.”

So quipped Andras Nemeth after the showdown in a hand between Martin Winkler and Orpen Kisacikoglu. That clues you in as far as how the hand began. How did it end?

Orpen Kisacikoglu, left, and Martin Winkler do battle

Well, there was about 175,000 in the middle and with the board showing 73A45. Kisacikoglu put Winkler to the test with an all-in bet, and after spending some time bank cards Winkler finally called to put his last 170,000 or so at risk. Kisacikoglu tabled 52 for a wheel, and Winkler showed 72 for the same hand and the pair chopped.

Kisacikoglu is at close to 335,000 now, while Winkler has 245,000. –MH

4:58pm: Eibinger elevates, Tran trends up
Level 4 – Blinds 1,000/2,000 (BB ante 2,000)

Matthias Eibinger has improved his prospects considerably here during Level 4. He just won a whopper off of Martin Winkler to push his stack up around 655,000, knocking Winkler back to 225,000.

Meanwhile Tuan Tran is still singing over at his table, breaking out “Guantanamera” a couple of times recently — first after doubling through Timothy Adams with a pair of fives, then turning a straight to win another pot off of Joao Vieira. Tran is back up around 175,000 at present. –MH

4:55pm: Big hit to Helppi
Level 4 – Blinds 1,000/2,000 (BB ante 2,000)

From the highs of a saunter of cowboys (see 4:45pm), to the lows of lowly top pair top kicker, Juha Helppi’s stack has been on a rollercoaster the past orbit.

We missed the action up until the river, but with a Q62910 board out there, Steve O’Dwyer made a bet of 108,500. Helppi was thinking it over when we arrived, and he’d eventually make the call and reveal AQ.

Juha Helppi: Big hit

O’Dwyer had that pipped with his 99 for a turned set, shipping the pot his way and taking him up to 395,000. Helppi is down to 270,000 now. –JS

4:50pm: Greenwood rises, Greenwood falls
Level 4 – Blinds 1,000/2,000 (BB ante 2,000)

No, you’re not seeing double — it’s just Sam and Luc Greenwood sitting next to each other on Table 1. The Canadian twins just played a couple of hands that both went Luc’s way.

Sam limped from the small blind on the first. Luc checked, then bet 4,000 after Sam checked the 483 flop. Sam folded.

Luc Greenwood: Double win from his double

Michael Addamo opened the next hand for 4,000 in the cutoff and Sam called on the button. Luc made it 20,000 to go from the small blind, getting rid of Addamo, but Sam called to bring the 248. Luc maintained his line by betting 30,000, which was enough to convince Sam not to play any further. –JK

4:45pm: A ______ of cowboys
Level 4 – Blinds 1,000/2,000 (BB ante 2,000)

A murder of crows. A gaggle of geese. A confusion of guinea fowl. An exaltation of larks. A kettle of vultures.

There are some fantastic group names in the animal kingdom, but I found myself needing the term for a group of cowboys after this latest hand. Any guesses?

Anyway, Sam Grafton kicked it off with a 5,000 open from the UTG+1 seat, which Steve O’Dwyer called from the hijack. Michael Addamo called from the cutoff too, and it folded to Juha Helppi in the big blind. He opted to squeeze it up to 30,000, which shook of Grafton but got calls from the other two.

The flop came A2K and when it checked to Helppi he continued for 35,000. Only Addamo stuck around to see the 10 turn, and both players checked it.

The K landed on the river and Addamo checked a final time. Helppi fired a bet of 56,000 forcing Addamo into the tank where he’d use two time bank cards before eventually calling.

Helppi flipped KK for quads, and Addamo could only laugh as he paid the bet and mucked. He’s down to 75,000 now, while Helppi’s second bullet has so far brought him 437,000.

Oh yeah, a group of cowboys? That’ll be a saunter of cowboys, formerly known as quad kings. –JS

4:40pm: The partial information game
Level 4 – Blinds 1,000/2,000 (BB ante 2,000)

I was watching Andras Nemeth double through Martin Winkler (see below) when I heard the words “all in” and “call” come in quick succession at the neighboring table.

I can’t say who said what, but I can say the board was 27104 and when Tuan Tran saw Joao Vieira turn over 77 for a set of sevens, Tran knew his Q10 was drawing dead.

Joao Vieira: Seven, seven, seven

I could tell you the river but that wouldn’t matter a bit. The point is Vieira doubled to about 290,000 while Tran is now a short stack again with 70,000. –MH

4:35pm: Tens hold for Nemeth
Level 4 – Blinds 1,000/2,000 (BB ante 2,000)

There had been a raise to 5,000 and a call when Andras Nemeth — not noticing the call — re-raised to 10,000. It folded to Martin Winkler who three-bet to 41,000, forcing out everyone else back around to Nemeth, and when Nemeth re-raised all in Winkler called.

Worked out in the end for Andras Nemeth

Nemeth had 1010 and Winkler AK, and the tens held through the 49J64 board to push Nemeth back up around 330,000. Winkler still has 475,000. –MH

4:25pm: Winkler wipes out Fatehi’s stack
Level 4 – Blinds 1,000/2,000 (BB ante 2,000)

Ali Reza Fatehi’s first bullet has missed its mark after a confrontation with Martin Winkler.

Andras Nemeth opened the action under the gun for 5,000, drawing in Fatehi from the hijack seat, and Winkler then re-raised to 16,000 from the cutoff. The other two both called to see the 59Q flop.

Nemeth checked, Fatehi jammed for 63,000, and Winkler quickly called. Nemeth got out of the way, leaving the other two heads-up with Fatehi’s stack on the line. Winkler’s AQ had the lead against Fatehi’s QJ and nothing changed whn the K and 7 completed the board, eliminating Fatehi.

Ali Reza Fatehi: Wiped out

Winkler is now on 550,000. –JK

4:20pm: Muehloecker conquers with kings
Level 4 – Blinds 1,000/2,000 (BB ante 2,000)

Tuan Tran opened from 6,000 from early position, then Thomas Muehloecker rerarised to 17,000 from the cutoff and it folded around to Daniel Dvoress in the big blind. Dvoress inquired of Muehloecker what he had left, then four-bet to 45,000 and Tran got out of the way. Muehloecker didn’t waste much time before reraising all in for 93,000 total, and Dvoress called.

Dvoress had JJ while Muehloecker was ahead with KK. The board came uneventfully — 7Q8A10 — with only Tran reacting to the presence of the ace.

Meuhloecker gets back close to 200,000, while Dvoress slips to 130,000. –MH

4:10pm: Schillhabel tanks, tanks, tanks, folds
Level 4 – Blinds 1,000/2,000 (BB ante 2,000)

Timothy Adams just won a nice pot, and it cost Stefan Schillhabel four of his allotted six time-bank cards. Ultimately we will never know if they were cards well spent as his pondering time convinced him only to fold.

Rewind to the beginning and Orpen Kisacikoglu opened to 4,500 from under the gun. Schillhabel called from two seats around and Adams then three-bet to 16,500 from the cutoff. The blinds folded, and it didn’t take too long for Kisacikoglu to fold too. But Schillhabel called.

Stefan Schillhabel: Thinking about a fold

That left two of them to the 857 flop. They checked. They also checked the J turn. After the dealer put the 10 river out, Schillhabel bet 32,000.

Adams waited a few seconds before shipping for what was quickly determined to be 199,000.

Schillhabel went through one, two, three, four 30-second countdowns, then let his cards go. He still has 230,000, while Adams is getting closer to 300,000. — HS

4:05pm: Khangah stacks Reeves
Level 4 – Blinds 1,000/2,000 (BB ante 2,000)

Martin Winkler raised to 5,000 from the hijack seat and Ahadpur Khangah called from the next seat over. A short-stacked Luke Reeves three-bet to 25,000 from the button, and after the blinds and Winkler folded, Khangah called.

Luke Reeves: Rough times

The flop came 6510. Khangah checked, Reeves bet 30,000, and Khangah called. The turn was the Q and Khangah checked again. Reeves bet 55,000, leaving himself just about 20,000 behind, and when Khangah check-raised all in Reeves called off the rest.

Khangah: K6
Reeves: QQ

The turn card gave Reeves top set but also filled a flush for Khangah. The 3 didn’t help Reeves and he’s lost his stack, while Khangah is now up around 380,000. –MH

3:55pm: Greenwood takes down another
Level 4 – Blinds 1,000/2,000 (BB ante 2,000)

Sam Greenwood’s stack remains one of the healthiest in the room after a relatively minor confrontation with Michael Addamo went the Canadian’s way.

Addamo limped in from the small blind and Greenwood checked to see the 3107 flop. He bet 2,000 when Addamo checked to him, then another 6,000 when Addamo checked the 9 turn. Addamo called that bet, too, and checked a final time on the 6 river. Greenwood bet once more — 11,000 — and rolled over 85 for the rivered gutshot straight. Addamo mucked and Greenwood took the pot.

Greenwood climbs to about 370,000, while Addamo drops to around 190,000. –JK

3:50pm: Grins and groans
Level 3 – Blinds 1,000/1,500 (BB ante 1,500)

Why don’t clams like to share? Because they are shellfish.

Just now Orpen Kisacikoglu opened for 3,500, then Thomas Muehloecker three-bet to 11,500 from one seat over. It folded back to Kisacikoglu who like Muehloecker didn’t want to share anymore of his chips, so he called.

Both checked the 792 flop, but when Kisacikoglu bet 17,000 after the 6 turn, Muehloecker folded to keep his stack of about 100,000 and Kisacikoglu won all the clams in the middle.

Thomas Muehloecker: Opened up

“You run good,” said Tuan Tran to Kisacikoglu afterwards, noting he’s now up to 345,000. “Or do you play good?” Tran added, causing Kisacikoglu to grin much as you did when reading the first part of this hand report.

Or was that a groan? –MH

3:45pm: Orpen opens up on Muehloecker
Level 3 – Blinds 1,000/1,500 (BB ante 1,500)

Thomas Muehloecker just took a pretty big hit and Orpen Kisacikoglu was the beneficiary.

Kisacikoglu opened the action for 4,000 on the button and only Muehloecker, in the small blind, came along for the 293 flop. Muehloecker checked and called 3,500, bringing the 10 on the turn, and then things got interesting.

Muehloecker checked on the turn, Kisacikoglu bet 15,500, and Muehloecker raised to 42,500. Kisacikoglu used a time bank card and then called, which brought the K on the river. Muehloecker kept the pressure on with a bet of 67,500, but that didn’t worry Kisacikoglu — after about 10 seconds he stacked his remaining chips and moved them all-in. Muehloecker gave the slightest of eyerolls before releasing his cards, and Kisacikoglu took down the pot.

Kisacikoglu now has about 320,000, while Muehloecker dips to 110,000. –JK

3:40pm: Another winner for Winkler
Level 3 – Blinds 1,000/1,500 (BB ante 1,500)

Picking up the action after a 563 flop, Martin Winkler bet 16,000 from the small blind and Andras Nemeth called from the cutoff, then after the 6 turn Winkler checked then called a bet of 30,000 from Nemeth. Both then checked the 5 river.

Winker showed his hand — 107 for a flush — and Nemeth mucked. Winkler keeps adding, now having moved to 475,000 while Nemeth is on 195,000 at present. –MH

3:35pm: Three kings come bearing gifts for O’Dwyer
Level 3 – Blinds 1,000/1,500 (BB ante 1,500)

Ahadput Khangah has been knocked out. Steve O’Dwyer took the chips. They were two of three players to a flop of KK7. O’Dwyer checked and Khangah jammed for 105,000. Sam Greenwood, who was the third player involved, folded but O’Dwyer quickly called.

O’Dwyer showed his K9 for flopped trips and Khangah wanted to muck. The dealer told him that his cards had to be shown given that it was an all-in situation, but his 53 eventually did find their way to the discard pile.

Khangah heads away, but I’m guessing he’ll be back. –HS

3:30pm: Addamo rivers Reeves for a big double
Level 3 – Blinds 1,000/1,500 (BB ante 1,500)

Michael Addamo just picked up the perfect card at the perfect time to escape elimination at the hands of Lucas Reeves.

Addamo opened the action in the hijack seat for 4,000. Reeves raised to 13,000 in the cutoff, which folded the action back around to Addamo, who popped it one more time to 35,000. Reeves thought over his options and then called.

Addamo led for 19,000 on the J27 flop and Reeves called, bringing the 10 on the turn. Addamo led again, this time all-in for his last 89,000 chips, and Reeves snap-called. He held 98 for the nut straight, while Addamo was drawing with KQ. That draw came home with the A on the river, giving him a Broadway straight to beat Reeves’s jack-high straight.

That boosts Addamo to around 290,000, while Reeves slips to roughly 70,000. –JK

Happy Addamo

3:25pm: O’Dwyer bluff picked off by Greenwood
Level 3 – Blinds 1,000/1,500 (BB ante 1,500)

It’s been a great orbit for Sam Greenwood, who has increased his stack from 215,000 to 384,000.

The biggest contributor to that pile was his good friend Steve O’Dwyer. In this pot, O’Dwyer opened to 4,000 from the UTG+1 seat, and Ahadpur Khangah called one seat over. Greenwood then squeezed to 18,000 from the cutoff, and only O’Dwyer made the call.

The dealer spread a 9J5 flop on which both players checked. The turn was the J, and now O’Dwyer seized the betting lead for 18,000. Greenwood matched it, and when the river came the 5 O’Dwyer fired 100,000.

Greenwood quickly peeled back his cards as if he was either going to fold or call quickly, but he then took a few moments to think. With his shot clock winding down he made the call, and it turned out to be a good one.

O’Dwyer showed Q10 for a busted up-and-down draw, and Greenwood took it down with A9 for two pair.

O’Dwyer dips to 107,000 after that one. –JS

3:20pm: Reeves collects
Level 3 – Blinds 1,000/1,500 (BB ante 1,500)

Martin Winkler started out in the driver’s seat in this hand, raising the button to 4,000 and getting called by both Michael Addamo (small blind) and Lucas Reeves (big blind), then after the KK3 flop continuing with a bet of 8,000. But then Addamo check-raised to 20,000 and Reeves called, and Winkler shuffled off the stage.

Both the remaining players checked after the 9 turn card, then after the A river Addamo checked, Reeves bet 27,500, and Addamo was the one stepping aside.

Reeves is at 225,000 now, Addamo 155,000. –MH

3:10pm: Two all-ins, no calls
Level 3 – Blinds 1,000/1,500 (BB ante 1,500)

There were back-to-back shoves on neighbouring tables, but we didn’t get the satisfaction of knowing any of the hole cards.

There’s actually not a whole lot I can tell you about the first one, having arrived at the table to find a board of 827Q9 dealt all the way and a bet of 36,500 in front of Ali Reza Fatehi. Matthias Eibinger, on the button, pushed and Fatehi time-bank folded.

Some more details about the second hand, which began with a limp from under the gun from Orpen Kisacikoglu. Timothy Adams raised to 4,000 from the cutoff and then the all-action Tuan Tran raised to 16,000 from the small blind. Both players called.

The flop brought the 5K7 and Xu bet 18,000. Kisacikoglu called, as did Adams.

The 3 proved to be the action card. After running down his first 30 seconds, Tran gave the dealer a time-bank card and then bet 58,000. Kisacikoglu quickly moved all-in over the top, for 94,500 total. Adams shied away, but Tran gave it some thought. He then folded too. — HS

3:05pm: Lost in the Greenwoods
Level 3 – Blinds 1,000/1,500 (BB ante 1,500)

Got caught watching a hand play out just now between the twins, Sam and Luc Greenwood, who are sitting next to each other. To be honest it wasn’t the most exciting hand to report, but now that I’ve wandered back out of it I feel compelled to share.

Things looked promising early, with Sam opening for 4,000, Luc three-betting to 15,000, and Sam calling. Postflop didn’t live up to that promise, though. The completed board was 3867A, and the action went as follows: Greenwood checked, Greenwood checked, Greenwood checked, Greenwood checked, Greenwood checked, Greenwood (Luc) bet, and Greenwood (Sam) folded. Luc has about 240,000 right now, Sam 215,000.

Sam Grafton offered a helpful suggestion afterwards that might’ve made this story better.

“It would be cool if one of you was evil…!” –MH

Sam (left) and Luc (right)

3pm: Begin again
Level 3 – Blinds 1,000/1,500 (BB ante 1,500)

They’re back again. Juha Helppi has re-entered, and Ali Reza Fatehi is also now playing. That means we have 20 entries, including one re-entry, so far. — HS

Ali Reza arrives

2:40pm: Break time

That’s the end of Level 2 and players are taking their first 20-minute break of the day.

2:35pm: Helppi hits the rail
Level 2 – Blinds 500/1,000 (BB ante 1,000)

Our first casualty today is one the of last players to enter: Finland’s Juha Helppi.

His fellow Finn, Elias Talvitie, had opened to the pot to 2,500 from the hijack when Helppi three-bet to 8,000 on the button. Talvitie made the call to see the 9610 flop, and when it checked to Helppi he continued for 12,000. Talvitie then raised it up to 30,000, and Helppi called.

Juha Helppi: Last in, first out

The 2 hit the turn and Talvitie continued for 55,000. Helppi shoved for 151,000, and Talvitie quickly called.

Talvitie: 99
Helppi: JJ

He needed one of the two remaining jacks to survive, so the 4 was no help.

Helppi is out, while Talvitie is a big chip leader with 790,000. –JS

2:30pm: Tran finds a double
Level 2 – Blinds 500/1,000 (BB ante 1,000)

We’ve had our first all-in and call of this Super High Roller tournament. No bust-outs yet though.

Tuan Tran opened to 3,000 from the hijack before Orpen Kisacikoglu three-bet to 9,000 on the button. Back to Tran, he counted out a stack of 1,000 chips and placed it on his previous bet. The total was 28,000, and after getting a count Kisacikoglu moved all-in.

Tuan Tran: Commits to the all-in

Tran snap-called for 90,000 total and showed KK, up against Kisacikoglu’s JJ. The 268Q9 board kept the cowboys in front, doubling Tran to 182,500 and knocking Kisacikoglu down to 130,000. –JS

2:25pm: Don’t get too comfortable
Level 2 – Blinds 500/1,000 (BB ante 1,000)

Mid-massage, Joao Vieira was getting work done on his right shoulder when he raised to 2,500 from the hijack seat, then Timothy Adams three-bet to 12,000 from the small blind. Vieira called, then saw Adams lead out for 8,000 on the A28 and Vieira called again.

The turn was the 3, and Adams checked as Vieira’s massage therapist shifting to work on his lower back. The situation appeared comfortable enough for Vieira to bet 18,500, but when Adams check-raised to 55,000 Vieira sat up slightly before pushing his cards away.

Timothy Adams: A Christmas check-raise

Both players are at around the starting stack of 250,000 now with about 15 minutes to go until the first break. –MH

2:20pm: An interesting turn of events
Level 2 – Blinds 500/1,000 (BB ante 1,000)

This hand left us rather curious about just what Liang Xu was holding.

He opened to 2,500 on the button and Steve O’Dwyer defended his big blind to see an A48 flop. Xu continued for 3,000 when it checked to him, but O’Dwyer had a plan and check-raised it to 13,000.

The shot clock ticked all the way down for 30 seconds before Xu made it 28,000 to go. O’Dwyer made the call, and this pot was shaping up to be a big one.

Until the turn.

It came the 5 and when O’Dwyer checked Xu made a bet. It was just 1,000 though, and that got everyone’s attention. O’Dwyer stuck around of course, and the 2 fell on the river. O’Dwyer checked a final time, but this time Xu checked it back.

Steve O’Dwyer: Three fours

O’Dwyer showed 44 for a flopped set, and Xu mucked.

We’ll never know what he had, but we do know that he’s back to the 250,000 starting stack, while O’Dwyer increases to 270,000. –JS

2:10pm: Sam and the fam
Level 2 – Blinds 500/1,000 (BB ante 1,000)

You don’t get too many five-way limped pots in these Super High Roller tourneys, but there’s an exception to every rule, right?

Ahadpur Khangah was the first to limp in, calling for 1,000, and he was followed in by Sam Greenwood, Martin Winkler and Liang Xu, with Sam Grafton checking in the big blind. Then it was checks all around as the board proceeded to fall QJ7J3.

Winkler was on the button and lifted an eyebrow as the action reached him on the river. “Nobody?” he asked, then checked behind the others. Xu showed pocket deuces but then Sam Grafton announced “Nuts!” and showed 97 for jacks and sevens, good enough to take the pot. –JK

2pm: Khanghah and Greenwood battle
Level 2 – Blinds 500/1,000 (BB ante 1,000)

While Ahadpur Khangah and Sam Greenwood were tangling in the first of two pots, Timothy Adams came over to the other table to say hello to Sam Grafton.

“Tim took me out drinking two nights ago, he wanted me out of this tournament,” Grafton said.

“The three-day hangover,” added Lucas Reeves, before Orpen Kisacikoglu came over for a hug, apologising for his earlier needle (see below).

Orpen Kisacikoglu & Sam Grafton: The needler and the needled

Back to the action though. It was a three-bet pot, with Greenwood on the button and Khanghah in the cutoff. The two had reached a 292 flop, and Greenwood led for 9,000 when it checked to him. Khanghah then clicked it back to 18,000, only Greenwood to raise to 45,000. That got a quick fold.

The very next hand Khanghah limped from the hijack and Greenwood made it 4,000 to go from the cutoff. It folded back to Khanghah who then clicked it back again to 8,000, and Greenwood quickly called.

This time the flop fell 45J on which Khanghah continued for 15,000. Greenwood gave it up and sits with 280,000, while Khanghah is on 216,000 after that one. –JS

1:55pm: Flush earns more for Talvitie
Level 2 – Blinds 500/1,000 (BB ante 1,000)

Elias Talvitie and Tuan Tran just mixed it up again, and once again Talvitie got the better of it.

This hand began with a Talvitie open for 2,500 from the cutoff, with Tran three-betting to 12,500 from the small blind and Talvitie calling. The flop came A74 and when Tran continued for 12,500, Talvitie called. The 3 on the turn elicited another bet from Tran — 23,000 this time — and Talvitie once more matched the bet.

The river was the 6 and this time Tran checked. Talvitie fired 65,000 into the opening, and after a pause Tran tossed a chip forward to call. “Flush,” said the dealer upon Talvitie tabling his J8, and Tran mucked.

Early leader Talvitie is now up over 400,000, while Tran is now at the bottom of the counts with 45,000. –MH

1:50pm: Tran gets up again, you’re never gonna keep him down
Level 1 – Blinds 500/1,000 (BB ante 1,000)

After dropping that pot to Elias Talvitie a few minutes back, Tuan Tran had some work to do to rebuild his stack. He just got a good start on that work after openeing for 3,000 on the button. Both Orpen Kisacikoglu (small blind) and Matthias Eibinger (big blind) came along for the A7Q flop, where things got interesting.

Kisacikoglu led for 5,000 and Eibinger responded with a raise to 13,500. That wasn’t enough to take the pot, however — Tran quickly fired 33,000, which convinced both his opponents to give up the fight. –JK

1:45pm: Grafton finds his seat…or does he
Level 2 – Blinds 500/1,000 (BB ante 1,000)

The volume has gone up here in the Super High Roller suite with the arrival of Sam Grafton.

“You’re in the wrong room,” Orpen Kisacikoglu gibed at the newcomer.
“You’re going to pay for that,” Grafton shot back.

Orpen Kisacikoglu: Zinger!

We will see. — HS

1:40pm: If at first you don’t succeed
Level 2 – Blinds 500/1,000 (BB ante 1,000)

Lucas Reeves made it 2,500 to go from under the gun and it folded to the button in front of Ahadpur Khangah. He put in a three-bet to 6,000, and when it folded back to Reeves he made the call.

The two went heads-up to a 622 flop which Reeves checked to the last aggressor. Khanghah continued for another 6,000, and Reeves tossed in a call after not much time.

That took them to the J turn, and Khanghah fired 12,000 this time when checked to. Reeves didn’t budge though, taking them to the 7 river. There was no more betting, and when Khanghah flipped his AQ Reeves showed the winner with his 99.

Undeterred, Khanghah went right back to work the next hand, opening to 6,000 from the cutoff (quite a large sizing compared to Reeves previously). Michael Addamo was in the small blind, and when it folded to him he bumped it up to 21,000. We didn’t get an exact count on that though, as Khanghah then snap-shoved all-in for around 220,000.

Addamo let his hand go quickly, and Khanghah pulled in the pot leaving him with roughly starting stack. Addamo has dipped to 225,000, while Reeves is now playing 270,000. –JS

1:30pm: Talvitie takes from Tran
Level 1 – Blinds 500/1,000 (BB ante 1,000)

We just watched the first of what will be many all-in bets this tournament, coming with about 10 minutes to go in the first level.

After Tuan Tran opened for 2,500 from middle position, Matthias Eibinger called from the cutoff and then Elias Talvitie three-bet to 11,000 from the button. The blinds skedaddled, and both Tran and Eibinger called.

Tuan Tran: Difficult start

The flop came 2J10, and it checked around to Talvitie who fired 8,000. Only Tran stayed in, and Tran called again after checking the 7 turn and watching Talvitie bet 37,000.

The river was the A, and this time Tran led for 47,000. Talvitie let the time bank wind down to just three seconds, then set his remaining stack forward as an all-in raise. Tran took exactly 30 seconds to think about it, then let his hand go.

Talvitie jumps to about 325,000 with that pot, while Tran slips to 150,000. –MH

1:25pm: Winkler v. Khangah
Level 1 – Blinds 500/1,000 (BB ante 1,000)

Things looked like they might get a bit interesting for just a moment on Table 1, but the spark fizzled out before any major action broke out.

Michael Addamo opened the action for 2,500 in the hijack seat and got two calls, one from Martin Winkler on the button and the other from Ahadpur Khangah in the big blind. Khangah and Addamo checked to Winkler, who quickly bet 4,000. Then Khangah came in for a check-raise to 8,000, chasing Addamo from the pot and putting the action back to Winkler. He thought it over for a moment and then re-raised to 21,000. Khangah’s plan was foiled — he folded and Winkler earned the check mark. –JK

1:15pm: Latest additions
Level 1 – Blinds 500/1,000 (BB ante 1,000)

Our latest arrivals are Steve O’Dwyer, Lucas Reeves, Tuan Tran and Ahadpur Khangah. There are 13 now listed as having bought in, with 12 seated. — HS

1:10pm: River check-raise brings value for Eibinger
Level 1 – Blinds 500/1,000 (BB ante 1,000)

Timothy Adams raised to 2,500 from the button and both blinds came along — Matthias Eibinger from the small, and Orpen Kisacikoglu from the big.

After the 10104 flop it checked around to Adams who continued for 2,500 and only Eibinger stuck around. Both remaining players checked the 6 turn, then Eibinger checked again after the A completed the board.

Adams paused a few beats, then bet 7,000, and Eibinger similarly hesitated before check-raising to 28,000. After a short study Adams called, and when Eibinger tabled AQ for aces and tens with a queen kicker, Adams mucked.

With that hand they are pausing for a moment to redraw to two tables as more players have arrived. –MH

1pm: Four for Austria — two each for Eibinger, Winkler
Level 1 – Blinds 500/1,000 (BB ante 1,000)

A quarter of our seated players are from Austria, and between them they just took down four pots in a row. (Actually, stop press, Martin Winkler is representing Slovakia here. But he’s going to remain Austrian for the following post.)

Matthias Eibinger was first in line. He raised to 2,500 on the button, getting a call from Daniel Dvoress in the big blind, then took down the pot with another bet of 2,500 on the 9J8 flop. Then Eibinger raised to 2,500 in the cutoff on the following hand and took down the pot unopposed.

Martin Winkler was next up. He opened for 3,000 in the lojack seat and Sam Greenwood called in the big blind. Greenwood check-called 5,000 on the A510 flop and then another 10,000 on the 6 turn, bringing the J on the river. Greenwood checked again and Winkler fired 22,000; Greenwood used most of his shot clock before finally letting his hand go.

Martin Winkler: Firing

Winkler opened under the gun for 3,500 on the following hand and got calls from Elias Talvitie on the button and Timothy Adams in the big blind. Adams checked the Q1010 flop and Winkler didn’t waste any time betting 5,000. That chased both his opponents away — an unfortunate development for him, since he showed QQ for the flopped full house. –JK

12:55pm: Gifts for Greenwood
Level 1 – Blinds 500/1,000 (BB ante 1,000)

The single table in action is near the corner of the tournament room where a Christmas tree replete with ornaments stands. Sam Greenwood is sitting nearest the tree, and he’s the one earning a few small gifts here early as he just won two straight hands.

The first was a true demonstration of the giving spirit — a walk for Greenwood in the big blind. The next hand was a little less Christmassy, though.

Sam Greenwood, with Christmas tree, right

Michael Addamo opened from the button for 3,000 and got one caller in Greenwood in the small blind. Both players checked the 10K9 flop, then after the 8 fell on the turn Greenwood bet 2,500 and with some deliberation Addamo called.

The river K paired the board, and this time Greenwood dug out a bet of 11,000. Addamo thought about it again for much of his allotted 30 seconds before calling, then mucked after seeing Greenwood had rivered trips with K7.

Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la. –MH

12:50pm: Welcome to the game
Level 1 – Blinds 500/1,000 (BB ante 1,000)

Two players are making their super high roller debuts here in Prague. Unless they have previously slipped into other major events hidden from all, this is the first time at a €50,000 event for Finland’s Elias Talvitie and Austria’s Martin Winkler. Talvitie won a satellite last night, according to staff. — HS

Elias Talvitie: Latest Finnish super high roller

12:45pm: Kisacikoglu, Adams pick up chips
Level 1 – Blinds 500/1,000 (BB ante 1,000)

Orpen Kisacikoglu and Timothy Adams just added a bit to their stacks.

Kisacikoglu was the first — he opened for 2,500 under the gun and was called only by Matthias Eibinger in the big blind. Eibinger check-called 5,000 on the J48 flop but checked the 3 turn and then insta-mucked when Kisacikoglu slid a stack out in front of him.

Adams opened for 2,500 in the cutoff on the following hand and Daniel Dvoress called from the big blind. The action was nearly identical to the previous hand: Dvoress check-called 2,000 on the 467 flop but check-folded to Adams’s 10,500-chip bet on the 9 flop. –JK

12:40pm: First pot to Dvoress
Level 1 – Blinds 500/1,000 (BB ante 1,000)

Four players were seated for the tournament’s first hand. Orpen Kisacikoglu was first to act sitting under the gun, and he raised to 2,500. Daniel Dvoress was next with the button and he called, then both Sam Greenwood (small blind) and Timothy Adams (big blind) folded before continuing their catching-up conversation.

The flop fell 637. Kisacikoglu checked, then called Dvoress’s bet of 4,000. The turn was the 10 and Kisacikoglu checked again, and when Dvoress bet 9,500 Kisacikoglu stepped aside.

As that hand played out, two more players arrived to join the quartet — Matthias Eibinger and Michael Addamo. When they get to 10 players there will be a redraw to split everyone onto two tables. –MH

12:30pm: And off they go
Level 1 – Blinds 500/1,000 (BB ante: 1,000)

It’s not a huge field as yet — seven players on the board, four of whom are seated — but play is under way. We have Orpen Kisacikoglu, Timothy Adams, Sam Greenwood and Daniel Dvoress already involved. — HS

Prague SHR is under way

11:15am: It’s good to be back

Waking up this morning and heading out the door of the Prague Hilton, it’s chilly, cloudy, and windy. Walk a few steps though and you’ll soon forget about all that. Prague’s the kind of city where you don’t care how many layers you’ve been forced to wear.

Basically, what I’m saying is, it sure is nice to be back. PokerStars Blog is lodged here at the aforementioned Hilton for the next nine days, the venue for EPT Prague 2018, and we’ll be bringing you the best coverage of all the action, kicking things off with the €50,000 Super High Roller (unlimited re-entry).

Last year this event flew under the PokerStars Championship banner, where it was Timothy Adams who defeated Mikita Badziakouski heads-up for a €555,000 first-place prize. That event had 34 entries (including 7 re-entries), creating a €1,632,510 prize pool.

Adams is the defending champ

The last “official” EPT Prague Super High Roller was back in 2016. Local legend and Kings Casino owner Leon Tsoukernik emerged victorious in that one, after duelling with Charlie Carrel heads-up. For his win, Tsoukernik claimed the trophy and €741,100.

Charlie Carrel, left, faces off against Leon Tsoukernik

Play today begins at 12:30pm CET, and with no live stream the PokerStars Blog is the place to be. We’ll be playing eight levels, so here’s the important info:

Buy-in: €50,000
Starting stack: 250,000
Day 1: eight levels
Structure: 60 minute levels, beginning at 500/1,000 (with a 1,000 big blind ante)
Shot clock: 30 seconds (each player will receive six time bank cards at the start of play)

Join us, won’t you? –JS

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PokerStars Blog reporting team on the €50,000 Super High Roller: Martin Harris, Jason Kirk, Jack Stanton and Howard Swains. Photography by Joe Giron/PokerPhotoArchive and Neil Stoddart.

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