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Somebody earlier today enjoyed punning on the Austrian Matthias Eibinger’s name, joking about an “Eibinger to come” once he began accumulating chips and appearing as though he were poised to make yet another deep high roller run.

After all, we’ve seen Eibinger do that a lot here in 2018, a year in which he’s earned almost all of his $4 million-plus in career tournament earnings, including final tabling events at this year’s PCA, EPT Monte Carlo, and EPT Barcelona.

He’s final tabled another here in the €50,000 Super High Roller at EPT Prague, and he’s in position to do more than that as he carries the chip lead to tomorrow’s finale with just four players left.

Matthias Eibinger, chip leader

The day began with a flurry of last-minute entries and re-entries, pushing the overall total to 40 entries. That meant a total prize pool of €1,920,600 with the top six spots paying and a cool €653,000 awaiting the winner.

Orpen Kisacikoglu, Joao Vieira, and Luke Reeves all re-entered today after busting late yesterday, but alas for them they’d meet the same fate today to miss the cash. Meanwhile among the new entries was Benjamin Pollak, but he only lasted a single hand after Reeves shoved all in on the river with the board king-high. Pollak called with pocket jacks, but Reeves had king-queen and Pollak’s day was as short as it gets.

Other late entrants fared better, especially Patrik Antonius, Jan-Eric Schwippert, and Charlie Carrel, all of whom made it through the afternoon and into the evening portion of play.

By then the four tables that were action to start Day 2 had been whittled down to just one, with start-of-day chip leader Andras Nemeth remaining in front throughout the afternoon and evening.

With the bubble looming, Antonius fell in ninth after his ace-jack couldn’t outrun Matthias Eibinger’s pocket tens. Then Stefan Schillabel went out in eighth, his pocket nines failing against Eibinger’s pocket jacks.

The money bubble proved sturdy, lasting through the dinner break and a while after before Schwippert finally succumbed with ace-six against Nemeth’s ace-jack.

Things loosened up after that, with Carrel eventually hitting the rail in sixth (€134,440) when his sevens couldn’t hold against Eibinger’s ace-trey, and a little while later Luc Greenwood flopped top pair of tens with ten-seven but unfortunately got all in against Nemeth’s pocket queens and couldn’t improve to fall in fifth (€172,850).

The final four began the last level of the night with all indications being Nemeth would likely be bagging the lead for a second night running, but then came a big power shift in a hand versus Eibinger. With two small pair on the board, Nemeth called Eibinger’s all-in on the turn with ace-jack but Eibinger had better than the board with pocket tens and his hand held.

Andras Nemeth, post-slide

Just like that Eibinger was the chip leader with more than half the chips in play. There was more drama before the closing bell rang, with both Nemeth and Plesuv doubling up before the last hand was dealt.

Here’s how the stacks looked when the bags came out:

Name Country Chips BBs
Matthias Eibinger Austria 5,455,000 109
Pavel Plesuv Moldova 1,670,000 33
Andras Nemeth Hungary 1,445,000 29
Liang Xu China 1,410,000 28

These four will return at 12:30 p.m. tomorrow to see who among them will be carrying away the trophy and €653,000 first prize. Enjoy today’s blow-by-blow coverage below, and be sure to come back tomorrow as we find out together who will be the next EPT Super High Roller champion. –MH

Photography by Joe Giron/PokerPhotoArchive


• PLAYERS: 4 (of 40 including 10 re-entries)
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12:15am: Day is done

The chips are bagged and it’s almost time for bed.

We’ll have a full wrap of the day, plus official end-of-night chips counts, for you in a sec. –JS

12:10am: Miracle river for Plesuv
Level 17 – Blinds 20,000/40,000 (BB ante 40,000)

Pavel Plesuv must be feeling pretty good to still be in this tournament.

After Andras Nemeth made it 90,000 in the cutoff (or under the gun, if you’d prefer), Plesuv jammed on the button for 760,000 and when it got back to Nemeth he called.

It was AQ for Nemeth versus Plesuv’s QK, and things started well for Nemeth on the 8AJ flop. Only a ten could save Plesuv, and while it didn’t turn up on the 8 turn, the 10 hit the board on the river.

With a straight Plesuv doubled to 1.6 million and Nemeth could only sigh. He’s down to 1.28 million, with just a hand or two left to play. –JS

The ten’s a sight for sore eyes, eh Pavel?

12am: Nemeth doubles through Eibinger
Level 17 – Blinds 20,000/40,000 (BB ante 40,000)

Some drama here as Level 17 nears its finish.

Just now Liang Xu folded from the cutoff/UTG, then leader Matthias Eibinger on the button announced he was all in. Andras Nemeth checked his cards in the small blind and said he was all in as well for his last 980,000 total, and Pavel Plesuv in the big blind didn’t fold right away. In fact, he used two time bank cards while deciding if he wanted to risk his remaining 800,000 or so.

While Plesuv thought, Nemeth grinned and looked Xu’s way.

“Exciting, huh?” he said, and the table laughed. “Double kill,” answered Xu, clearly enjoying the prospect of possibly jumping up in the payouts here.

Finally Plesuv folded, and Nemeth showed AQ while Eibinger had KJ. The board came A24 (aces for Nemeth), then J (jacks for Eibinger), then 2, and Nemeth survived.

“Sorry,” he said to Xu, and the table laughed again. “No double kill… no single kill.”

Eibinger still has around 5.5 million, while Nemeth jumps up to about 2 million. Xu is at 1.4 million, and Plesuv is the short stack having preserved that 800,000. –MH

Nemeth gets the double

11:55pm: More for Matthias
Level 17 – Blinds 20,000/40,000 (BB ante 40,000)

With less than 15 minutes left on the clock for this level (looking likely to be the last of the night), Matthias Eibinger has pulled away from his opponents even further.

The hand began with the dealer accidentally exposing one of Pavel Plesuv’s card during the deal: the 8. With a replacement card given, Plesuv opened to 85,000 on the button and Eibinger defended his big blind.

The flop was 862 and Eibinger checked, letting Plesuv continue for 60,000. Eibinger then check-raised to 180,000, and Plesuv made the call.

That brought the J on the turn and now Eibinger continued for 200,000. Plesuv called once again, taking them to the 4 river. Eibinger opted to check, and Plesuv made a bet of 525,000.

Eibinger used up a time bank card before making the call, and was relieved to see Plesuv show KQ for just king-high. Eibinger showed 85 for a pair of eights. Perhaps knowing there was only one other eight in the deck factored into his decision?

What do we know.

All we do know is Eibinger now has a collossal 6.62 million, while Plesuv has dropped to 810,000. –JS

11:45pm: Slow and steady
Level 17 – Blinds 20,000/40,000 (BB ante 40,000)

Not too much of note has occurred lately since that big power swing putting Matthias Eibinger out in front.

Andras Nemeth did make quads in a small blind-versus-blind hand, but couldn’t earn much value as Pavel Plesuv didn’t have anything with which to bet or call. Liang Xu has been active, though cautious, winning some chips off of Plesuv and splitting a couple of hands with Eibinger. Counts below. –MH

Name Country Chips BBs
Matthias Eibinger Austria 5,500,000 138
Pavel Plesuv Moldova 2,400,000 60
Liang Xu China 1,325,000 33
Andras Nemeth Hungary 875,000 22

11:30pm: Eibinger seizes control after huge pot
Level 17 – Blinds 20,000/40,000 (BB ante 40,000)

We just had the first significant pot of this four-handed exchange since the break, and boy was it a big one.

It started with action folding to Matthias Eibinger in the small blind. He flatted, and Andras Nemeth raised it to 140,000 from the big blind. Back to Eibinger, he let his clock tick down to the final second before announcing a re-raise to 560,000. Nemeth called quite quickly.

The flop fell 225 and Eibinger used a time bank card before acting. He almost used a second, but eventually announced a 575,000 bet with a second or two to go. Again, Nemeth didn’t take too long to call the bet.

The 5 hit the turn, double pairing the board. Eibinger used up almost all of his 30 seconds once again before announcing an all-in for 1,505,000. Nemeth got a count, and then called pretty quickly.

Eibinger: 1010
Nemeth: AJ

Nemeth (right) faces the Eibinger shove

Nemeth was playing the board with an ace kicker, while Eibinger had an overpair. He’d need to dodge an ace or jack, and he did so on the 6 river.

With that, Eibinger is our huge chip leader. He’s now got 5.32 million, while Nemeth drops to the bottom of the counts with 875,000. –JS

New chip leader Eibinger rakes in the pot

11:15pm: Four to go
Level 17 – Blinds 20,000/40,000 (BB ante 40,000)

The final four are back and play has resumed. Early table talk this level reveals this might be the last level of the night. Stay tuned. –MH

10:55pm: Xu involved in a few
Level 16 – Blinds 15,000/30,000 (BB ante 30,000)

The level has come to an end, with Liang Xu having been active through the last few hands.

In the last hand before the break, he limped in from the small blind and Matthias Eibinger checked from the big blind. Both checked the 6JK flop, then Xu bet 30,000 after the 6 turn and Eibinger called. The river was the 7 and after waiting the full 30 seconds Xu bet 75,000, and Eibinger called again.

“Two pair,” said Xu, showing 55. But Eibinger had two pair, too, with J8, and as Eibinger’s were better he claimed the pot. Xu is up around 1.1 million going to the break, Eibinger at 2.79 million. –MH

Liang Xu: eyes on the prize

10:35pm: Luc Greenwood falls in fifth place (€172,850)
Level 16 – Blinds 15,000/30,000 (BB ante 30,000)

Down to four as Luc Greenwood follows Charlie Carrel out of the tournament room.

After defending his big blind to an Andras Nemeth button open, all the money went in on a 5810 flop. Greenwood had top pair with his 107, but Nemeth had that beat with his QQ.

The A9 turn and river changed nothing, and Greenwood will collect €172,850 for his efforts.

Nemeth is up to 4.3 million now. –JS

Grimacing Greenwood sees the bad news

10:25pm: Charlie Carrel eliminated in 6th place (€134,440)
Level 16 – Blinds 15,000/30,000 (BB ante 30,000)

Charlie Carrel was among the last to enter this event at the start of day, and he’s the first one to cash as he was just eliminated in sixth place.

After Carrel had opened for 60,000 from the cutoff, it folded to Matthias Eibinger in the big blind who reraised all in, and Carrel called in an instant to put his last 500,000 or so at risk.

Eibinger had A3 and would need to improve to beat Carrel’s 77. The flop provided such improvement, coming A23 to give Eibinger two pair. The turn was the 6 and river the 6, and Carrel said “gg” before departing.

Charlie Carrel – 6th place

Eibinger picked up more chips versus Luc Greenwood to push up further to 2.55 million, knocking Greenwood further down to 560,000. –MH

Goodbye, Charlie

10:15pm: Plesuv doubles through the big stack
Level 16 – Blinds 15,000/30,000 (BB ante 30,000)

Pavel Plesuv opened to 65,000 under the gun and it folded all the way around to the man on his right: chip leader Andras Nemeth. He defended the big blind to see a 4106 flop, which he’d then check to the raiser.

Plesuv continued for 75,000, only for Nemeth to then check-raise to 250,000. Plesuv made the call, and the dealer burned and turned the 4. Nemeth went back into check mode, and Plesuv led for 150,000.

Then we saw something a little unusual: the double check-raise! Nemeth shoved, putting Plesuv at risk for 810,000 total. He looked back at his hand and decided to make the call, finding out his 56 for a pair and flush draw was ahead of Nemeth’s KQ for king high. If a club, king or queen hit, Plesuv would be out in sixth.

Instead the river was the 2, securing the pot for Plesuv.

“I like the way both of you played it,” offered Charlie Carrel after the hand.

“Thanks. That means a lot,” said Nemeth, with more than a hint of sarcasm.

“It should do!” Carrel joked back.

“Everything was great…” Nemeth added. “Except for the river.”

He’s now playing 3.75 million, while Plesuv doubles to 2.26 million. –JS

Pleasant hand for Plesuv

10:05pm: Bubble bursts, Jean-Eric Schwippert out in seventh
Level 16 – Blinds 15,000/30,000 (BB ante 30,000)

They’re in the money! Just six remain, each of which is now guaranteed a piece of the €1,920,600 prize pool.

Andras Nemeth had opened for 65,000 from the cutoff seat, then it folded to Jean-Eric Schwippert who reraised all in for 615,000 from the big blind. Nemeth thought just a couple of seconds and then called with AJ, seeing he was well ahead of Schwippert’s A6.

The board brought a little bit of drama, with the 545 flop and 7 turn providing Schwippert straight outs. But the river 9 wasn’t one of them and he was eliminated. “Good luck,” he said while rapping the table before he departed.

Jan-Eric Schwippert, last out shy of the cash

Each player has locked up €134,440 to this point, but all are eyeing the €653,000 up top. –MH

10pm: Two big pots for Nemeth
Level 16 – Blinds 15,000/30,000 (BB ante 30,000)

A few minutes ago we told you Andras Nemeth was looking like things could be going better.

Well now they are. He’s just taken down two big pots in a row.

First Luc Greenwood opened to 50,000 from the hijack, Nemeth called out of the small, and Pavel Plesuv defended his big blind. The three saw an 893 flop, and all of them checked it to the 3 turn, pairing the board. Nemeth now took the betting lead for 115,000, and only Plesuv stuck around.

The 9 completed the board, and double paired it too. Nemeth now checked, and Plesuv led for 175,000. Nemeth thought for a few moments and made the call, which turned out to be a great one.

Plesuv showed 67 for seven-high and a busted straight draw, while Nemeth had Q10 for just queen-high and the best kicker for the pairs on board.

In the next hand Matthias Eibinger opened to 60,000 from the cutoff and Nemeth called on the button. They both checked the 9J7 flop to see the 6 turn, but there’d be no betting on that street either.

Finally the 4 landed on the river and we got some action. Eibinger made an ultra-delayed c-bet worth 145,000, but now Nemeth sprung into action. He raised to 440,000, and without even getting a count Eibinger snap-called.

“Fours,” announced Nemeth, revealing 44 for a rivered set. Eibinger could only pay the bet and muck.

“Good job he didn’t ask for a count,” joked Luc Greenwood. “It would have given away your hand!”

Nemeth’s stack is now enormous compared with the others. He’s got 4.25 million, while Eibinger drops to 1.44 million and Plesuv dips to 925,000. –JS

Nemethematics = lots of addition

9:50pm: Nemeth feeling a little Rodney Dangerfield
Level 15 – Blinds 10,000/25,000 (BB ante 25,000)

Andras Nemeth is still the chip leader, although he has the look of someone who wishes things were going a little better.

On two straight hands players reraised all in over his preflop bets, forcing him to fold. The first was by Pavel Plesuv over a Nemeth open, then Matthias Eibinger four-bet jammed after Nemeth had raised his open.

“No respect,” cracked Orpen Kisacikoglu who was nearby watching, evoking the classic Rodney Dangerfield catch phrase. Nemeth broke out in a wide grin.

“Maybe they have good hands,” said Nemeth. “That’s what I’m telling myself,” he added, and the table broke out in laughter.

He called a raise the next hand, but again had to fold when someone three-bet. Then came a hand in which Eibinger raised to 60,000, Nemeth called, then both checked the 948 flop and 7 turn. The 9 river completed the board, Eibinger bet 145,000, and Nemeth called. Eibinger tabled A9 for trips, and Nemeth looked ceilingward as he mucked.

As mentioned, Nemeth is still in front with 3.375 million, although Eibinger has now moved up to around 2 million and into second position in the counts. And unlike Dangerfield, both have plenty of respect, too, I tell ya. –MH

9:40pm: Anticlimax
Level 15 – Blinds 10,000/25,000 (BB ante 25,000)

We just had our first all-in and call on this €134,440 bubble, but both Luc Greenwood (the at-risk player) and Pavel Plesuv had ace-king suited. The board ran out clean and they chopped it up. –JS

No sweat for Greenwood

9:35pm: Eibinger’s feeling flush
Level 15 – Blinds 10,000/25,000 (BB ante 25,000)

Matthias Eibinger made it 60,000 under the gun, and his only caller was Liang Xu out of the big blind. Heads-up to a flop, it came 10J8 and–the clue is in the headline–that was a good one for Eibinger.

Of course, Xu didn’t know that, and he check-called a 55,000 c-bet. The Q hit the turn and Eibinger continued for 120,000 when checked to, and again Xu stuck around. Finally the K completed the board, putting four to a straight out there.

Xu checked a final time and Eibinger waited for his 30 seconds to run down before announcing “385 thousand”.

Xu gave it some thought and made the call, but mucked when Eibinger showed A9 for the nut flush.

Following the hand below, the tables have now turned. Xu dips to 1.02 million after that, while Eibinger increases to 1.53 million. –JS

Nut flush good for Eibinger

9:25pm: Xu takes from Eibinger
Level 15 – Blinds 10,000/25,000 (BB ante 25,000)

Liang Xu opened for 60,000 from the hijack seat and both Matthias Eibinger (cutoff) and Charlie Carrel (big blind) called. The flop came QJ7, and after Carrel checked Xu bet 30,000, with both of his opponents calling.

The turn was the 8. Carrel checked again, Xu bet 155,000 this time, Eibinger called, and Carrel folded. The 10 river completed the board, putting a third heart out there, and both players checked. Xu tabled 109 to show he’d made a straight on the turn, and Eibinger mucked.

Xu lost a small one to Andras Nemeth on the next hand, but still has about 1.7 million now. Eibinger, meanwhile, has slipped to 950,000. –MH

Xu can do

9:15pm: Two in a row for Nemeth
Level 15 – Blinds 10,000/25,000 (BB ante 25,000)

Andras Nemeth is opening every single pot to 55,000. And why not? He has more than double the chips of his nearest competitor having won these two pots back to back.

His first 55,000 open came from the hijack, and he was then three-bet to 175,000 by Charlie Carrel on the button.

“You started with…” enquired Nemeth, before Carrel finished the question for him. “1.6,” was his count in millions.

Nemeth made the call and the dealer spread a 937 flop which checked through to the 5 turn. Nemeth then led for 235,000, and after using a time bank card Carrel gave it up.

The next hand Nemeth was opening from the lojack, and Pavel Plesuv (hijack) and Liang Xu called. The flop fell 279 and Nemeth made a 100,000 c-bet when it checked to him, which shook off Carrel but got a call from Xu.

The A then hit the turn, and Xu quickly check-folded to a 300,000 bet.

After that Nemeth increased to 3.62 million, while Carrel has 1.42 million and Xu is playing 1.4 million. –JS

Nemeth: raking it in

9pm: Plesuv defends, collects
Level 15 – Blinds 10,000/25,000 (BB ante 25,000)

The first hand of the level saw the table fold around to leader Andras Nemeth in the small blind who raised to 85,000, and Pavel Plesuv called from the big blind. Plesuv called again after Nemeth continued for 75,000 after the 873 flop. Both checked the K turn, then after Nemeth checked the A river Plesuv bet 80,000 and Nemeth called.

Plesuv tabled A6 for a pair of aces, and Nemeth mucked. Nemeth dips just below 3 million after that hand, while Plesuv chips up a little over 1.1 million. –MH

Plesuv: on the up

8:57pm: Charlie’s back
Level 15 – Blinds 10,000/25,000 (BB ante 25,000)

Action has officially resumed with Charlie Carrel’s return.

He has a stitch.

But cards are in the air. –JS

Carrel: just made it

8:53pm: Where’s Charlie?
Level 15 – Blinds 10,000/25,000 (BB ante 25,000)

Before the players went on break, Charlie Carrel made them promise that if he was late back (having to run to his airbnb for dinner) they would wait five minutes before they started playing.

He’s three minutes late so far, and now has two minutes to make it back in time.

Run, Charlie, run! –JS

Seat 1 (and the other players) await Carrel’s return

8:50pm: Back at it
Level 15 – Blinds 10,000/25,000 (BB ante 25,000)

Seven are left. Six will cash. Let’s play some cards. –MH

7:40pm: Dinner break counts

Name Country Chips BBs
Andras Nemeth Hungary 3,225,000 161
Charlie Carrel UK 1,625,000 81
Liang Xu China 1,465,000 73
Matthias Eibinger Austria 1,355,000 68
Pavel Plesuv Moldova 855,000 43
Luc Greenwood Canada 765,000 38
Jan-Eric Schwippert Germany 538,000 27

7:35pm: Greenwood dented before break
Level 14 – Blinds 10,000/20,000 (BB ante 20,000)

In the last hand before the 75-minute dinner break, Luc Greenwood opened from the cutoff and Andras Nemeth defended his big blind to see a 963 flop. Nemeth checked it and Greenwood continued for 80,000, only for Nemeth to then bump it up to 245,000. Greenwood stuck around.

The J landed on the turn and Nemeth didn’t slow down. He led for 300,000, and Greenwood used up a time bank card before making the call and leaving himself less than the pot behind.

The 2 came on the river and Nemeth shoved to put Greenwood to the test. It was an easy one for him though, as he folded instantly.

We’ll be back with full chip counts for the dinner break shortly. See you back here in 75 minutes. –JS

7:30pm: Nemeth continues to set pace
Level 14 – Blinds 10,000/20,000 (BB ante 20,000)

Matthias Eibinger raised to 50,000 from middle position and got two callers — Andras Nemeth (hijack) and Jan-Eric Schwippert (small blind). All three checked the 6A5 flop. The turn was the 3 and after Schwippert checked Eibinger bet 130,000. Nemeth called, and Schwippert folded. Both remaining players then checked the 6 river.

Eibinger showed 44, but Nemeth’s A10 was better and he claimed the pot.

Nemeth continues to top the counts, now with about 2.825 million, while Eibinger is at 1.325 million. –MH

7:25pm: Nemeth bluff picked off
Level 14 – Blinds 10,000/20,000 (BB ante 20,000)

Charlie Carrel made it 50,000 from the UTG+1 and his only caller was Andras Nemeth in the big blind. That meant it was heads-up to the 410J flop, and both players checked.

The 3 turn would inspire some action with Nemeth leading for 80,000. Carrel stuck around to see the 5 on the river, and Nemeth continued firing. His bet was 225,000.

“I have a jack. I don’t think you have it,” Carrel said before making the call.

“I don’t,” replied Nemeth, who as the last aggressor was made to show 98 for a missed straight draw.

True to his word, Carrel showed J9 for top pair and the winner. He’s up to 1.56 million now while Nemeth dips to 2.6 million. –JS

A Carrel-ing we go

7:15pm: Carrel wins without playing hand
Level 14 – Blinds 10,000/20,000 (BB ante 20,000)

Luc Greenwood just won a small pot off of Andras Nemeth in a hand that wouldn’t have been so interesting to share except for the side bet that emerged after the hand was done. We can thank Charlie Carrel for making this one a bit more fun.

In the hand, Greenwood defended his big blind against a Nemeth open, then check-called a c-bet after the JK2 flop. Both checked the 5 turn, then after the 2 river Greenwood led for 150,000, a more-than-pot-sized bet, and after hemming and hawing Nemeth folded.

Before collecting the pot Greenwood showed one card — the 6 — which got others thinking.

“5K it was a bluff,” grinned Carrel. “No wait… make it 1K.” He was offering the bet to Nemeth, and after Greenwood agreed he’d reveal whether or not he had bluffed. Nemeth then thought a while longer, and Greenwood laughed that he was taking longer to decide whether to take the 1K bet than he had thought in the hand itself, which in terms of equity was worth less than the pot had been.

Nemeth never did take up the offer, but Matthias Eibinger did, saying he would bet Carrel the 1K with Eibinger taking the side that Greenwood had bet for value.

There was a bit more suspense as a hand had to complete first, then Greenwood revealed the answer — indeed, he had bluffed with Q6.

“I’ll take PayPal,” laughed Carrel. “My assistant will be in touch.” –MH

7:05pm: Bluff or value?
Level 14 – Blinds 10,000/20,000 (BB ante 20,000)

Andras Nemeth continued to keep up his big stack play with an open to 50,000 from the cutoff. Jan-Eric Schwippert defended his big blind, and they went to a Q29 flop. Nemeth continued for 50,000 when it checked to him, and Schwippert stuck around.

The 7 turn was checked through to the 3 river, putting three spades out there. Schwippert now led for 85,000, only for Nemeth to raise it up to 325,000. Schwippert was really put to the test with this one, and used two time bank cards before making a frustrated fold.

The guys then goaded Nemeth into showing, with Schwippert asking to see one card. Nemeth did not oblige.

“It’s value. It’s value,” said Charlie Carrel confidently.

Nemeth is up to 3.05 million now, while Schwippert falls to 840,000. –JS

6:50pm: Queens work again for Greenwood
Level 14 – Blinds 10,000/20,000 (BB ante 20,000)

Charlie Carrel opened for 45,000 from the cutoff, then Luc Greenwood made it 135,000 to go from the small blind. Liang Xu considered a few beats, then four-bet the minimum to 225,000 which pushed Carrel out. Greenwood took some time before calling.

The flop came 862 and Greenwood checked. Xu bet 100,000, then after taking some time again (and spending a couple of time bank cards), Greenwood announced he was all in for the 306,000 he had behind.

Xu had to think about it for almost 30 seconds, but finally called with KQ. Greenwood tabled QQ, then when the Q hit the turn he had a set and had locked up the hand — the second time today pocket queens have helped Greenwood survive an all-in.

Greenwood bumps up around 1.15 million while Xu slips back to 1.1 million. –MH

Greenwood gets there again

6:35pm: So long, Stefan
Level 13 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (BB ante 16,000)

Stefan Schillhabel’s tournament has come to an end at Matthias Eibinger’s hand.

Charlie Carrel opened the action for 35,000 under the gun, prompting a raise to 183,000 from Schillhabel (with 21,000 left behind for the thrill of it). Matthias Eibinger raised and successfully isolated Schillhabel, who called off his remaining chips.

Eibinger turned over JJ and Schillhabel showed only the 9, keeping his other hole card in reserve as he did earlier today. The board ran out A47Q10 and he turned over his other card — the 9. His nines lost to Eibinger’s jacks to send him to the exit.

Stefan Schillhabel: Not this time

That’s it for this level. One more to go before dinner. –JK

6:30pm: Carrel smiley
Level 13 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (BB ante 16,000)

Charlie Carrel and Andras Nemeth have clashed again, resulting in a big smile on the former’s face as he raked in a healthy pot.

Nemeth made it 35,000 to go (as he has most hands) from the lojack, and Carrel just called in the cutoff. Luc Greenwood came along from the big blind to see the 7102 flop, and it checked to Carrel who led for 50,000. Only Nemeth stuck around.

The 9 turn got checks from both, leading to the K river. Nemeth checked once again, and Carrel waited until the last second is his shot clock before betting 300,000.

Nemeth asked how much, and then called instantly when he found out. Carrel showed QJ for a runner-runner nut straight, and Nemeth could only muck.

The two shared a smile, but Nemeth’s became a sigh as he drops to 2.96 million. Carrel is up to 1.34 million now. –JS

6:25pm: Three Q’s spell chips for Nemeth
Level 13 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (BB ante 16,000)

No one calls a big, conspicuous post-flop bet an “alpha-bet.” That said, it does draw attention in a “hey-look-at-me” kind of way.

Andras Nemeth is in the “alpha” position in the counts at present as leader, and as such he opened for 55,000 just now from the small blind. Pavel Plesuv called from the big blind, and the flop came 42A. Nemeth continued with a smallish bet (a “beta-bet”…?) and Plesuv called. Both then checked the Q turn.

The Q river paired the board and elicited that big bet alluded to earlier — a big 250,000 one from Nemeth. Plesuv didn’t think too long before calling, and when Nemeth showed QJ for trips, Plesuv mucked.

No stopping Andras Nemeth

Getting value there pushes Nemeth up to 3.34 million now, while Plesuv currently sits with 745,000. –MH

6:10pm: You know someone’s playing loose when…
Level 13 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (BB ante 16,000)

Chip-leader Andras Nemeth opened to 35,000 from the lojack, before being three-bet to 125,000 by Charlie Carrel in the cutoff. Over to Jan-Eric Schwippert on the button, he moved all-in, to which both Nemeth and Carrel folded quickly. Nemeth seemed a little sad about it though.

“I wanted to see the first three cards,” he groaned.

“Don’t we all!” replied Carrel. “You know someone’s playing loose when they’re upset about not being able to see a flop with king-ten suited.”

“I had eight-nine suited actually,” Nemeth said. “But a flop was going to be seen.”

Nemeth then opened the very next hand to 35,000, this time from the UTG+1 seat, and Carrel made it the same 125,000 from the hijack. It folded back to Nemeth, but he wasn’t ready to see a flop this time. He then bumped it up to what looked like 333,000, and Carrel folded instantly.

He’s down to 955,000 now, while Nemeth extends his lead at the top of the counts with 3.1 million. –JS

6:05pm: Schillhabel dodges trouble, still in the game
Level 13 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (BB ante 16,000)

Stefan Schillhabel just avoided elimination thanks to some help from the board.

Matthias Eibinger opened the action for 40,000 in the lojack seat, prompting Andras Nemeth to make it 120,000 behind him in the hijack. Then Schillhabel called all-in for his last 51,000 in the big blind. Eibinger thought it over for a bit and then called, setting up a main pot and a side pot.

Tough spot for Stefan Schillhabel

Nemeth bet 75,000 on the 83J flop to chase Eibinger, setting up a showdown with Schillhabel, who turned over his 6 but kept his other hole card covered. Then the 6 hit the turn and was followed by the 6 on the river, giving Schillhabel trip sixes — and he grinned as he showed that the Q was his other hole card.


Schillhabel chipped up to around 165,000 with the win as Andras Nemeth said, “That wasn’t very likely!” –JK

6pm: Greenwood gets it in good, flops quads to double
Level 13 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (BB ante 16,000)

Following a Stefan Schillhabel open from under the gun, Luc Greenwood re-raised all in for 315,000 next to act and the table folded around to Schillhabel who called right away.

Schillhabel: JJ
Greenwood: QQ

Luc Greenwood: Staying alive

It was a good spot for Greenwood. And it got even better after the flop — QAQ — giving him quads and making the rest of the board inconsequential. Greenwood is at 670,000 now, while Schillhabel falls to just below 70,000. –MH

5:55pm: Antonius felted by Eibinger
Level 13 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (BB ante 16,000)

And then there were eight.

Patrik Antonius open-shoved for 194,000 and it folded to Matthias Eibinger in the cutoff who made the call. Everyone else folded, and it was 1010 for Eibinger versus the AJ of Antonius.

Patrik Antonius: Time to leave

The flop fell QA8 and things were looking good for Antonius, but the 4 turn and 9 river gave Eibinger a flush. He’s up to 1.3 million now, while Antonius leaves empty-handed. –JS

5:53pm: Plesuv chips up
Level 13 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (BB ante 16,000)

Matthias Eibinger made it 40,000 to go on the button and Pavel Plesuv defended his big blind to see a 68A flop. Plesuv check-called a 32,000 c-bet bringing the 7 on the turn. This time Plesuv check-called 118,000.

Pavel Plesuv: Moving up

The 6 both completed and paired the board. There was no more betting, and Plesuv showed 108 for two pair and the win.

With that he overtakes Eibinger in the counts, with 1.14 million to 1.05 million. –JS

5:50pm: Plesuv plucks from Xu’s stack
Level 13 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (BB ante 16,000)

Pavel Plesuv just picked up a nice chunk of chips from Liang Xu, all without having to go past the flop.

Plesuv opened under the gun for 35,000 and the table folded around to Xu, who let his clock run down before making it 100,000 to go. Plesuv thought for a few moments and then bumped it further to 235,000. Xu let his clock run all the way down once again and then made the call. But when Plesuv quickly bet 105,000 on the AKQ flop, Xu decided discretion was the better part of valor and retired from the hand.

Plesuv is now on 950,000, while Xu slips slightly to around 1.8 million. –JK

5:45pm: From nine to one
Level 13 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (BB ante 16,000)

Redraw done. New level begun. A tournament to be won. Who will be the one?

The first three hands of the level saw the two big stacks — Andras Nemeth and Liang Xu — pushing the action. In the first hand Nemeth min-raised from the cutoff, Pavel Plesuv called from the button, then both checked the KQA flop and 3 turn. Nemeth then led for 75,000 on the A river and took it.

A pre-flop raise won the blinds and antes for Xu on the next one. Then it was Nemeth min-raising again from middle position and Sam Greenwood defending from the big blind. Greenwood check-called 25,000 after the 23J flop, both checked the A turn, and Greenwood got it after betting 100,000 on the K river. –MH

5:35pm: New order
Level 13 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (BB ante 16,000)

Crank up Blue Monday, here’s your new order as we start Level 13 with nine players and one table:

Seat Name Country Chips
1 Charlie Carrel UK 1,280,000
2 Jan-Eric Schwippert Germany 790,000
3 Patrik Antonius Finland 205,000
4 Stefan Schillhabel Germany 322,000
5 Luc Greenwood Canada 260,000
6 Liang Xu China 2,060,000
7 Matthias Eibinger Austria 1,325,000
8 Andras Nemeth Hungary 2,950,000
9 Pavel Plesuv Moldova 720,000

Last nine in Prague

5:20pm: Last nine stacks

Tournament staff are still arranging the redraw, but here are how the players’ chip stacks look:

Name Country Chips
Andras Nemeth Hungary 2,950,000
Liang Xu China 2,060,000
Matthias Eibinger Austria 1,325,000
Charlie Carrel UK 1,280,000
Jan-Eric Schwippert Germany 790,000
Pavel Plesuv Moldova 720,000
Stefan Schillhabel Germany 322,000
Luc Greenwood Canada 260,000
Patrik Antonius Finland 205,000

Andras Nemeth: Still leading the pack

5:15pm: Ferreira’s finale boosts Nemeth, redraw on the way
Level 12 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

The final hand of Level 12 was a bad one for Rui Ferreira. The man from Portugal ended up all-in before the flop with 66 only to find himself dominated by Andras Nemeth’s 88. Ferreira was drawing dead by the turn of the 42J84 board, ending his day four spots shy of the money.

The end of Rui Ferreira

Nemeth is now on 2.95 million. The redraw is on the way after we complete our 20-minute break. –JK

5:10pm: Greenwood still going
Level 12 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

Luc Greenwood will definitely be back after the break, having just doubled up through Liang Xu. The latter had opened to 30,000 in the cutoff before Greenwood jammed for 96,000 out of the small blind. Xu made the call and the cards were flipped.

It was 99 for Greenwood against Xu’s A3, and the K6K59 runout secured Greenwood the double.

Luc Greenwood at the double

Xu dips to 1.97 million after that one. –JS

5:05pm: Xu adds a few
Level 12 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

Liang Xu has the biggest stack at Table 1, and he’s using it. Just now Matthias Eibinger opened for 25,000 from the hijack, then Pavel Plesuv three-bet to 80,000 from the cutoff.

Xu then took his entire allotted 30 seconds before four-betting to 218,000. The blinds scurried away, and both Eibinger and Plesuv didn’t want to stay involved either.

As the next break nears, Xu looks to have around 2.2 million. –MH

4:55pm: Dvoress’s day is done
Level 12 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

Daniel Dvoress is out after a big flip. His chips now sit in front of Charlie Carrel.

Carrel made it 27,000 from the cutoff and Dvoress three-bet to 70,000 on the button. Back to Carrel, he leant over to see Dvoress past the dealer, and once he’d had a look announced he was all-in. Dvoress had 196,000 behind and snap-called.

Carrel: JJ
Dvoress: AK

“Hold!” pleaded Carrel as the dealer began to burn and turn. After five cards the 62379 board kept the jacks in front and sent Dvoress out.

Daniel Dvoress: He was low, he was high and now he’s out

Carrel is up to 1.23 million now. –JS

4:45pm: Xu zooms up the counts
Level 12 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

Andras Nemeth finally has company in the 2 million-chip club, following a big hand on Table 1 between Liang Xu and Stefan Schillhabel.

The hand began with Xu limping in from the small blind, then calling after Schillhabel made it 46,000 to go from the big.

The flop came 75A. Xu checked, Schillhabel bet 34,000, Xu check-raised to 86,000, and Schillhabel called. The K turn then brought a leading bet of 165,000 from Xu, called by Schillhabel.

The river was the 9. This time Xu bet 380,000, and Schillhabel called immediately. Xu turned over 77 for a set, and Schillhabel showed his A9 for two pair before paying what he owed.

Xu is up around 2.1 million after that big pot, while Schillhabel is down around 300,000. –MH

4:40pm: Orpen ousted, Xu climbing
Level 12 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

Orpen Kisacikoglu’s tournament has ended before the money after a huge pot against Liang Xu.

Kisacikoglu opened the action for 26,000 in the hijack seat. Xu bumped the bet to 56,000 behind him in the cutoff, clearing the field and putting the action back to Kisacikoglu, who then made it 150,000 to go.

Things got a bit confusing at this point. Xu let his shot clock tick almost all the way down before announcing a raise, but not an amount. Five seconds into the next time bank Xu slid his chips forward, prompting Kisacikoglu to ask for a floor ruling.

A tentative bet from Liang Xu

The floor ruled that a minimum raise was in order — and then it was discovered that Xu still had some time bank cards, which negated the ruling. Xu stuck with the min-raise to 244,000 and then called when Kisacikoglu jammed for 651,000, about three big blinds less than Xu’s own stack. The cards went on their backs:

Kisacikoglu: AK
Xu: KK

The 1066 flop hinted at danger for Xu, but the 6 turn gave him a full house and K river gave him an even bigger boat. It sent Kisacikoglu to the rail.

Charlie Carrel, right (and bright), consoles the departed Orpen Kisacikoglu

Xu is now on a very solid 1.33 million with 11 players remaining. –JK

4:35pm: Big deposit in the time bank
Level 12 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

From nine down to three.

No, we haven’t had a rapid run of eliminations. There are still 12 players left.

We’re talking about Patrik Antonius’s time-bank cards. This one took a long time and a lot of thought.

The Finn had opened the pot to 27,000 from the hijack and Charlie Carrel three-bet to 75,000 on the button. Antonius called when it folded back to him, bringing a JK2 flop. Check check.

When the 9 hit the turn Antonius used up his entire 30 seconds before checking. Carrel didn’t take too long to announce he was setting Antonius all-in for his remaining 268,000, and Antonius’s marathon think tank began.

Patrik Antonius: Marathon tank

Six time bank cards later (which was only three and a half minutes, to be fair) and he let his hand go.

“Phew!” announced Carrel at the news, and the two shared a smile. “I’m not going to lie, I’m so happy right now.”

“What did you have?” asked Antonius.

“Ace queen, with clubs,” came the reply. That meant that whatever Antonius had, Carrel had plenty of outs on the river should he have needed them.

He didn’t though. Carrel is up to 970,000 now. –JS

4:20pm: Eibinger of things to come
Level 12 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

Compared to most of those we often see populating these Super High Rollers, Matthias Eibinger of Austria is a relative newcomer, although it feels like he’s been part of the crowd for a while now.

He took third in the €100,000 Super High Roller at EPT Barcelona in August and third in another €25K event there as well during that series. He also just won a $50K high roller in Las Vegas last month to help boost his lifetime tournament earnings up over $4.1 million, over $4 million of which he’s earned in 2018.

Matthias Eibinger: A very comfortable newcomer

Just now he opened from the hijack for 27,000, watched Pavel Plesuv call from the next seat over, then Orpen Kisacikoglu three-bet to 115,000 from the button. It folded back to Eibinger who plucked off four-betting chips from his tall towers of chips and before he could even count out the reraise both of his opponents folded.

Eibinger is up to 1.1 million now, second in the counts behind Andras Nemeth who still enjoys a commanding lead over the field with more than 2.3 million. Keep an eye on Eibinger, though. –MH

4:10pm: Greenwood gone courtesy of Carrel’s “hero call”
Level 11 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

Action folded to Sam Greenwood in the small blind and he used his entire 30 seconds before limping in. Charlie Carrel awaited in the big, and he leant to one side to get a look at Greenwood’s stack. His gaze then moved to Greenwood, and the two locked eyes for a few seconds.

Carrel then placed enough green 25K chips in the middle for Greenwood to be set all-in (at least 230,000), which he quickly called with A9. Carrel revealed J8, and it was time for a board.


Carrel had paired his jack, and that was enough to send Greenwood out the door.

“Can you guys rewrite that hand so it looks like a hero call or something?” Carrel asked us as the chips were pushed his way, clearly a little sheepish about his shove.

Luc Greenwood, left, who is still in, consoles the recently-eliminated Sam Greenwood

No can do Charlie, but it’s not a big deal. Especially when you now have 870,000. –JS

4:08pm: Reeves falls to Eibinger
Level 11 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

Luke Reeves had been nursing a short stack for a long while by the time Level 11 came to an end. He re-raise-shoved over a Liang Xu open, collecting chips to push back up to 185,000. Two hands later he was open-raising from late position, and Matthias Eibinger called him from the small blind.

Reeves had QJ and two overcards to Eibinger’s 1010. The flop hit one of those overs, but also gave Eibinger a set, coming 106J. The 5 on the turn made the K river no matter, and Reeves is out.

No more Luke Reeves

Eibinger has right at 1 million to start Level 12. –MH

4:05pm: The day the music died
Level 11 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

We’ve just come to the saddest point of this Super High Roller tournament: the departure of Tuan Tran.

Tran opened under the gun for 25,000 and faced a Charlie Carrel re-raise to 75,000. Tran asked how much Carrel was playing behind and then used two time-bank cards deciding what to do when he saw that the two of them were nearly identically stacked. Eventually he chose to jam with his K10 and Carrel snap-called with QQ.

Tuan Tran begs for a king

“Guantanamera!” cried Tran, but it was no use: the 6J6AA was good for Carrel. A count confirmed that he had Tran covered by just a few chips and the room shed a tear as Tran made his way to the exit.

The end of Tuan Tran

Carrel is now on 640,000. –JK

4:03pm: Carrel closes Kho’s account
Level 11 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

Charlie Carrel just ended Kitson Kho’s stay here in the Super High Roller. Carrel opened for 20,000 with AJ in the hijack seat and called when Kho jammed from the big blind with KQ. The A64 improved Carrel’s standing further, and the 6 turn and 3 river spelled the end for Kho. That boosts Carrel to 335,000. –JK

Kitson Kho: Out before the money

4pm: Why is nobody busting?
Level 11 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

Rui Ferreira has just doubled up through Daniel Dvoress, having shoved for 148,000 from the UTG+1 seat and being called out of the big blind.

It was a flip with Ferreira holding AA and Dvoress having 99. The board ran out J5A[37 to pair Ferreira’s ace, meaning Dvoress’s stack dipped to 530,000.

Rui Ferreira: Busting? No, nobody is

Ferreira is up to 315,000 now, and Orpen Kisacikoglu wasn’t happy with the news.

“Why is nobody busting?” he asked me after the hand.

I wish I knew, Orpen. I wish I knew. –JS

3:55pm: Schwippert shoves, takes from Kisacikoglu
Level 11 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

Orpen Kisacikoglu opened for 22,000 from the hijack seat, then Jan-Eric Schwippert made it 70,000 from the button. The blinds bowed out, Kisacikoglu called, and the flop came 5109.

Kisacikoglu checked, Schwippert bet 115,000, and Kisacikoglu called. The 7 followed on the turn, and Kisacikoglu checked again. Schwippert didn’t waste much time before pushing all in for his last 420,000, and while Kisacikoglu was willing to spend a time bank card he wasn’t willing to spend any more chips, and he folded.

Jan-Eric Schwippert gets his chips in

Kisacikoglu sits at just about 1 million even right now, while Schwippert is back up around 795,000. –MH

3:45pm: Sam Greenwood doubles through Tran again
Level 11 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

Sam Greenwood is enjoying being to Tuan Tran’s right after doubling through him once again.

Andras Nemeth opened for 22,000 in the lojack seat and Tran called from the small blind before Greenwood jammed for 136,000 with A10 in the big blind. Nemeth folded but Tran called with 98 and a hearty “GUANTANAMERA!!!” The K107 flop gave Greenwood a pair of tens and Tran an up-and-down straight draw. That had Greenwood standing up, expecting Tran’s draw to come home.

Sam Greenwood bluffs his own elimination

Greenwood faded those outs, though, on the 2 turn and 8 river for a boost to about 385,000. Meanwhile Tran is down in the neighborhood of 180,000. –JK

3:35pm: Kisacikoglu caught in the cookie jar
Level 11 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

It all started so innocently. Luke Reeves limped from middle position, Pavel Plesuv completed from the small blind, and Orpen Kisacikoglu checked from the big.

Everyone checked the 3K6 flop too, taking them to the 3 turn. Kisacikoglu chose to lead for 60,000 into the 40,000 pot when it checked to him, and that shook off Reeves but was called by Plesuv.

Orpen Kisacikoglu: Attempting the steal

The 4 completed the board and Plesuv checked it again. Kisacikoglu then fired 130,000 which got a quick call. He had Q5 for complete air, while Plesuv had KJ for the win.

Kisacikoglu still has 1.3 million despite that loss, while Plesuv increases to 820,000. –JS

3:30pm: Sam Greenwood doubles through Tran
Level 11 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

Sam Greenwood is still in this game thanks to a dominating hand. He jammed for his last 48,000 on the button after Tuan Tran opened for 22,000 in the cutoff. The rest of the table folded and Tran called with KJ, which was a big underdog against Greenwood’s AK. The 106426 board changed nothing, giving Greenwood a boost to about 120,000. Tran, meanwhile, drops to around 300,000. –JK

3:28pm: Carrel doubles through Greenwood
Level 11 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

Following a Tuan Tran open from the button, Sam Greenwood re-raised all in from the small blind for his last 150,000 or so, then Charlie Carrel called all in for 67,000 from the big blind and Tran folded.

Sam Greenwood: Big hit

Carrel had 87 while Greenwood showed A2. “Good news,” said Carrel after the dealer fanned the 486 flop to give him a pair. The news continued in that vein for him with the Q turn and 10 river, and Carrel is up around 145,000 now.

Good news for Charlie Carrel

Greenwood started to get up but Carrel noted how he’s still in and he sat back down, saying he felt like he was out even though he isn’t. He’s got about 85,000 with which to work still. –MH

3:25pm: Something to carry us forward
Level 11 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

If we’re being honest, the first few hands of the level at Table 1 all fall into the “not notable” category. I’ll give you a summary of them nonetheless, if only to carry us forward to the next blockbuster hand report.

Stefan Schillhabel and Matthias Eibinger each won hands with preflop three-bets, then Jean-Eric Schwippert won a small one off Liang Xu with a single c-bet on the flop. The next hand was a five-way limped pot, with everyone checking the flop and Xu making a small stab at the turn, but Orpen Kisacikoglu raised to wipe everyone out.

Hold on… there’s an all in over at Table 2. Be back in a sec with something more compelling. –MH

3:20pm: Carrel clipped by Tran
Level 11 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

Charlie Carrel’s stack has taken a big hit in one of the first hands back.

He opened to 20,000 from the UTG+1 seat and it folded around to Tuan Tran in the big blind who made the call. The dealer spread a 673 flop which both checked, leading to the Q on the turn. Tran checked it, and when Carrel made a delayed c-bet of 25,000 he raised it to 68,000. Call.

The A completed the board and Tran checked a final time. Carrel put in 40,000 and Tran called quickly, showing the best of it with Q7 versus Carrel’s A10.

Carrel is down to 76,000 now, while Tran is up to 380,000. –JS

3:15pm: Back to it
Level 11 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

Away they go again.

2:55pm: Antonius doubles through Carrel before the break
Level 10 – Blinds 4,000/8,000 (BB ante 8,000)

Patrik Antonius has new life thanks to a double through Charlie Carrel.

Antonius opened the action for 18,000 in the lojack seat. Tuan Tran called in the hijack before Carrel bumped the bet to 65,000. Antonius didn’t waste much time shoving for his last 175,000. Tran didn’t look happy as he folded, and Carrel made the call. His AQ trailed Antonius’s 1010 at that point as well as after the board fell 3692K.

Carrel drops to 210,000 with that loss. Antonius climbs to 395,000 as the first break of the day begins. –JK

Patrik Antonius is just getting warmed up

2:50pm: Dvoress pushes, Greenwood relents
Level 10 – Blinds 4,000/8,000 (BB ante 8,000)

Sam Greenwood min-raised from the button and Daniel Dvoress defended his big blind with a call, and the pair saw a flop fall 294. Dvoress checked, then called after Greenwood continued for 30,000. Both players checked the 10 turn, then after the 2 completed the board Dvoress went all in and Greenwood folded in a flash.

“Call… showdown,” said Tuan Tran, sitting to Greenwood’s right, but Dvoress wasn’t showing anything as he hadn’t been called. He’s up to 350,000 now, while Greenwood is down to 160,000. –MH

2:45pm: Final two tables
Level 10 – Blinds 4,000/8,000 (BB ante 8,000)

Here’s a look at the counts and the seats for the final 16. –JS

1 Daniel Dvoress 315,000 Luke Reeves 255,000
2 Andras Nemeth 2,310,000 Stefan Schillhabel 1,170,000
3 Rui Ferreira 440,000 Luc Greenwood 460,000
4 Kitson Kuo 181,000 Matthias Eibinger 740,000
5 Patrik Antonius 195,000 Pavel Plesuv 690,000
6 Tuan Tran 280,000 Orpen Kisacikoglu 1,150,000
7 Sam Greenwood 191,000 Liang Xu 560,000
8 Charlie Carrel 400,000 Jan-Eric Schwippert 800,000

2:40pm: Plesuv felts O’Dwyer, 16 remain
Level 10 – Blinds 4,000/8,000 (BB ante 8,000)

Action folded to a short-stacked Steve O’Dwyer on the button who open-raised all he had — about 100,000 or so — then Pavel Plesuv reraised from the small blind and that served to isolate the all-in player.

O’Dwyer had J9 and needed help versus Plesuv’s A10. The flop was less than helpful for O’Dwyer, coming A36 to pair Plesuv’s ace. The 9 turn kept O’Dwyer drawing live, but the 10 completed the board and he is out. Plesuv has around 675,000 now.

Pavel Plesuv: O’Dwyer’s nemesis

With that they are down to 16 players, and there will be a short pause as they redraw for new seats around the final two tables. –MH

2:35pm: Addamo ousted
Level 10 – Blinds 4,000/8,000 (BB ante 8,000)

We’ve just lost Michael Addamo in 18th.

The Australian had opened to 17,000 under the gun and was then three-bet to 50,000 by Stefan Schillhabel one seat to his right. It folded back to Addamo and he made the call, bringing a flop that read 9K9.

Addamo opted not to c-bet, and when it checked to him Schillhabel led for 40,000. Addamo then check-raised it to 90,000, which was called.

Michael Addamo: Star can’t save him today

The 8 hit the turn and both tapped the table, bringing the Q on the river. Addamo thought about it for the duration of his shot clock and then announced all-in (for roughly 295,000) which Schillhabel snap-called.

This was clearly bad news for Addamo who let out a big sigh. Schillhabel showed QQ for a rivered full house, while Addamo had turned his 108 into a bluff. Unfortunately for him, the river was a great one for Schillhabel who’s now up to 815,000. –JS

Level 10 – Blinds 4,000/8,000 (BB ante 8,000)

The day began quietly — too quietly, if you ask me — but Tuan Tran has resumed his serenading ways and all is right again, at least from a musical perspective. He’s also rebuilding his stack and Steve O’Dwyer is on the ropes as a result.

Tuan Tran: The singing Vietnamese

The two tangled a few minutes ago, with O’Dwyer raising to 18,000 in the hijack seat and Tran moving all-in for his last 131,000. “GUANTANAMERA!!!” sang Tran. “He makes a good point,” Charlie Carrel said from a nearby table. “Unless you’re Spanish,” added Orpen Kisacikoglu. “Otherwise, yes, he makes a very good point.” O’Dwyer used a time bank card but eventually folded.

Steve O’Dwyer: Drops among the short stacks

Just a few hands later, Tran was the opener under the gun for 20,000. O’Dwyer jammed in the cutoff with 99 and Tran snap-called with KK for his tournament life; the board ran out Q564Q, the kings held, and Tran’s stack was boosted to 330,000. O’Dwyer, meanwhile, is hanging on with just 68,000. –JK

2pm: Grafton bluffs into Nemeth’s flush
Level 10 – Blinds 4,000/8,000 (BB ante 8,000)

Sam Grafton has just bluffed himself out of the tournament, shoving into a rivered flush in the hand of Andras Nemeth.

It began with Grafton opening to 18,000 on the button and Nemeth calling in the big blind. They both then checked the K96 flop.

The Q turn brought a bet of 30,000 from Nemeth, which Grafton called, and then the 9 completed the board. The chips all went in here, with Grafton having a stab with 108. Nemeth’s 74 was a made hand and a little bit better.

Sam Grafton: Bluffed out

We had counted Grafton’s chips at about 400,000 before that, which means Nemeth is now past 2 million. There are 18 players left. — HS

2pm: Plesuv calls O’Dwyer’s bluff
Level 10 – Blinds 4,000/8,000 (BB ante 8,000)

Pavel Plesuv’s upward trajectory continues, this time at Steve O’Dwyer’s expense.

O’Dwyer opened the action for 18,000 in the lojack seat and drew three callers — Plesuv in the hijack, Tuan Tran in the small blind, and Matthias Eibinger in the big blind. Both blinds checked to O’Dwyer, who maintained his line for 55,000. Plesuv called and the blinds both bowed out.

O’Dwyer and Plesuv both checked the J turn, bringing the 5 on the river. O’Dwyer considered his options before moving forward 140,000 chips; Plesuv took about 10 seconds before making the call with AQ for a pair of queens, which beat O’Dwyer’s 76 bluff.

Plesuv’s stack is now up to around 670,000, while O’Dwyer dwindles to 240,000. On nearby tables, meanwhile, both Timothy Adams and Juha Helppi have busted. –JK

1:55pm: Double knockout sends Kisacikoglu close to the summit
Level 10 – Blinds 4,000/8,000 (BB ante 8,000)

Orpen Kisacikoglu is now sitting with a mighty stack of more than 950,000 having sent Scott Margereson and Michael Soyza to the rail in the same hand. He did it the hard, grim, way, hitting a two-outer on the river to oust Margereson. (Soyza missed a draw.)

Orpen Kisacikoglu: Short stack earlier, now a monster

We arrived at the flop with the K86 on the table and the following chaos on the table: about 150,000 in front of Kisacikoglu, about 164,000 in front of Soyza, as well as an all-in triangle, and another triangle in front of Margereson, whose stack was worth 295,000. The decision was back on Kisacikoglu.

Scott Margereson: Flopped set no good

Piecing it together, it seemed to have gone check (Kisacikoglu), bet (Soyza), call (Margereson), raise (Kisacikoglu), shove, re-shove, decision time.

Eventually Kisacikoglu decided to call, and showed his AA. Soyza had J10 but Margereson’s 66 had flopped a set.

Huge hands in Prague

The K gave Margereson a boat and left Soyza drawing dead, but the A river was gin for Kisacikoglu. His aces full now beat Margereson’s sixes full and he won the monster pot.

Michael Soyza: Eliminated

With Elias Talvitie also busting from another table, we’re down to only three. Kisacikoglu is now in the top three stacks. — HS

1:45pm: Ferreira wins, but could have won more
Level 10 – Blinds 4,000/8,000 (BB ante 8,000)

What of Andras Nemeth? Well, the overnight chip leader is still doing just fine. He has about 1.7 million, which is still comfortably more than anybody, even if he did just lose a small pot.

He opened from late position and found a call from Rui Ferreira in the big blind. (On the hand earlier, Nemeth raised the button, got three bet from Joao Ferreira, and then jammed, getting a fold from the first Portuguese player.)

So this was the second hand in a row it had been Nemeth versus a big-blind Portuguese, but it was one bet only to the AA4 flop. Rui Ferreira checked and Nemeth bet 6,000. Ferreira raised now, making it 24,000. Nemeth called.

They both checked the 4 turn, which brought the J river. Ferreira bet 24,000, which seemed perplexing to Nemeth. At least that’s the story he told with his furrowed brow. He called though and Ferreira showed him the AQ, which was a winner.

“I was calling about any bet,” Nemeth said. “You lost 70K.” — HS

1:35pm: Margereson all set against Kisacikoglu
Level 9 – Blinds 3,000/6,000 (BB ante 6,000)

Scott Margereson just picked up a few chips from Orpen Kisacikoglu.

He opened for 12,000 under the gun and Kisacikoglu was the lone caller on the button. Margereson check-called 13,000 on the 79Q flop, then both players checked the 4 turn to bring the A on the river. This time Margereson led for 60,000, and Kisacikoglu thought for just a few seconds before calling. Margereson showed QQ for a flopped set of queens — and then Kisacikoglu showed that he, too, had flopped a set with 77.

Hitting set over set boosts Margereson to about 280,000, while Kisacikoglu slips a bit to 480,000. –JK

Scott Margereson: settin’ ’em up

1:20pm: Eibinger’s turn to double through Tran
Level 9 – Blinds 3,000/6,000 (BB ante 6,000)

Tuan Tran hasn’t been doing very much singing today, and there’s a good reason for that. His 800,000-plus stack at the start of the day has been trimmed to about 140,000 now. The three beneficiaries have been three men to his left: Jan-Eric Schwippert, who won a big one earlier, Pavel Plesuv, who won another one just a moment ago, and then Matthias Eibinger, who just got a double up and moved to around 800,000 again himself.

Picking up the action on the flop, Tran (big blind), Schwippert (under the gun) and Eibinger (UTG+1) were looking at the flop of Q310. Following one check, Schwippert bet 38,000. Eibinger moved all-in for 378,000 and Tran called instantly. Schwippert folded.

Matthias Eibinger: Back with chips

Eibinger turned over his AQ and that was better than Tran’s QJ. The K turn gave Tran some more outs, but the 6 river was a blank. — HS

1:20pm: Plesuv doubles through Tran
Level 9 – Blinds 3,000/6,000 (BB ante 6,000)

Pavel Plesuv’s day just got a little brighter after he picked up a big pair against Tuan Tran.

Plesuv opened for 13,000 under the gun and things got wild pretty quickly. Tran made it 32,000 on the button; Plesuv bumped it to 75,000, then called off his last 182,000 chips with QQ when Tran jammed with AJ. The board fell 1021054, the queens held, and Plesuv stacked up to 379,000. Tran dips to 510,000. –JK

Pavel Plesuv is moving on up

1:15pm: Chop it
Level 9 – Blinds 3,000/6,000 (BB ante 6,000)

Timothy Adams returned to only 140,000 chips today, and he just got most of them in the middle. He is still seated, but isn’t any more healthy having chopped one with Jan-Eric Schwippert.

Adams raised to 12,000 from the button and Schwippert called in the big blind. They then saw the Q910 flop, which went check, bet 7,000 from Adams, call.

The turn was the K and that went check, bet 15,000 from Adams, call. Then they saw the 2 river.

Schwippert checked again and Adams bet 77,000 which was almost all of his chips. Schwippert called and showd KJ. Adams had J9 and if you’re wondering why I wrote this, I could ask the same question about you reading it. I told you right at the top it was a chop. — HS

1:10pm: Ferreira gets value, Nemeth still cruising
Level 9 – Blinds 3,000/6,000 (BB ante 6,000)

Rui Ferreira bought in at the beginning of play today. After 30 minutes he’s finally climbed above where he started.

Nemeth opened for 13,000 in the hijack seat and Ferreira came along from the big blind for the 4Q3 flop. Ferreira check-called 15,000 there and then both players checked the 10, bringing the K on the river. Ferreira took the lead this time, for 45,000, and Nemeth thought for about five seconds before tossing in the chips for a call. He mucked, though, when Ferreira showed K10 for kings and tens.

Ferreira is now on 265,000, while Nemeth is still cruising at 1.8 million. –JK

1pm: Dvoress hanging around
Level 9 – Blinds 3,000/6,000 (BB ante 6,000)

Daniel Dvoress entered the day with just 40,000 chips but he’s been able to maneuver through the super high roller minefield so far.

Daniel Dvoress: Sticking around

Just a moment ago he called in the big blind after Juha Helppi raised to 15,000 in the cutoff and Michael Soyza called in the small blind. All three men checked the 210Q flop, and Soyza checked the 6 turn as well. Dvoress thought for just a moment before announcing himself all-in, but he barely moved his stack forward before the other two players folded.

With that, Dvoress is now on 82,000. –JK

12:55pm: Monster pot for Schwippert
Level 9 – Blinds 3,000/6,000 (BB ante 6,000)

Luke Reeves may have pulled off an early double up to his stack today, but Jan-Eric Schwippert just tripled his. This was a very weird one, with both Tuan Tran and Matthias Eibinger calling Schwippert’s all-in shove pre-flop and creating what could have been a monumental side pot. But it didn’t quite go the full way.

Jan-Eric Schwippert: Nice time for aces

I arrived to see Schwippert with 52,000 pushed forward in front of him, then Eibinger with 152,000 in front of him. They were under the gun and UTG+1, so this was weird. Then it got around to Tran in the big blind and he raised to 360,000. (All of us reporters are 100% sure of these bet sizes, but can’t figure out how it go to this point!)

Anyway, Schwippert then moved in, which was actually an under call for 265,000 total. Eibinger called the extra, which put the all-in triangle in front of Schwippert and Eibinger and Tran into a side pot.

The flop came 4A6 and Tran led 200,000. Eibinger instantly folded.

“Looks like I win,” Schwippert said and tabled AA. Tran’s 99 was not good enough.

Schwippert now has about 800,000, while Tran is trimmed to 680,000 and Eibinger is down to 400,000. Roughly. — HS

12:50pm: Kisacikoglu gets some help-pi from Juha
Level 9 – Blinds 3,000/6,000 (BB ante 6,000)

Orpen Kisacikoglu’s second bullet is off to a good start after a clash with Juha Helppi.

Helppi opened for 15,000 on the button and Kisacikoglu bumped the bet to 63,000 from the small blind. Helppi then jammed and Kisacikoglu called all-in for his last 238,000 chips with AQ. That started off behind the Finn’s JJ, but the board ran out QK27Q to give Kisacikoglu trip queens and the win.

Kisacikoglu climbs to 580,000 with that pot, while Helppi drops to around 160,000. –JK

12:45pm: One hand
Level 9 – Blinds 3,000/6,000 (BB ante: 6,000)

“I think one of us is going to play only one hand today,” Benjamin Pollak said, sitting with a river decision in a pot against Luke Reeves. The two of them sat down with new stacks at the start of play today and got involved almost immediately.

Pollak began things, opening to 14,000. Reeves three-bet to 40,000 from the cutoff and Pollak called. It was those two alone.

The flop brought the 3K7 and Pollak checked. Reeves bet 30,000 and Pollak called.

The turn was the 2 and both players checked, taking them to the 10 river. Pollak checked and Reeves pushed for 175,000.

Benjamin Pollak: Quick day

That was the moment that Pollak gave his speech. “I think it’s going to be you,” he said, indicating he was going to call the bet. “Maybe me,” he added.

Benjamin Pollak: One and done

Pollak called and Reeves showed his KQ. “Beats me,” Pollak said and showed his JJ. He lasted one hand today and is the first player to depart with no way back. Reeves has 510,000 now. — HS

12:40pm: Swelling
Level 9 – Blinds 3,000/6,000 (BB ante: 6,000)

This tournament suddenly got a whole lot bigger this afternoon. We’re now up to 40 entries, including 10 re-entries, and 26 players are seated. — HS

12:35pm: Newbies
Level 9 – Blinds 3,000/6,000 (BB ante: 6,000)

We saw a last-minute dash to the tournament tables this afternoon, with the following all now sitting down with 250,000 stacks:

Re-entries: Orpen Kisacikoglu, Joao Vieira, Luke Reeves.

New entries: Patrik Antonius, Michael Soyza, Jan-Eric Schwippert, Rui Ferreira, Kitson Kuo, Charlie Carrel, Benjamin Pollak.

Actually, Carrel is not yet seated but was seen talking to tournament staff and locking up his seat. We have now moved on to four tables. — HS

12:25pm: Ready to go again
Level 9 – Blinds 3,000/6,000 (BB ante: 6,000)

The three tables are set up again here in Prague, though they will likely shrink to just two fairly quickly. Right now, Orpen Kisacikoglu and Luke Reeves have re-entered, while Scott Margereson and Charlie Carrel have now shown up to play, which means we’re up to 32 entries (ten re-entries). But there’s still a tiny bit of time left for even more. — HS

Morning all and welcome back to Prague where the skies have greyed and the temperatures have dropped. Precipitation is expected.

Inside the Hilton Hotel, all is snug, particularly in the Chez Louis suite, where today we’ll play Day 2 of the €50,000 Super High Roller tournament. This is the event with the biggest buy-in of the week and the highest concentration of top pros. There were only 14 of them still seated when the bags came out last night, and today there’s no way back if they bust.

The Chez Louis tournament room

Registration closes with the first card dealt today, which means there’s still time for one or two players to arrive afresh and sit down. But after that it’s a freezeout all the way. We’ll probably hit a final table and then the money over the coming eight levels or so.

Here are the chip counts at this stage. Anybody sitting down will get a starting stack of 250,000. Blinds in Level 9 begin at 3,000/6,000 with a 6,000 big blind ante. So you get 42 big blinds for your €50K. That’s plenty.

Name Country Chips
Andras Nemeth Hungary 1,817,000
Tuan Tran Vietnam 877,000
Matthias Eibinger Austria 818,000
Sam Grafton UK 545,000
Stefan Schillhabel Germany 426,000
Juha Helppi Finland 417,000
Luc Greenwood Canada 383,000
Steve O’Dwyer Ireland 377,000
Elias Talvitie Finland 376,000
Sam Greenwood Canada 373,000
Liang Xu China 234,000
Michael Addamo Australia 185,000
Timothy Adams Canada 133,000
Daniel Dvoress Canada 40,000

Read yesterday’s wrap to get an idea of how we got here–and how they’re all chasing Andras Nemeth. Play begins at 12:30pm.

Download the PokerStars LIVE! app with all tournament information. Available for IOS and Android.

PokerStars Blog reporting team on the €50,000 Super High Roller: Martin Harris, Jason Kirk, Jack Stanton and Howard Swains. Photography by Joe Giron/PokerPhotoArchive and Neil Stoddart.

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