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This year’s PokerStars EPT Prague Christmas party was a…spirited affair. We old guys on the blog tried to hang with the kids. We came away with only this.

‘Twas…we dunno…several nights before Christmas, and all through the tourney
Everybody was stirring after a long winter’s journey.

When what to their rumbling livers appeared
But a free open bar and a bunch of free beer.

At the top of the Hilton was a bar called Cloud 9
With a lot of free booze and a view much-too fine.

NEIL1565_EPT12PRA_Party_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Prague at night
At the door of the bar stood an angel and elves
With gifts for all comers, including ourselves.

A santa, a helper, and an angel divine
Ready and waiting with treats and mulled wine.

8G2A1465_EPT12PRA_Party_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Three wisewomen
8G2A1457_EPT12PRA_Party_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Gifts aplenty
With the schnapps flowing freely and the wine warming hearts
We stopped all the Grinches before they could start.

With a story from Theo, and that Maker of Money
We laughed from our bellies like the jokes were all funny.

8G2A1502_EPT12PRA_Theo_Jørgensen_Neil Stoddart.jpg

“And then I heard the patter of hooves on my roof!”
And before all the wine could could get us too woozy
We made for the doors with the air smelling boozy.

With candy and chocolate in our bags full of joy
We left for our rooms calling behind us, “Ahoj!” (Trust us, it rhymes.)

8G2A1450_EPT12PRA_Party_Neil Stoddart.jpg

EPT Advent calendars
But we heard the crowd yell as we ran off to write
“See ya old bloggers! We’re staying all night!”

8G2A1552_EPT12PRA_Party_Neil Stoddart.jpg


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