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If you’re reading this in the EPT Grand Final Main Event and are facing almost certain elimination; if you’re reading this at home wondering what it would be like to play an EPT Main Event; or if you’re just wondering when the next EPT festival begins, then we have news for you, with the release of the new Season 12 schedule.

casino_barcelona_4may15.jpgCasino Barcelona where the new season of the EPT will begin

As players returned from the first break today, EPT President Edgar Stuchly took to the stage to make the announcement, with seven stops planned for the 12th season, including a former stop making a welcome return.

As Stuchly put it: “we’re proud of the past, but very excited about the future.”

You can now start inking in dates into your diaries, starting with Barcelona in the summer, and finishing right back here in Monaco for the Season 12 Grand Final.

Here’s how the new season will look:

August 19-30, 2015: EPT12 Barcelona
October 21-31, 2015: EPT12 Malta
December 6-16, 2015: EPT12 Prague
January 6-14, 2016: PokerStars Caribbean Adventure
February 10-20, 2016: EPT12 Dublin
March 2016: TBA.
April 26-May 6, 2016: EPT12 Monaco

There are a few obvious talking points.

The first is the new destination, or at least a destination the tour hasn’t been to since Season 4. The Irish capital Dublin makes a welcome return to the schedule, taking the February slot. Meanwhile the tour will head back to Malta in October to repeat the success of the recent EPT festival held there.

As well as Barcelona, Prague and the PCA features again, and the Tour will return to Monaco next April for the Season 12 Grand Final.

There’s one other bit that leaps out, the vacant spot in March of next year. That news is still under wraps, but stay tuned for further announcements in the coming weeks.

EPT President Edgar Stuchly said: “Right from the stunning EPT100 celebrations in Barcelona last August to the eleventh EPT Grand Final here in Monaco, this has truly been a spectacular season, so we are understandably very excited about the forthcoming Season 12. In Europe-based events alone we will have awarded more than €100 million in prize money for the first time in the EPT’s history, with more than 60,000 tournament entries.

“We will continue to take EPT to new locations and new audiences, and are constantly reviewing our events to ensure the tour stays fresh and exciting. Our festivals are held in the very best destinations in Europe, and we’re really looking forward to continuing to provide the best live poker experience worldwide in Season 12.”

If you think all that still seems some way off you can don’t have to wait for August to get started on your Season 12 campaign, with satellites starting for EPT12 Barcelona on May 10, less than a week away.

For now, take a look at what you can expect.

For more details about the new season, and the Tour itself, go to the European Poker Tour homepage.

To get all the latest news, chip counts and payouts, don’t forget to download the EPT App on both Android or IOS.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.

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